Jan 2014 Statement from Dr. Jerry G. Schickedanz, Chairman of the Western Heritage Alliance at the National Monument Hearing held on 1/24/14 in Las Cruces. 
NAFBPO Press Release on Senators Udall and Heinrich's Assault on Border Security
Sheriffs Oppose Organ Mountain Monument (The Westerner)
See The Westerner for more on the NM Monument issue
Dec 2013 Jerry G. Schickedanz:  Claims of Monument Supporters Not Backed Up by Existing Evidence (Las Cruces Sun News)
Nov 2013 In Mexico, Violence Leaves At Least 13 Dead in Border City Matamoros
Mexican Drug Cartels Extending Violent Reach Into California
Widow of Murdered Rancher Rob Krentz Blocks Access to Case File
Sept 2013 AZ BorderRanchers: "It's Not Our Country Anymore, We're Living By The Law Of The Cartel" and Border Sheriffs Say D.C. Not Taking Border Seriously
Iran Aggressively Recruiting "Invisible Army" of Latin American Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through 'Soft Belly' of Southern Border
Assault on NPS Employee Highlights Danger Along U.S. - Mexico Border
05/29/13 Texas - Authorities Probe Lawyer Murder, Drug Cartel Link (The Westerner)
Troops Pour Into Mexican Town Besieged by Drug Violence (The Westerner)
Justice At The Barrel of a Gun: Vigilante Militias in Mexico (The Westerner)
Tale of Mexican Drug Violence Rattles Cannes (The Westerner)
Dying to Come to the USA (The Westerner)
05/13/13 Letter from the Linebery Policy Center for Natural Resource Management on HR 995
Blood Along the Border: Environmental Activism & Violence in Juarez, Mexico (The Westerner)
Los Zetas Cartel is Throwing Parties for Kids (The Westerner)
Racetrack Owner Guilty of Laundering Cartel Drug Money (The Westerner)
Arizona Morgue Prepares for Migrant Deaths (The Westerner)
04/03/13 FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels (The Westerner)
Homicides in Juarez Spike, But Still Below Drug War High (The Westerner)
Idaho Senate Passes Federal Lands Transfer Resolution (The Westerner)
04/02/13 Police: Mexican Cartels Seek Vehicles; Urge Residents to Secure Vehicles (The Westerner)
DHS Re-Evaluating Furlough Plans, Overtime Cuts (The Westerner)
How Mexico's Drug Cartels Recruit Child Soldiers As Young As 11 (The Westerner)
Drug War Death Tolls a Guess Without Bodies (The Westerner)
Report: Drug War Spills Over Into Rio Grande Valley (The Westerner)
Report: 'Criminal Aliens" Linked to Mexico Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
Report: Drug Cartels No. 1 Crime Threat in Texas (The Westerner)
Mexican Cartels Dispatch Agents Deep Inside US - Spread Into Non-Border States (The Westerner)
03/25/13 Democratic New Mexico Senator Worked Closely With Convicted Eco-Terrorist (The Daily Caller)
03/06/13 Pearce Submits Modified Legislation for Organ Mountains National Monument Designation (LC Sun News)
House Resolution 995 (LC Sun News)
Map of Proposed National Monument (LC Sun News)
Takeover of Fed Lands Could Be Costly, Profitable (The Westerner)
Go Utah!  Bills Aiming to Curb Federal Clout in Utah Are Gaining Momentum (The Westerner)
Anti-Federal Move Marches Through Utah House (The Westerner)
02/11/13 Wilmeth's West - Transfer of Public Lands Act - Lessening the Death Grip (The Westerner)
Bill Would Move NM Federal Lands Into State Custody (The Westerner)
Gila Travel Plan Raises Many Opinions at County Commission Meeting (The Westerner)
02/04/13 Wilmeth's West - From Restless Slumbers - Sovereignty Discovered (The Westerner)
NM Legislation to Take Federal Lands (The Westerner)
Ruidoso Backs Federal Land Transfer Legislation (The Westerner)
02/02/13 Village Backs Federal Land Transfer Legislation (NM Fed. Lands Council)
NM Legislation to Take Federal Lands (NM Fed. Lands Council)
01/26/13 Tom Udall's Name Added to the Mix for Interior Post (The Westerner)
Oklahoma Rep. Seeks Constitutional Amendment to Protect Agriculture Industry (The Westerner)
01/21/13 Backgrounder on Raul Grijalva, Candidate for Secretary of Interior (The Westerner)
Prescott Forest:  Game and Fish Opposes New Wilderness Acres (The Westerner)
12/31/12 State Management of Federal Lands (The Westerner)
Faced With Gun-Toting Drug Smugglers, Arizona Ranchers Demand Security at the Border (12 News)
2 Ranchers Illustrate Border-Plan Split (AZ Daily Star)
12/30/12 NM Sheriff Suspects Drug Cartels in Slayings (The Westerner)
12/13/12 A Monumental Danger (The Westerner)
12/06/12 Letter from the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce to the President 
11/27/12 Take Back Our Monument - Sonoran Desert National Monument (The Westerner)
11/26/12 The Battle of Dona Ana County (The Westerner)
10/31/12 Smugglers Hit Snag When Jeep Gets Caught on Border Fence (Fox News)
10/30/12 Mexico's Drug Lords Ramp Up Their Arsenals With RPGs (The Westerner)
Mexico's Drug Violence Seeps Over the Border (The Westerner)
DOJ's Brief on Fast and Furious: Marginalizing Committee Investigations (The Westerner)
10/23/12 Drug Smugglers Are Driving Across the Arizona Border in Broad Daylight (The Westerner)
10 Die in Shootouts in Mexican Border City (The Westerner)
DHS Inspector General: '80 Percent Increase in Cross-Border Tunnels Since 2008 (The Westerner)
10/22/12 Wilmeth's West: Managed Environmental Bias - Coordination Eminence (The Westerner)
10/15/12 Wilmeth's West: Border Woe: Another Drug Corridor Tragedy (The Westerner)
10/12/12 Arizona Ranchers Fear Being Overrun by Drug Smugglers (MS NBC)
Rancher: We've Been Invaded (MS NBC)
Former DEA Supervisor:  "We've Never Been Busier" (MS NBC)
10/08/12 Friendly Fire?  Or is the FBI Off Target Again With Agent's Death?  (Examiner.com)
Obama Administration Deemed Border Security Murders as an Acceptable Risk; Emails Show Border Patrol Opposed Bingaman Wilderness Bill (The Westerner)
Probe of Border-Shooting Scene Complete (The Westerner)
Mexican Diplomat Says America Pretty Much Invited the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Across the Border (The Westerner)
10/06/12 Agent Was Killed on Federal Land Where Border Patrol Has Hands Tied (The Westerner)
Mexico's Cartels Increase Their Muscle in the U.S. (The Westerner)
10/05/12 Arizona Agent's Death Stuns Border Area, State (the Westerner)
Mexican Troops Arrest Two in Killing of U.S. Border Agent (The Westerner)
Arrests In Mexico Unconfirmed by FBI (The Westerner)
10/03/12 NAFBPO Statement on Killing of Border Patrol Agent (The Westerner)
One Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another Injured in Arizona (The Westerner)
2 US Border Agents Shot, 1 Killed, Near Major Drug Corridor in Arizona  (Fox News)
Editorial: Forest Service Water Grab (The Westerner)
Green Groups Want to Shut Down Hunting of Prairie Dogs in NM Conservation Area (The Westerner)
09/05/12 Videos from the Border Security Conference in Las Cruces
09/02/12 Heinrich Ties to Eco-Terrorists a Well-Kept Secret (News NM)
08/29/12 National Monument or National Security?  (Mesilla Valley TEA Party)
08/21/12 It's More Than Ranchers Who Oppose 600,000 Acre Monument (LC Sun News)
08/12/12 Wilmeth's West - InsightUSA - The New Mexico Syndrome (The Westerner)
08/11/12 Turf Wars Among Smugglers (News 4 Tucson)
08/03/12 U.S. Government Sues New Mexico for Damages in Groundwater Case (The Westerner)
Department of Interior Documents Illustrate Latest Attempt to Resurrect Controversial Wild Lands Policy (Rob Bishop)
07/31/12 Napolitano: Terrorists Enter U.S. From Mexico 'From Time to Time' (CNS News)
Mayor Abandons Efforts to Bring All Sides Together on Monument (LC Sun News)
Wilmeth's West: Remember Arizona Class Smuggling Corridors - Hays and Manjarrez (The Westerner)
Green Policies Increase Risk of Colorado Forest Fires, Experts Say (The Westerner)
07/25/12 All Witnesses Agree: Litigation, Red Tape Fuel Megafires that Damage Forests, Communities, and Species (The Westerner)
07/24/12 Jim Scarantino on News New Mexico About Eco-Terrorism (News New Mexico)
Public Land Pot Kills... Endangered Species (The Westerner)
Report: US Has Fewest Cattle in at Least 4 Decades (The Westerner)
