Our website contains a significant amount of information, and our site has grown to the point where it can be a bit overwhelming.

To help you access the information contained in our site, we have added a Home Page Index and a Website Index (below). 

WEBSITE INDEX   (Alphabetical)

About Us Membership information, Purpose, and Organization Leadership
Alternatives to Wilderness Information about the numerous alternatives to Federal Wilderness designation, including the Valle Vidal legislation
Coalition Supporters Information about our Coalition, and a list of Professional endorsements, Organizations and Businesses supporting the DONA ANA COUNTY PLANNED GROWTH, OPEN SPACE AND RANGELAND PRESERVATION ACT - THE PEOPLE'S PROPOSAL
Contact Us Contact information for our organizations
Dona Ana Candidates - Wilderness Positions This page was made available for the 2007 elections, and contains candidate responses to questions about Federal Wilderness designation.
Dona Ana County - Brief History of the Wilderness Proposal An overview of the events of the proposed Federal Wilderness designation for Dona Ana County
Government Websites A list of websites for contacting government officials and other government resources
Grazing Benefits Information about the benefits of livestock grazing and links to the NMSU Range Improvement Task Force
Grazing Issues & Environmental Groups Information on the grazing provisions in the Wilderness Act of 1964, and information on the stated positions of various key environmental organizations showing a clear and strong anti-grazing bias.
Home Page Our home page is quite large, and contains an overview of many of the key issues that surface with Federal Wilderness Designation.  The "What's New" section is updated each time new information is added to the website.
HR 6300 Legislation - Information and Facts Comprehensive "fact sheet" about HR 6300
Land Disposal and Development Issues Information about land disposal (sale), development, community growth, and federal land ownership in the US and in Dona Ana County.
Legislation, Acts and Resolutions Links to a variety of information about legislation in other areas, reports and other findings, as well as links to the New Mexico and federal constitution and bill of rights.
Legislative Proposals Overview of S 1689 - the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Wilderness Act and Rangeland Preservation Areas.
Legislative Proposal - Rangeland Preservation Areas Detailed information, articles and news on the proposed Rangeland Preservation Areas - a viable alternative to federal Wilderness designation.
Legislative Proposal - S 1689 Detailed information, testimony, articles and news on the proposed wilderness legislation S 1689.
Letter Writing Toolkit A helpful collection of information and addresses for writing letters to your elected officials.
Letters and Public Statements A listing of all letters and public statements.
Maps A collection of maps, including BLM maps, NMWA proposal maps, Wilderness Study Area maps, and the map of the DONA ANA COUNTY PLANNED GROWTH, OPEN SPACE AND RANGELAND PRESERVATION ACT - THE PEOPLE'S PROPOSAL areas.
Mountain States Legal Foundation Comments This informative document written by the Mountain States Legal Foundation contains comments to the Colorado Roadless Areas Review Task Force.  They have a section titled "By definition, new wilderness may not be created" which is quite helpful to read and understand. 
National Security Issues Information about the impacts of Federal Wilderness designation on National Security and law enforcement activities, including numerous quotes from individuals, organizations, news reports and GAO (Government Accountability Office) findings.
News & Articles A listing of all news items and links to articles.
Other Sites A link to other websites of interest.
Pending Wilderness Legislation A list of pending proposed Federal Wilderness legislation.
Perspective from "New Mexico Wilderness" blog A collection of posts from a blog created by Jim Scarantino, former  Executive Director of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, providing a helpful perspective on NMWA and Federal Wilderness designation.
Property Rights, Grazing Rights and Landowner Issues Information and articles on grazing rights and associated property rights.
Public Lands Information, articles and lawsuit references on public land and property rights.
Rancher's Concerns A collection of articles on the concerns of the ranching community of the impact of Federal Wilderness designation.
Ranching and Wildlife Photos from a rancher's water tank, showing a variety of wildlife utilizing the water resources provided and maintained by the rancher.
Ranching History A brief look at the history of ranching and property rights in the west.
Reference Material A substantial collection of information on background information and history of the environmental movement, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, and key individuals in the environmental movement.  This page contains FBI testimony on eco-terrorism and an environmental tactic and movement called "Re-Wilding".  There are also links to numerous publications are also included.
Search A page which allows users to search through the information on our website.
Take Action Links and information on how to get involved and let your voice be heard on this important issue of Federal Wilderness designation.
Taylor Grazing Act The Taylor Grazing Act and other legislative grazing information.
Trail Closures & Removal Information on the correlation between Wilderness designation and the closure and removal of trails.
Videos Links to our documentary video How The West Was Lost, and other commercial video clips.
Water Management & Flood Control Issues Information about the impacts of Federal Wilderness designation on the construction and maintenance of water management and flood control projects, including quotes from the Elephant Butte Irrigation District.
What's New - Previous Listings Recent "What's New" entries are listed on the home page.  This page contains previous "What's New" entries.
Wilderness Management Issues Information about management of Federally designated Wilderness areas, and associated impacts to users of these areas.
Wilderness Act of 1964 Detailed information about the Wilderness Act of 1964.