BLM Tickets Rancher for Fighting Fire (The Westerner)
07/23/12 Wilmeth's West - The Case of the Butterfield Trail and Dona Ana County - The Tyranny of Government (The Westerner)
Marita Noon: Greenies War on Green Chile (News NM)
07/22/12 Shady Details of Marxist "earth" Organizations: NM Wilderness Alliance (Canada Free Press)
07/19/12 Heather Wilson to Paint Martin Heinrich as Enviro Extremist in New Mexico (The Westerner)
Las Cruces Council Sides with Larger National Monument Proposal (The Westerner)
07/16/12 Invasion of the Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
Groups Protest Plan for Sonoran Desert Monument (The Westerner)
A Lesson in Irony (The Westerner)
07/13/12 2 Sophisticated Border Drug Tunnels Discovered (Fox News)
07/12/12 Read Monument Proposal before Voting On It - Jim Harbison (LC Sun News)
07/10/12 Valley Safety Threatened by Wilderness Area Proposals - Gary Esslinger (LC Sun News)
07/09/12 Wilmeth's West Hail Arizona!  The Ultimate Conundrum (The Westerner)
07/05/12 Officials Worry Gangs, Cartels Growing in Rural NM (The Westerner)
07/03/12 Wilderness Groups Sue U.S. Forest Service Over Plan to Use Helicopter (The Westerner)
Officials Worry Gangs, Cartels Growing in Rural NM (News NM)
US Immigration Agent Injured in Mexico Border Shooting (The Westerner)
07/02/12 Un-Official Border Blotter 6/17/12 - 6/30/12  (Secure Border Intel)
07/01/12 Mayor Uncomfortable With Support Of National Monument (LC Sun News)
Wilmeth's West - The Matter of Hope - Gathering Clouds (The Westerner)
06/30/12 Alamogordo Mayor: USFS Could Have Reduced Fire Danger (The Westerner)
Border Patrol Union Blasts Homeland Security Instructions to 'Run Away' and 'Hide' From Gunmen (Fox News)
06/29/12 H.R.4334 Written Testimony
Video of the H.R. 4334 Hearing
06/28/12 NMF&LB Director Testifies in Support of HR 4334 Organ Mountains National Monument Bill (The Westerner)
County Rethinks National Monument Support (The Westerner)
Environmental Justice: A New Movement to Restrict Your Movement (The Westerner)
06/27/12 Congressman Pearce to Attend Ruidoso Rally (News NM)
DOJ Documents Confirm Center for Biological Diversity Received Millions in Taxpayer Funds from ESA-Related Lawsuits (The Westerner)
06/23/12 Organ Mountains National Monument Bill to Get Public Hearing June 28 (LC Sun News)
06/22/12 Murdered Border Agent Brian Terry's Parents Accuse Obama Officials of 'Hiding Something' (Fox News)
06/20/12 The Unofficial Border Blotter 6/12-6/16/12 (Secure Border Intel)
255 Illegals From Countries That 'Promote, Produce, or Protect' Terrorists Apprehended Along U.S.-Mexico Border (The Westerner)
06/18/12 LA Times - Mexico Violence Escalates as Elections Approach (The Westerner)
Blueribbon Coalition Criticizes U.S. Forest Service Proposed Rule (The Westerner)
Blood and Silence on La Frontera (The Westerner)
Border Patrol Council: Holder Should Resign (News NM)
06/17/12 Wilmeth's West - The New West - A Former Deputy Chief of the U.S. Forest Service Talks (The Westerner)
U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce Upset Over Little Bear Fire Response - Video (The Westerner)
06/14/12 Homeland Security Warns of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks (The Westerner)
Pearce: New Mexicans Fought, Washington Listened, Applauds the Decision to Save Thousands of Jobs (News NM)
Study Confirms New Rule Will Have Devastating, Disproportionate Impact on West (Congressional Western Caucus)
06/12/12 Pearce vs. Forest Service (The Westerner)
06/08/12 What Makes a National Monument - Jerry Schickedanz (LC Sun News)
Pearce Expresses Outrage, Blame at Forest Service for Little Bear Fire (The Westerner)
Wilmeth's West Whitewater Baldy Complex - Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Resource Management (The Westerner)
06/07/12 Dismembered Bodies of 14 Reported Dumped in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Tombstone Readies Picks and Shovels (NM Federal Lands Council)
06/04/12 5 Bodies Found in Burned-Out SUV in Arizona Desert (The Westerner)
Apparent Drug Murder in Arizona Sparks Fears of Cross-Border Violence (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 11 in North Mexico Rehab Center (The Westerner)
06/03/12 5 Bodies Found in Burned Vehicle in Arizona (Fox News)
06/01/12 Violence on the Border (GBTV Video)
Holocaust on the Border (GBTV Video)
05/28/12 Biblical Versus American Wilderness (The Westerner)
05/27/12 Mexican Jihad (The Westerner)
05/23/12 Smugglers Bringing Diseased Horses Across Mexican Border (The Westerner)
Foreign Drug Traffickers Seeking New Mexico Driver's Licenses Have Sanchez to Thank (News NM)
Editorial: Give People Say on Public Lands (The Westerner)
05/20/12 Erik Ness - The Face of Farm Bureau (The Westerner)
Judge Denies Tombstone Water (The Westerner)
05/15/12 New BLM Efforts to Guard Arizona Desert (Arizona Republic)
Western Legislatures Grab for Control of Public Lands (The Westerner)
Wasteful U.S. Public Land Policy Must Change (The Westerner)
05/14/12 49 More Headless Bodies Found in Mexico (News NM)
Wilmeth's West - The Pegasus Syndrome - Dona Ana Environmentalism Train Wreck!  (The Westerner)
05/13/12 Part 2: Are Radical Environmentalists Harmless Dreamers or Wealth and Job Killers? (News NM)
Dozens Dead, Mutilated in Mexico (Fox News)
05/12/12 Part 1: Are Radical Environmentalists Harmless Dreamers or Wealth and Job Killers?  (News NM)
05/09/12 The Common Sense Solution to Protecting the Organs (LC Sun News)
Pearce Hearing In Las Cruces (LS Sun News)

At Least 23 People Killed in Mexican Border City as Victims Hanged, Decapitated (The Westerner)
Al Qaida Magazine Urges Terrorists to Set Wildfires in Montana (The Westerner)
Hobbs Gets Major Research Site, Las Cruces Gets NMWA (The Westerner)
Obama Administration Vs. Tombstone (The Westerner)
04/29/12 Pearce to Attend Congressional Forum on Organ Mountains (News NM)
04/28/12 Pearce to Hold Congressional Forum on Organ Mountains (Las Cruces Sun News)
Video: Protect Our Organ Mountains But Keep Our Public Lands Open! (Mesilla Valley TEA Party)
04/26/12 Judge Suspends Horse Packing in Wilderness (the Westerner)
04/25/12 Limbaugh Goes After Feds on Wilderness (The Westerner)
04/24/12 Environmentalism:  Less About Hugging Trees, More About Bringing America to Her Knees (News NM)
Arizona House Votes to Demand Return of Federally Owned Lands (The Westerner)
04/23/12 AZ Illegals Moving to NM Because of SB1070 (News NM)
Sonoran Desert National Monument - Illegal Alien & Drug Smuggling Impact Analysis (Secure Border Intel)
04/22/12 Facts on New Mexico National Monuments by Jerry G. Schickedanz (Las Cruces Sun News)
To compare the current proposals:  Click here
04/18/12 Dr. Jerry Schickedanz and Frank DuBois (News New Mexico)
04/09/12 Wilmeth's West - The Organs and Churubusco - Easter - The San Patricio Effect (The Westerner)
GOP Senate Candidates Weigh in on Mexico's Drug War (News NM)
Obama Admin Blocking Fast and Furious Witness Testimony (News NM)
04/04/12 This Land is... The Government's (The Westerner)
Western States Tell Washington to Get Off Their Lawns (The Westerner)
04/02/12 Support Grows for Proposed Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument (LC Sun News)
03/31/12 Arizona Lawmakers Push to Take Over Federal Land (The Westerner)
Utah Gov. Herbert Signs Bill Demanding State Control of Federal Lands by 2014 (The Westerner)
Wilmeth's West - The Chameleon Paradigm - Mission Creep - Breach of Legislative Intent (The Westerner)
03/22/12 Car Explodes After Border Patrol Chase, Passenger Dead, Border Agent Injured (News NM)
03/14/12 Saving Our Border Beef (The Westerner)
03/10/12 Decapitated Bodies Turn up on Border (News NM)
03/06/12 Another Tombstone Showdown: The Town vs. Wilderness (The Westerner)
02/27/12 Wilmeth's West: Moonlight: Equine Elegance (The Westerner)
02/23/12 Mexico: Prison Guards Helped Zeta Drug Cartel Escape (News NM)
02/22/12 Woman Struck by Bullet Possibly From Juarez in Downtoan El Paso (El Paso Times)
Woman in Texas Struck by Bullet From Mexico (Fox News)
02/21/12 Zetas Drug Cartel Killed Rivals, Escaped From Mexico Prison (Fox News)
Interior Dept Faces Resistance in Push for More Public Lands (The Westerner)
Feds Purposely Keeping U.S. Borders Wide Open, Experts Say (New American)
02/20/12 Wilmeth's West - Leaders Are Rare - Worse ... Just Words!  (The Westerner)
02/17/12 State Web Site Chronicles Drug Violence on Border Farms (The Westerner)
02/12/12 Our Languishing Public Lands (The Westerner)
02/11/12 NM Sheriffs Warned on Rural Cartel Threats (The Westerner)
U.S. Expands Mexico Travel Warning (The Westerner)
Former DEA Chief: Hezbollah Eyeing Southwest Border, 'Hell to Pay in the Not Too Distant Future' (The Westerner)
NM Drug Trafficking Ring Linked to Sinaloa Cartel (The Westerner)
Iran Launches Spanish-Language TV Channel (The Westerner)
Drug and Human Trafficking Violence Making Its Way Into Oklahoma City (The Westerner)
Ranchers Caught in the Middle: Wildearth Guardians vs Grazing (The Westerner)
02/10/12 Mexican Drug Cartel Activity Increasing in NM (News NM)
02/09/12 Insurgency In America?  Former Border Agent Details National Security Threats Spilling Into the U.S. (The Blaze)
'Clearly Failing': Santorum, Paul, Bachmann React To Shocking GBTV Border Security Report (The Blaze)
Border Wars and the GBTV Revelations (The Blaze)
State Dept. Issues New Travel Warning for Mexico (News NM)
02/08/12 Border Security (The Blaze)
Court Rules That Sequoia National Park Officials Violated Wilderness Act by Allowing Horse Trips (The Westerner)
02/06/12 Insurgency in America?  Upcoming GBTV Report on Mexico Border Will Show Horrific Violence and Instability (The Blaze)
Ghost Town to Reopen, Murder Unsolved (News NM)
02/05/12 Wilmeth's West - Government of the Government ... For the Government (The Westerner)
Juarez Police Hide While Eric Holder Hides Documents on the DOJ Arming of Cartels (News NM)
Brian Terry's Mother to Holder: You're 'a joke' and a 'coward' (The Westerner)
02/02/12 Texas Missionaries Murdered in North Mexico (Fox News)
Cartels Murder Five Police Officers, Force Juarez Police Retreat From Their Homes (News NM)
New Report Released by GOP Lawmakers Suggests Top Justice Officials Had Extensive Knowledge of Operation Fast & Furious (The Westerner)
01/29/12 Wilmeth's West - Landscape of Change - The Protection of the Innocent (The Westerner)
Hispanic Leaders Call for Protection of Public Lands (The Westerner)
Juarez Cartel Threatens to Kill "One Officer Daily" (The Westerner)
Zetas 'Hitman' Trial Details Assassination Cell Activity in U.S. and Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexico's Murderous Drug War Spills Over U.S. Border (The Westerner)
Killing Field Was Training Ground Used by Zetas (The Westerner)
Arizona Strikes Back: State Investigates Feds Over Gun-Running (The Westerner)
Mexican Cartels Moving Drugs in Armored Vehicles (The Westerner)
Terrorist Activity Has No Place in US Agriculture (The Westerner)
01/24/12 Columbus, NM Struggles After Gun-Smuggling Case Wipes Out Leadership (News NM)
NM Ranchers Sue Forest Service Over Grazing Rights (News NM)
Alaska Lawmakers, Protesting Federal Encroachment, Propose Takeover of Central Park (The Westerner)
Lawmakers Aim to Wrest Control of Colorado's Public Lands From Federal Government (The Westerner)
Federal Lawsuit Targeting Forest Service Alleges Bias Against Hispanic Ranchers (The Republic)
01/21/12 Chihuahua Border Violence Worse Than Afghanistan (News NM)
01/20/12 DOJ: Sinaloa Cartel's Influence Extends Well Beyond Border Into 'Much' of the U.S. (The Westerner)
One Mexican State Bordering NM Was Deadlier Than All of Afghanistan Last Year (The Westerner) 
Mexican Army Raids 'Torture House' in Border Town (The Westerner)
Decoding the Murder Rituals of the Mexican Drug Trafficker (The Westerner)
Napolitano: DHS is Working With Mexico on 'Special Interest Aliens' Threat Along U.S.-Mexican Border (The Westerner)
The Mexico Drug War: Bodies for Billions (The Westerner)
01/16/12 Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels (The Westerner)
Mexico's Drug War Death Toll Nears 50,000 (The Westerner)
01/14/12 Community Meeting To Announce FOB Location 1/20/12 - 1:00 p.m. Animas Community Center (The Westerner)
01/12/12 Six People Killed in Separate Shootings in Juarez (News NM)
01/10/12 Wilderness At Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: A Challenge to Manage These Days (National Parks Traveler)  "One of the most trampled units of the National Park System is Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southwestern Arizona, where drug runners, illegal immigrants, and pursuing Border Patrol agents have zigzagged through the monument's wilderness."
01/09/12 National Park Service Has New Land-Grabbing Tool (The Westerner)
12/30/11 Interior Department Proposal Could Block Motorcycle, ATV Riding on Public Land (The Westerner)
12/29/11 Dangerous Border Patrol Interdictions Continue (News NM)
12/28/11 Suburban Chicago Teenager Killed While Visiting Family in Mexico (Fox News)
12/27/11 Mexico's Cartels Build Own National Radio System (News NM)
12/18/11 The Border, The Environment & Federalism: A Proposal and A Stance (The Westerner)
Obama's Watergate (The Westerner)
12/16/11 Big Green's Endangered Species Money Machine (The Westerner)
12/15/11 Risk of Violence Keeps Ranchers on Alert (The Westerner)
Agent's Slaying Becomes Rallying Point (The Westerner)
Nervous Parents Keep Their Kids Close to Home (The Westerner)
Once Welcoming, Borderlands Now Forever Divided (The Westerner)
Ranches Once Relied on Crossers for Help (The Westerner)
Utah Plans to Sue Feds Over Thousands of Roads (The Westerner)
New Details in the Hezbollah/Mexican Cartel Drug Ring (News NM)
Hezbollah Running Vast Drug Ring With Mexican Cartel (News NM)
12/14/11 Colo. Group Sues Forest Service Over Trails (The Westerner)
Ranchers Say Proposed Rule Poses Threat (The Westerner)
Feds May Reduce Number of Guard Troops at U.S. Border (The Westerner)
12/13/11 More Drug Cartel Violence on Border (News NM)
Obama to Cut Border Security (News NM)
Sheriff Joe Captures Two Illegal Smugglers Who Had Been Deported 27 Times! (News NM)
12/11/11 Wilmeth's West: The Dance: Leopold Chronicles (The Westerner)
Islamic Terrorist Groups Plan Attacks on U.S. From Mexico (News NM)
12/09/11 Drug, Human Smuggling, Cartel Shootouts With Police Escalate in Rio Grande Valley (Homeland Security Today)
Mexico Says Gadhafi Son Tried to Sneak Into Country (News NM)
Documents: ATF Used Fast and Furious to Make Case for Gun Regulations (News NM)
Federal Rewrite of Labor Laws Causing a Flap Down on the Farm (The Westerner)
Watching the Wheels Come Off the Green Machine (The Westerner)
DEA Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
12/04/11 Border Agent Fired for Expressing Personal Views (News NM)
12/03/11 Holder's Justice Dept. Explains in a "Letter" Why it Misled Congress on Operation Fast and Furious (News NM)
12/02/11 Feds Seize 32 Tons of Marijuana From Underground U.S.-Mexico Border Tunnel (Fox News)
Economists: Public Land Means Jobs, Vitality For the West (The Westerner)
12/01/11 Armed Illegals Stalked Border Patrol (Washington Times)
Zeta Soldiers Launched Mexico-Style Attack in Harris County (Houston Chronicle)
Mexican Spillover Violence: The Riddles Grow (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 4-Year-Old Boy in Mexican Border City (The Westerner)
Did BLM Let Politics Trump Science? (The Westerner)
Rep. Tipton Says Forest Service Forced Resort to Relinquish Water Rights (The Westerner)
Settlement Talks Fail in Dispute Over Motorized Use in Wilderness Study Area (The Westerner)
11/30/11 With Ken Salazar, Peering Into the Department of the Interior (The Westerner)
Oregon Sheriff Contniues Stand Against Forest Service (The Westerner)
Senator Suggests State Takeover of Forests (The Westerner)
11/28/11 Homeland Security Funded Camera Network Will Focus on Jaguars (The Westerner)
Aging Sagebrush Rebel Keeps up Fight Against Feds (The Westerner)
BLM Auction in Salt Lake City Will Test New Environmental Reforms (The Westerner)
Forest Service Spends $1.2 Million for Fish-Friendly Bridge (The Westerner)
11/27/11 Along Mexican Border, US Ranchers Say They Live in Fear (The Westerner)
Violence Tests U.S. Prohibition (The Westerner)
War On The West - A Report From The Front Lines (The Westerner)
11/26/11 Mexican Governor Sends Children Abroad Amid Drug Violence (Fox News)
11/25/11 More Than 20 Bodies Found in Guadalajara, Mexico, Official Says (Fox News)
Arizona Lawmakers Say They Will Build Border Fence (Fox News)
Montana Outdoors Group is Actually a Stealth Democratic Attack Dog (The Westerner)
11/24/11 Armed Illegals Stalked Border Patrol (The Westerner)
11/23/11 Three Men Found Executed in Santa Cruz County (KVOA Tucson)
GAO Report - Arizona Border Region, 11/2011
Couple Arrested in NM for Allegedly Trying to Bribe Border Patrol (News NM)
Study: Wildfires Linked to Illegal Border Crossings (News NM)
11/22/11 Ranchers Warn Forest Policies Threaten Livestock Grazing (The Westerner)
Federal Bills Compete Over National Forest Roads (The Westerner)
Report Links Wildfires to Illegal Immigrants (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels Are a Growing Force in New Mexico (The Westerner)
Couple Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Bribe Border Patrol Agent (The Westerner)
11/21/11 Sierra Club Leader Departs Amid Discontent Over Group's Direction (The Westerner)
Acting 'Green' Is Now More Important Than Helping Environment (The Westerner)
NM Connected to Fast & Furious Probe (The Westerner)
Border Bandits (The Westerner)
Cartel Activity Likely to Rise in NM (News NM)
Wilderness Society Cuts Staff, Citing Weak Economy (The Westerner)
11/20/11 Wilmeth's West: Boothell Country: The Continuing Saga - Parallel Universes (The Westerner)
11/18/11 Illegals are Trashing America's Border Areas (The Westerner)
Begich Calls Democrats' Annual Call to Create More Wilderness "Short-Sighted and Predictable" (the Westerner)
11/17/11 Obama Administration Pushing Hunters Off Public Lands (News NM)
Cattle Group Counters Interior Grazing Claims (The Westerner)
Groups Support Reauthorization of Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (The Westerner)
11/16/11 AMA: Interior Department Proposal Could Block Riding on Public Land (The Westerner)
11/15/11 Salazar's Wilderness Proposal Criticized by Utah Delegation (The Westerner)
State, Counties File for Control of So. Utah Roads (The Westerner)
11/14/11 US Interior Secretary, Senate Both Propose New Wilderness, Conservation Areas (The Westerner)
End of an Era: Park Service Takes Over Cattle Ranch on Santa Rosa Island (The Westerner)
Administration Urges New Wilderness "Protections" (News NM)
11/13/11 Wilmeth's West - The Case of 244, Separating Bull From the Facts (The Westerner)
11/12/11 Family of Murdered Border Agent Breaks Silence, Lashes Out at Holder (Fox News)
Interior Rejects Bingaman's Southern NM Wilderness Bill (News NM)
11/11/11 Interior Rejects Bingaman's Southern NM Wilderness Bill as a "Crown Jewel" (The Westerner)
11/10/11 Mexican Blogger Decapitated - 4th Killed in 3 Months - Warning: Graphic Photo (The Westerner)
SWAT Teams Dispatched as Gun Battle Unfolds Near Escobares (Borderland Beat)
Nuevo Laredo: Man Tortured and Decapitated for Allegedly Denouncing Cartel Activity Online (Borderland Beat)
11/09/11 Salazar's New Order Contradicts 2010 Order (News NM)
11/08/11 State and Federal Lawmakers Negotiate Over Wilderness and School Trust Land (The Westerner)
Do We Need the US Forest Service?  (The Westerner)
11/07/11 Sheriff's Rhetoric Alarms Enviros and Game Dept. (The Westerner)
11/06/11 Wilmeth's West - The Pending Cataclysm - Incoherent Leadership (The Westerner)
11/04/11 Border Battle: Drugs and Bodies Piling Up on Ranch (News 9)
Officials Bust Drug-Smuggling Ring Linked to Mexican Cartel (The Westerner)
Texas AG: Mexican Cartels 'Spilling Over' Border (The Westerner)
Mexico Cartels Extend U.S. Reach (The Westerner)
Texas Sheriff Says Shootout Was "Spill Over" of Mexico's Drug Violence (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Colo. (The Westerner)
Mexico Troops Seize Catapults Used to Fling Pot (The Westerner)
Killings of US Citizens in Mexico Hit Eight-Year High (The Westerner)
Interior Secretary to Include 2 New Mexico Projects as Part of 'Great Outdoors' Initiative (The Westerner)
Obama Uses Executive Orders as a Political Tool; Threat to the West - Video (The Westerner)
Sheriffs Discuss Challenges They Believe Rural Communities Face (The Westerner)
11/01/11 WSMR Land, Ranchers Subject of Talk (The Westerner)
10/31/11 Dismembered Bodies Found All Over Juarez (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels Strengthen Ties With US Gangs (The Westerner)
10/29/11 Pot Growers Threaten Federal Land in NM (the Westerner)
10/28/11 Federal Agents Say Environmental Laws Hamper Work (The Westerner)
Napolitano Grilled Over 'Fast and Furious' (News NM)
Eric Holder's War on Border Patrol Continues (News NM)
10/25/11 Ken Salazar Hopes to Walk in Teddy Roosevelt's Footsteps (The Westerner)
10/24/11 Community Push for FOB Choice (The Westerner)
10/23/11 Wilmeth's West: Warp Speed Regulation - The Logic Factor (The Westerner)
FBI Report: "The US Southwest Border Region Represents a Continuing Criminal Threat to the United States"  (The Westerner)
Bingaman and Udall Push Bill to Expand Zoning for Mexican Nationals to Travel (The Westerner)
10/17/11 Study Finds Wilderness Has Negative Economic Impact on Local Areas  (full study)(The Westerner)
NM Rancher's Murder Still a Mystery (News NM)
Congressman Blasts Federal  Wildfire Response (The Westerner)
Bingaman's Latest and 'Greatest' Bill (News NM)
10/16/11 Fast and Furious: Interpretations of the Trail - Bovines and Politicos (The Westerner)
America's Great Outdoors Progress Report (The Westerner)
10/15/11 Tester Jobs, Wilderness Bill Included in U.S. Senate's Interior Appropriations Bills (The Westerner)
10/13/11 U.S. Sheriffs: Securing Border with Mexico is 'About Saving America' From Terrorists (The Westerner)
Environmentalists: Where's the 'Guy We Thought We Were Electing President?' (The Westerner)
10/12/11 A Conversation with Environmental Historian Stephen Pyne on Wildfire (The Westerner)
Expert Says Cartel Members Living Among Us (The Westerner)
Gunwalker: Issa Reveals Drug Enforcement Administration Involvement (The Westerner)
Court Nixes Arizona Land Management Suits (The Westerner)
Editorial: Why Does Washington Need More Real Estate?  (The Westerner)
10/11/11 Paramilitaries May Have Entered Mexico's Drug Wars (The Westerner)
The Bitter Price to Pay for Mexico's Bloody Drugs War (The Westerner)
Fast and Furious Weapons Were Found in Mexico Cartel Enforcer's Home; 6 in Columbus, NM (The Westerner)
The Murder of New Mexico Border Rancher Larry Link Remains Unsolved (The Westerner)
10/10/11 Texas Border Security - A Strategic Military Assessment, September 2011
10/09/11 Wilmeth's West: Sanctuaries Behind the Plan - One County Buffer - Wilderness Paradise (The Westerner)
10 Arizona Sheriffs Call for Eric Holder to Resign or Be Fired (The Westerner)
The High Cost of Environmental Extremism
10/05/11 Pearce: Center for Biological Diversity Uses Taxpayer Funds to Manufacture Lawsuits and Intimidate (News NM)
House Committee Passes Border Security Bill - Legislation Finally Addresses Longstanding Problem Posed by Federal Land Policies (Rep. Rob Bishop)
10/02/11 Two Powerful Cartels Dominate in Mexico Drug War (Fox News)
Fast & Furious Map (The Westerner)
Wilmeth's West: Drought & Decisions - Hopelessness and Hope (The Westerner)
09/30/11 'War' At the  Border: More Than a Texas Problem (The Westerner)
3 Family Members Killed in Gangland Hit in Juarez (The Westerner)
DOJ Says Mexican Cartels Operating in Over 1,000 U.S. Cities (The Westerner)
U.S. Admits Mexican Cartels Control Parts of Border (The Westerner)
ATF Fast and Furious Guns Turned Up in El Paso (The Westerner)
Babeu: ATF Agents Accomplices to Murder in Gun Program (The Westerner)
Salazar, Hayes Outline New Wilderness Nomination Approach (The Westerner)
09/29/11 Bag of Severed Heads Left Near Mexican School (The Westerner)
Mexico Fears Rise of Vigilante Justice (The Westerner)
36 Criminal Immigrants Arrested in NM (News NM)
Suspected Terrorist Sneaks Into Arizona From Mexico, Captured, Then Released on Bail (The Westerner)
09/28/11 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Visiting Utah as Dispute Over Wild Lands Continues (The Westerner)
Mexico Rejects Video Call to Exterminate Cartel (News NM)
09/27/11 Woman Decapitated in Mexico for Web Posting (The Westerner)
Killing Sows Fear Over Social Media in Mexico (The Westerner)
3 Die in Violent Weekend in Mexico Border State (The Westerner)
'Expendable, unaccountable' Texas Children Now Recruited by Mexican Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
U.S. Government Used Taxpayer Funds to Buy, Sell Weapons During 'Fast and Furious', Documents Show (The Westerner)
09/25/11 Wilmeth's West - Security or Open Borders
09/22/11 Pearce: Local Resource Management Increases Public Safety, Creates Jobs (News NM)
09/21/11 35 Bodies Dumped Into Rush Hour Traffic on Mexican Avenue (Fox News)
Federal Public Land Policies Bashed at Capitol Hearing (The Westerner)
BLM Director Talks Wilderness (The Westerner)
BLM Head Assures Missouri Breaks Monument Stakeholders (The Westerner)
Wilderness Release Bill Would Remove Lands From Limbo, Foster Local Control (The Westerner)
09/20/11 Rep. Bishop Squares Off With Representative From Center for Biological Diversity (YouTube)
09/18/11 Lawmakers Go West for Hearing on Public Lands (McClatchy)
09/15/11  Letter from Congressman Steve Pearce to Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar on S.1024
Former CFO of 'Green' Group Pleads Guilty to Skimming Federal Funds (The Westerner)
Agents Find Weapons, Rocket Launcher Near Rio Grande (The Westerner)
Bodies Hanging From Bridge in Northern Mexico are Warning to Social Media Users  (The Westerner)
Border Security After 9/11: Ten Years of Waste, Immigrant Crackdowns and New Drug Wars  (The Westerner)
More Mexico Youths Die From Violence Than Car Wrecks, Report Says (The Westerner)
Tour Shows Migrant Life on the Arizona-Mexico Border (The Westerner)
GOP Wants to Give Congress Veto Power on White House-Designated National Monuments  (The Westerner)
Mexican Police Seize Rifles, Handguns, Grenade at Chihuahua Prison (News NM)
09/13/11 Center for Biological Diversity Opposes Effort to Improve Border Security (Tucson Citizen)
Bishop to Hold Hearing That Will Consider Utah Lands Sovereignty Act (Congr. Rob Bishop)
09/12/11 Noon: Extortion Funds Enviro Left Through Taxpayer Settlements (News NM)
09/09/11 Encounter Between US Hunters, Mexican Police Under Investigation (News NM)
09/08/11 BLM Mulling More Than a Dozen 'Crown Jewels' for Wilderness Designation (The Westerner)
Three Juarez Police Officers Killed, Woman Injured by Armed Group (News NM)
09/06/11 Sheriff Talks Chasing Smugglers at Border (The Westerner)
08/29/11 Mexican Federal Police Reportedly Beat, Threaten Juarez Police Spokesman (News NM)
08/27/11 Just an Ordinary Day of Death in Mexico's War on Drug Traffickers (Fox News)
Ex-Mexico President Suggests Truce With Drug Cartels (Fox News)
08/24/11 Groups Rally for Multiple Use (The Westerner)
Take Back Utah Holds Rally at State Capitol (The Westerner)
08/18/11 The Monumental Fight Over Otero Mesa (The Westerner)
Firearms From Botched ATF Sring Linked to Violent Crimes in El Paso, Phoenix (The Westerner)
08/16/11 Judge Partially Blocks BLM's Green Mountain Grazing Allotment Proposal (The Westerner)
Violent Weekend in Juarez Leaves 12 Dead (News NM)
Analyst Calls for Removal of U.S. Attorney Over 'Fast and Furious' (World Net Daily)
08/14/11 Wilmeth's West - Judges, Kings and Select Committees - Failure of Congress (The Westerner)
08/12/11 Mexican Drug War Spreading to the Web (News NM)
08/10/11 County to Salazar: No New Wilderness (The Westerner)
08/09/11 Wilderness Act Factors Into Wyoming Pine Beetle Fight (The Westerner)
08/08/11 Dona Ana Sheriff Decries Bingaman Wilderness Bill as "Height of Folly" (The Westerner)
U.S. Admits Border Violence Out of Control (The Westerner)
Juarez Shootout Interrupts Bowie High School Football and Volleyball Practice (The Westerner)
Five Youths Killed in Border City (The Westerner)
Report: Mexican Drug Cartels Adopting Military Tactics (The Westerner)
U.S. Widens Role in Battle Against Mexican Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
Mexican Military Helicopter Mistakenly Lands in Laredo, Sent Back by Customs Agents (The Westerner)
Relocate or Die: Mexican Entrepreneurs Migrate to the Interior Fleeing Violence, Insecurity (The Westerner)
Murder of Larry Link Remains Unsolved (News NM)
08/07/11 Wilmeth's West - The Zack Lesson: Freedom and Success, Self Governance and the Sovereign Individual (The Westerner)
Gary Johnson: Hitting the Cartels Where it Hurts (The Westerner)
08/06/11 Bingaman's Boner - As In "Screw Up"  (The Westerner)
08/05/11 Letters Against S.1024:  National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, Dona Ana County Sheriff, Dona Ana Soil & Water Conservation District
08/04/11 Bingaman a No-Show at Wilderness Hearing - Subcommittee Holds 52-Second Hearing on S.1024 (The Westerner)
New Bombshell - Feds Allegedly Allowed Sinaloa Cartel to Move Cocaine Into U.S. for Information (News NM)
Border Wilderness and the National Security Threat - Wilderness is Causative (The Westerner)
08/01/11 Improve Public-Lands Management, End Frivolous Lawsuits (The Westerner)
AZ Cattlemen's Association Calls for Steps to Take Control of Forestland (The Westerner)
07/29/11 Radical Environmentalists Have Many Lawyers and Many Friends on the NM Supreme Court (News NM)
Mexico Suspends Police Aid to Juarez (News NM)
Homicides in Mexico Rose 23% in 2010 (The Westerner)
Federal Cops Won't Leave Juarez, Mexican Government Says (The Westerner)
Mexico Suspends Police Aid to Violent Border City (The Westerner)
Police Chief in Ciudad Juarez Claims Mexican Feds Tried to Kill Him (The Westerner)
Mexico: 2 US Citizens Killed in Prison Fight (The Westerner)
Zetas Cartel Suspected in Slaying of Mexican Mayor (The Westerner)
07/28/11 HR1505 Testimony - Guyant 1, Guyant 2, Leshy, Pena, Thorsen, Thrasher
Sovereignty of the Indivisual - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise)
Environmental Riders in Approps Bill (The Westerner)
Activist Who Faked Utah Energy Lease Bids Sentenced to 2 Years (The Westerner)
ATF Accused in Congressional Report of 'Arming' Cartel for 'War' Through Operation Fast and Furious (The Westerner)
Mexico's Cartels Rely on Their Cash Crop (The Westerner)
Leaky Dam Key to City's Water Problems: But Feds, Wetlands Won't Allow Quick Fix (News NM)
07/27/11 Pearce & Western Lawmakers Testify on Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act (The Westerner)
Babbitt Blasts 'Radical' GOP Bill on Public Lands (The Westerner)
Issa: Obama Admin Intimidating Witnesses in ATF Gun Probe (The Westerner)
A Gunrunning Sting Gone Fatally Wrong (The Westerner)
07/25/11 Looking for Rare Earth (The Westerner)
07/24/11 Wilmeth's West - The Sovereignty of the Individual - The Cornerstone (The Westerner)
07/23/11 Zetas May be Smuggling Weapons Using State Dept. Program - Chaparral, Columbus & Southern NM Roads (The Westerner)
Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas (The Westerner)
6 More People Plead Guilty in Smuggling Ring Involving Mayor of NM Border Town (The Westerner)
ATF Was Evasive About Weapons Found at Murder Scene of Border Agent Brian Terry (The Westerner)
U.S. Federal Court Employee Killed in Mexican Border City (The Westerner)
Hezbollah on the Border (The Westerner)
Mexico's Rule of Lawlessness (The Westerner)
Dangerous Rock Attacks on Border Patrol Agents are Up; Chopper Brought Down by Rock in '79 (The Westerner)
DEA Nabs Nearly 2,000 in Cartel Crackdown (The Westerner)
'The Knights Templar': Mexico's Newest Drug Cartel (The Westerner)
07/22/11 BLM Works on Wilderness Agenda (The Westerner)
EPA Criticizes Federal Plan for Roadless Forest Land in Colorado (The Westerner)
Crackdown on Cartel Suspects Nets Dozens of Arrests (The Westerner)
U.S. Warns of Possible Attacks in Ciudad Juarez (The Westerner)
Mexico's Border With California Resembles a Demilitarized Zone (The Westerner)
Gun-Smuggling Cartel Figures Possibly Were Paid FBI Informants (The Westerner)
07/19/11 Private Security Company to Search Border-Crossers' Vehicles for Hire (News NM)
07/18/11 More Illegal Immigrants From India Crossing Border (Fox News)
07/15/11 Republicans Cite Jobs in Attacking Federal Environmental Regulations (the Westerner)
The Green Economy Withers (The Westerner)
Time to Stop Talking, Rancher Says of Forests (The Westerner)
07/14/11 Columbus Shuts Down Police Department (News NM)
Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to Environmentalists (The Westerner)
07/12/11 NMDA Notice For Livestock Scale Inspection Requiring Law Enforcement Escorts for Inspectors South of I-10 (NMDA)
The War Next Door (The Westerner)
U.S. Goes After Agents Working for Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
EPA, Interior Face Budget Cuts as Proposals Move Out of Committee (The Westerner)
ATF to Require Gun Buyer Information in 4 Southwest Border States (The Westerner)
Study: Forest Service Paid $6.1M in Groups' Legal Fees Over 6 Years (The Westerner)
07/11/11 NMDA Notice For Livestock Scale Inspection Requiring Law Enforcement Escorts for Inspectors South of I-10 (NMDA)
The War Next Door (The Westerner)
U.S. Goes After Agents Working for Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
EPA, Interior Face Budget Cuts as Proposals Move Out of Committee (The Westerner)
ATF to Require Gun Buyer Information in 4 Southwest Border States (The Westerner)
Study: Forest Service Paid $6.1M in Groups' Legal Fees Over 6 Years (The Westerner)
07/10/11 Wilmeth's West - The Corruption of Values - Promises Made... Promises Ignored (The Westerner)
Hearings on H.R. 1505 - A Commentary (The Westerner)
At Least 41 Killed as Mexico Scrambles in Drug War (The Westerner)
40 Dead in Mexican Drug Wars This Weekend (News NM)
Obama Stimulus Funded 'Guns-to-Drug-Lords' Plan (The Westerner)
The Stimulation of Murder (The Westerner)
07/08/11 Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezbollah is in Mexico (News NM)
Rep. Rob Bishop to Hold Legislative Hearing on Border Security Bill
U.N. Claims Going Green Would Cost $76 Trillion (The Westerner)
ATF Implicates FBI in Mexico Gun-Trafficking Probe (The Westerner)
07/07/11 The Unfiltered Border (The Westerner)
Mexico's Drug Wars Pushing People Out of Region (The Westerner)
Headless in Houston (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 2 Women in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Violence Stemming Migrant Flow to U.S. (The Westerner)
Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North (The Westerner)
A Help or a Hindrance?  Wildfires Fan Flames Over Environmental Policies (The Westerner)
Mike Casabonne Rescues Air Force Pilor, Puts Out Brush Fire, Returns to Ranch (The Westerner)
DOJ 'Distorted Truth and Obstructed Our Investigation' in Guns-to-Mexico Probe, Lawmakers Say (The Westerner)
Possible U.S. Payments to Gun Smugglers Probed by Congress (The Westerner)
07/05/11 Where the Tunnels Are: Nogales, Not Douglas (The Westerner)
Nearly 200 of the Guns Were Used in Crimes in Mexico (The Westerner)
More Guns From ATF's 'Fast and Furious' Used in Arizona Crimes (The Westerner)
07/03/11 Wilmeth's West - Historic Patterns of Vegetation & Enviro Bankrolls (The Westerner)
The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland (The Westerner)
Ranchers Eye Utah Grazing Program's Success (Capital Ag Press)
07/01/11 News NM Radio Interview - Dr. Jerry Schickendanz and Dr. John Fowler (The Westerner)
Federal Land Managers Under the Gun of the Endangered Species Act Responsible for Destruction of Over 300,000 Acres of Border Wild Lands (Tucson Citizen)
Arizona Burning - We know the Muprhy fire was likely set by a man in distress.  What do we know about the border's other fires?  (Tucson Weekly)
Leo Banks is Getting Closer to the Truth About the Border Fires (Tucson Citizen)
Obama Administratino Continues War on the West with Attempt to Expand Jurisdiction Under Clean Water Act (Congressional Western Caucus)
5 Men Gunned Down in Juarez (The Westerner)
Are Mexico Cartels Targeting US Border Officials? (The Westerner)
Mexico Deploys 2,800 Troops to Texas Border State (The Westerner)
06/30/11 The Incident Commander Says the Murphy Fire was Started by a Man in Distress (The Westerner)
Catastrophic Wildfire Summit: Part One (The Westerner)
80 Illegal Immigrants Abducted in Mexico (News NM)
Erosion, Floods May Follow Severe Fire Season in NM & AZ (The Westerner)
One Speed Bump Too Many (The Westerner)
Owners of Land Taken Over by Feds Getting Day in Court (The Westerner)
New Mexico Forestry Division Access to Private Lands (The Westerner)
Rep. Issa on ATF's Fast and Furious Gun Scandal (The Westerner)
NM: Wolf vs. State (The Westerner)
06/29/11 OHV Riders Testify in Support of Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act (The Westerner)
Study: Recreation Trumps Ranchers on BLM Land (The Westerner)
'Project Gunrunner' Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice (The Westerner)
06/28/11 Border Patrol: Agent Spotted Wildfire (The Westerner)
Police Chief Gunned Down Inside His Mexico Office (Fox News)
06/27/11 Mexican Police Say La Familia Drug Gang Extorts Farmers, Miners, Bullfighting (The Westerner)
Cattlemen's Group Opposes Federal Easement Plan (The Westerner)
06/26/11 Wilmeth's West - The Federal Land Rancher: Sharecropping in the Modern World (The Westerner)
Who's to Blame for the Southwest's Wildfires? (The Westerner)
06/25/11 Ariz. Hack Explored Cartels, Homeland Security (Fox News)
Fire-gate, The Arizona Wildfires (Secure Border Intel Video)
Mexican Troops Cross Into United States - Video Report (The Westerner)
06/24/11 Hidden Camera Video Shows a Link Between Smugglers and the Arizona Wildfires (The Westerner)
New Mexico Border Dreams: Contraband, Cattle, Computers and Space Cowboys (The Westerner)
8 Bodies Found in Mountains in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Gang Moves Into Guatemala (The Westerner)
Mexican Gangs Stealing Growing Amounts of Fuel  (The Westerner)
06/23/11 NewsNM Radio Interview - Tom Cooper and Dudley WIlliams on Wilderness Issues (NewsNM)
Video - Arizona Wildfires June 2011 (SecureBorderIntel)
Bishop Meets With DOI Officials to Confirm That the Wild Lands Proposal is Gone for Good (Congressman Bishop)
06/22/11 Sheriff Dever Blames Mexican Smugglers for Fires (The Westerner)
AZ Sheriff: Why More Troops at Korean Border Than U.S. Border? (The Westerner)
Second Rio Grande Gunfire Exchange Reported (NewsNM)
06/21/11 McCain Blames Some Arizona Forest Fires on Illegal Immigrants, Smugglers (Fox News)
Lawmakers Blame Fires on Migrants, Drug Smugglers (The Westerner)
Some Arizonans Blame Illegals for Some Fires (NewsNM)
Alaska Challenges USFS 2001 Roadless Rule (The Westerner)
06/20/11 Cartels Using Teen Girl Assassins? (Fox News)
Border Security Website Chronicles Firsthand Accounts of Drug Trafficking Along Texas/Mexico Border (The Westerner)
06/19/11 Wilmeth's West: Illegals, Wallow and Horseshoes - Arizona's Undeclared War (The Westerner)
06/17/11 NewsNM Radio Interview - Steve Wilmeth and Joe Delk on Wilderness Issues
Drug-Related Violence Leaves 33 Dead in Mexican City (The Westerner)
Police Commander, Wife Gunned Down in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
U.S. Citizen Among Victims Found in Mexican Mass Graves (The Westerner)
ATF Agents Told to Stand Down in 'Fast and Furious' Gun Operation (The Westerner)
Govt's Gun Scheme: 'Loads of Weapons...for Criminals Was The Plan' (The Westerner)
ATF Agent to Bosses on Gun-Running Scheme: 'Prepared to Attend Funeral of a Slain Agent'? (The Westerner)
'Crime Tunnels' Beneath U.S. and Mexican Border Smuggle People, Drugs (The Westerner)
06/16/11 Protecting the Border (Deseret News)
Environmental SmackDown: Green Politics in the 2012 Presidential Campaign (The Westerner)
Salazar Names 6 New National Natural Landmarks (The Westerner)
U.S. Interior Secretary Launches New Plan to Designate Wilderness (The Westerner)
U.S. Agents Slam Gun Sting Effort on Mexico Border (The Westerner)
06/15/11 American Found Among Mass Grave Victims in Mexico (Fox News)
Utah's GOP Delegation Fires Back Over Public Land Access (The Westerner)
How Long Will Salazar Stay at Interior? (The Westerner)
Salazar 'Still Standing Tall': Interior Chief Says He's Proud of His Record (The Westerner)
Time to Hold EPA Accountable (The Westerner)
Ranchers Sue Wilder Ranch Over Loose Bison (The Westerner)
06/14/11 Federal Legislation Pits Environment vs. Security (The Westerner)
A Look at Illegal Entry and Drug Smuggling on the Border (The Westerner)
The Mexican Drug Cartels Are a National Security Issue (The Westerner)
DEA Warns of New Hits Against Border Agents (The Westerner)
Cartel Threats, Attacks on US Law Enforcement and the Question of 'Spill Over' Violence (The Westerner)
Cartels Have Taken Cruelty Up a Notch, Says One Drug Trafficker (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels Kidnapping Bus Passengers For Gladiator-Like Fights to the Death (News NM)
Cartel Corruption Reaches Into the Ranks of U.S. Border Agents, Officials Say (The Westerner)
Official: Cartel Members Not LIkely to Attack Internation Bridge, Spillover Violence More LIkely in Remote Areas (The Westerner)
Maquiladora Worker Says Job No Longer Worth Risk (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 5 Members of Family in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
06/13/11 Another Rancher Killed by an Illegal Alien?  Not Sure Yet.  (Tucson Citizen)
Breaking: New Video of Drug Smugglers Loading Drug-Filled Packs Inside Arizona (Examiner.com)
Interior Chief Promises Major Push in Congress for New Wilderness Package (The Westerner)
Ranchers Suspect Immigrants in String of Fires, Firefighters Taking Extra Precautions Due to Smuggling Danger (The Westerner)
Salazar Says He's Not Sure of Second Term as Interior Secretary (The Westerner)
06/12/11 Wilmeth's West - The Growing Dilemma - Scarcity of Values (The Westerner)
06/11/11 Water District Worried About Access (LC Bulletin)
Bishop Reacts to DOI Secretary Ken Salazar's Wilderness Proposal (Congressman Rob Bishop)
06/10/11 UN's Environment Program is an Administrative Mess, Internal Study Reveals (Fox News)Utah, Alaska and Wyoming to Pursue Wild Lands Lawsuit (The Westerner)
06/09/11 News New Mexico Radio Interview:  Steve Wilmeth and Gene Wood (NAFBPO) (NewsNM)
Update: New Mexico Rancher Larry Link Murdered by Illegal Alien (Examiner.com)
Headless Bodies Found in Tamaulipas (The Westerner)
Teen Survives Being Shot, Dangled From Bridge in Mexico (Fox News)
NM Man Killed, Bloggers Blame Illegal (KRQE)
06/08/11 Wilmeth and Wood to Appear on NewsNM (NewsNM)
Hidalgo County Man Shot to Death (The Westerner)
Area in Hidalgo County a "Connecting Point" (NewsNM)
Cops Investigate Killing of Rancher in New Mexico Border Town (Fox News)
Mexican Cartels Now Using 'Tanks' (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 11 at Drug Rehab Center in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Hard to Draw Line on Mexico Border Drug Violence (The Westerner)
Mexico Drug Gangs Hang Rival Members From City Bridges (The Westerner)
Another Amercan Rancher Killed on the Border (Fox News)
Top Cop in Mexico's Deadliest City Promising Crime-Cutting Results in 6 Months (Fox News)
Ex-Mexican Governor Arrested in Embezzlement Case (Fox News)
N.M. Rancher Gunned Down in SW New Mexico (NewsNM)
BREAKING: New Mexico Rancher Larry Link Murdered by Illegal Alien (The Westerner)
429 Bodies Found Since April in 2 North Mexico States (Fox News)
Former Interior Secretary Calls Out Obama on the Environment (The Westerner)
06/07/11 Former Mexican Mayor Detained Over Illegal Weapons (Fox News)
Editorial: A Fishy Reversal on "Wild Lands" Policy (The Westerner)
Editorial: Wilderness Reversal Welcome (The Westerner)
Editorial: Don't Relax on Wildlands (The Westerner)
Wolf Wars: Can Man and Predator Coexist in the West? (The Westerner)
06/06/11 Environmentalism vs. Border Control: A Complex Battle of Survival (The Westerner)
Babeu: Obama Has Failed to Protect Border (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels May Form Pact to Shift Power (News NM)
06/05/11 Wilmeth's West: Sustainability - Mother Earth and Her Sisters, Imagine and Reality (The Westerner)
06/04/11 Drums Along The Border - Arizona Wildfire, Atascosa Ranch (The Westerner)
06/03/11 National Assoc. of Former Border Patrol Officers Letter to Senator Bingaman on S.1024 (NAFBPO)
US CBP Intelligence Report, Vekol Valley, Table Top Wilderness, 78+ Miles N of Mexican Border
Illegal Drugs and Terrorists Create an American Police State (News NM)
Bishop Hails Passage of Amendment to End Department of Interior Extortion of Border Patrol (Congressman Bishop)
Lummis Amendment Passes, 238-177 (The Westerner)
Don't Look Behind The Green Curtain (The Westerner)
Giffords & Pearce Request Border Security Hearing (News NM)
GOP Blocks Obama Land Grab (Michelle Malkin)
Border Fire (The Westerner)
06/02/11 Jerry Schickendanz and Frank DuBois - News New Mexico Radio Interview
Obama Administration Backs Away From Wilderness Plan (The Westerner)
06/01/11 A Dirty, Vicious Business - In Peck Canyon Corridor, Violent Crimes and Discovery of Body Part Occur With Disturbing Regularity  (Tucson Weekly)
05/31/11 Wilmeth's West: Safety On The Border - S.1024 Revelations (The Westerner)
"Official" 2011 Juarez Murder Count is 843 (News NM)
US Senate Report: Mexico Violence is Not Slowing Down (The Westerner)
29 Dead After Drug Gangs Battle in Mexico (The Westerner)
DHS: An Acceptable Level of Illegal Migration; A Downsized Border Patrol? (The Westerner)
05/27/11 Texas Rancher's Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words About Death and Danger at the Border (The Westerner)
05/24/11 Discovery of Another Mass Grave in Mexico Brings Questions of Law Enforcement Failings (Fox News)
Barbarism & Societal Warfare South of the Border (The Westerner)
The Mexico-U.S. Borderlands: Corruption & Violence (The Westerner)
Nine Killed in Drug Related Attacks in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Turmoil In Hudspeth: Border Violence, Cartel Violence Ongoing Problems for Residents of 'Twilight Zone' (The Westerner)
Mass Graves Reveal Dissension in Cartel, Say Police Sources (The Westerner)
How Drug Cartels Move Cash Across The U.S.-Mexico Border (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 2 Teenage Girls in Ciudad Juarez (The Westerner)
Border Battle Presents Challenges for Southern Arizona Ranchers (The Westerner)
05/23/11 Bloody Mexican Gangs Make it 'Official', With Uniforms, Insignia (Fox News)
05/22/11 Wilderness Areas On The Border?  What a Great Idea If You Are A Cartel Drug Smuggler (Tucson Citizen)
Wilmeth's West - Constitutional Drift & The Bingaman Syndrome (The Westerner)
Protectors of "Desert Pupfish" Drug Cartel's Best Friend (News NM)
05/20/11 Congress Sees NM Border Wilderness Bill Again (The Westerner)
Escalating Drug Violence in Northern Mexico Overwhelms Authorities (The Westerner)
Bingaman and Udall Renew Wilderness Efforts (News NM)
Desert Pupfish Forces Border Agents to Patrol on Foot (The Westerner)
05/19/11 Ultralight Aircraft Now Ferrying Drugs Across U.S.-Mexico Border (LA Times)
Texas Border City Sees Increase in Young Smugglers (The Westerner)
05/18/11 Texas Border City Sees Increase in Young Smugglers (The Westerner)
05/17/11 Mexican Drug Cartel Suspected After 29 Decapitated in Guatemala (The Westerner)
05/16/11 Mexican Federal Officers: Juarez Mayor's Bodyguards Look Like Organized Crime Gunmen (News NM)
Wilderness Bills Proliferate as Promoters Hope to Break 2-Year Drought (The Westerner)
Obama to Decide if National Guard Will Stay on the Border (The Westerner)
6 Headless Bodies Dumped Near School (News NM)
Enviro Long Knives Out For Pearce (The Westerner)
Obama's Illegal Alien Nation (News NM)
13 Dead in Sunday Border Shootout (News NM)
Pearce: Ignoring Violence Won't Help New Mexicans (News NM)
Human Ecology Mapping and "All-Lands" Conservation (The Westerner)
"Endangered" Species and the WildEarth Guardians (News NM)
Greener Pastures (The Westerner)
'Barbarism of Al Qaeda Has Nothing on These Mexican Cartels', Says Texas Safety Official (The Westerner)
Interior Dept. Strikes Deal to Clear Backlog on Endangered Species Listings (The Westerner)
Wyoming Prepared to Enter Wilderness Lawsuit (The Westerner)
Two Border Patrol Agents Killed in Chase (News NM)
Bingaman's Senate Career Shows How to Get Rich in Public Service (News NM)
Wilmeth's West: Border Talk - Reckless Leadership Strategy (The Westerner)
Rancher: There Are No Cool Heads in Portal (The Westerner)
Durango Body Count Rises to 218 (News NM)
US Cattle INspectors Leave Mexico Amid Drug War (The Westerner)
Texas Officials Say Terrorists Are Crossing Border (News NM)
05/08/11 Wilmeth's West: Border Patrol, Land Laws, and Access Constraints (The Westerner)
Survey: 66% of Juarez Residents in Favor of International Intervention to Stop Drug Cartel Violence (News NM)
Free the Federal Lands for States to Develop (News NM)
05/06/11 Hezbollah Sets Up Base Near Mexican Border (News NM)
Terrorist Group Setting Up Operations Near Border (The Westerner)
Sheriff Tells Congress That Border Patrol Agents Ordered to Reduce Arrests (Fox News)
Feds Allow Illegal Aliens to Cross Border 14 Times Before Charging Them With Felony, Sheriff Tells Congress (The Westerner)
April Death Toll Highlights Trauma of Mexican Bloodbath (The Westerner)
Feds Changing the Way They Gauge Border Security (The Westerner)
Cleaning Trash Left By Illegal Immigrants (The Westerner)
State of Utah Files Suit Against Federal Government to Set Aside "Wild Lands" Order (The Westerner)
Alaska Gov. Supports Lawsuit Against BLM Targeting "Wild Lands" (The Westerner)
The Cure for Bad Federal Wild Lands Policy: Stop It! (The Westerner)
Salazar Outlines Grasslands Plans; Feds Seek Easements in Three States (The Westerner)
05/01/11 Wilmeth's West - Of Wolves and Cobras (The Westerner)
Mexican Police Discover Hidden Weapons Arsenal in Cuidad Juarez (Fox News)
04/30/11 Wilmeth's West - Of Wolves and Cobras (The Westerner)
Mexican Police Discover Hidden Weapons Arsenal in Cuidad Juarez (Fox News)
04/29/11 Why Isn't Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?  (The Westerner)
Apprehensions of Illegal Aliens at the Border Are Way Down... Why? (The Westerner)
04/28/11 An Informant's Story (Fox News)
Drug Informant Quits (Fox News)
Ranching's Risky Business in Southern Arizona (The Westerner)
04/26/11 Prominent Rancher Murdered in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
04/24/11 Wilmeth's West - The Goliath of our Time - The Steward Prevailed (The Westerner)
Pearce Pushed Wilderness Rollback (NM Federal Lands Council)
Cartels: Los Zetas Not Just Mexico's Concern (News NM)
Earth Day Co-Founder Killed, Composted Girlfriend (The Westerner)
04/23/11 32 More Corpses Found in Mexico Pits, Total at 177 (Fox News)
04/22/11 Mexican Drug Cartels Move Into U.S. Cities, State Department Official Says (The Westerner)
Mexico Security Memo: April 19, 2011 (The Westerner)
Brutal Mexican Drug Gang Crosses Into U.S. (The Westerner)
40 Police Officers Arrested in Northern Mexico on Drug Charges (The Westerner)
Zetas Go On a rampage in Miguel Aleman (The Westerner)
Mexico: Police Rescue 68 People Kidnapped by Cartel (The Westerner)
The Brothers Arellanes (The Westerner)
Border Agent Convicted For "Pulling Cuffs" (News NM)
04/21/11 Mexico Ambassador: Our Cartel Leaders Are Businessmen, Not Terrorists (News NM)
Bishop Introduces Bill to Fix Gaps in Border Security on Federal Lands (Congressman Rob Bishop)
04/20/11 Arizona Sheriff Cites Flood of Border Agents Confirming Feds' No-Apprehension Policy (Fox News)
Border Patrol Banned From Top Smuggler Routes (Judicial Watch)
Environmental LawS Stymie Border Patrol's Effectiveness, Report Says (The Westerner)
Mexican Cartels Setting Up Shop Across U.S. (The Westerner)
Congressional Testimony: Mr. George Zachary Taylor, National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, 4/15/11
One Rancher's Message: 'Control the Border at the Border' (Fox News)
Arizona Rancher Pushes for Border Security Improvements (Fox News)
Southwest Border - Border Patrol Operations on Federal Lands (GAO Report)
04/19/11 Border Patrol Banned From Top Smuggling Routes (The Westerner)
Arizona Rancher Urges Congress to Improve Border Security (The Westerner)
McCain Introduces New Border Bill (News NM)
04/18/11 How Sacred Is Your Property?  (World Net Daily)
Cartel Violence Complicates Tick Eradication Plan (The Westerner)
Illegal Entry and Drug Smuggling In Perspective - What If All This Was Going On In Your Front Yard? (The Westerner)
04/17/11 Witnesses Stress Need for Increased Border Security, Improved Access on Federal Lands (Natural Resources Committee)
Congressional Testimony, Mr. Gene Wood, Founding Member of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO)
Wilmeth's West - The Issue is the Truth - Border Apprehension Predictor (The Westerner)
04/16/11 Rep. Bishop's Opening Statement at Congressional Hearing on Border Security (YouTube Video)
Bishop Questions DOI and USDA Officials About Environmental Policies (YouTube Video)
Bishop Bill Seeks to Waive Environmental Rules for Border Patrol (Rob Bishop website)
Another Day in Paradise South of the Border (News NM)
04/15/11 Legislation Introduced to Bring Greater Security to U.S. Border and Federal Lands (The Westerner)
$226 Million Cut From Southern Border Fence (News NM)
04/14/11 Legislation Introduced to Bring Greater Security to U.S. Border and Federal Lands (The Westerner)
$226 Million Cut From Southern Border Fence (News NM)
04/12/11 Not 'A Mile' of Border Secure, Texas Sheriff Says (The Westerner)
Drug Gang Blamed for Mass Killing of 116 Near Border (The Westerner)
Authorities: 2 Americans Killed in Mexico (Fox News)
US Citizen Among Bus Passengers Abducted in Mexico (Fox News)
Border Security and Congress (News NM)
Bishop: New Budget Deal Puts Big Crimp in Salazar's 'Wild Lands' Order (The Westerner)
Federal Budget Deal Strips Protection From Water, Wild Lands, Wolves (The Westerner)
'Wild Lands' Initiative Defunded in Final CR (The Westerner)
04/11/11 16 More Bodies Found in Mexican Pits, Total Now at 88 (Fox News)
Border Tales (American Thinker)
04/10/11 Wilmeth's West - Progress of the Mexican Revolution - "Mira las Huellas" by Stephen L. Wilmeth (The Westerner)
04/09/11 Sheriff Babeu Testifies About Border Battle in Washington (Fox Phoenix Video)
04/08/11 Fifty-Nine Bodies Found in Tamaulipas (News NM)
"8 Murders a Day" Documentary Reveals Horrors in Juarez (The Westerner)
Mass Grave Discovered in Mexico, 80 Miles From US Border (The Westerner)
Mexican Families Look For Missing in Pit Victims (The Westerner)
Sheriff Testifies About Border Battle in Washington (The Westerner)
Mexican Cartel Corrupting More US Border Officials? (The Westerner)
How a Big US Bank Laundered Billions From Mexico's Murderous Drug Gangs (The Westerner)
04/07/11 41 Killed in Mexican Border City [Juarez]  (Fox News)
04/05/11 Border Towns Are Secure?  (The Westerner)
Southern Exposure Documentary Exposes U.S. Border Inconsistencies  (The Westerner)
2 Americans Killed at Tijuana Border Crossing  (The Westerner)
Environmentalists Stand Up to Obama, Win Big  (The Westerner)
NM: Rare Chance to Speak Up About National Forests (The Westerner)
04/04/11 Border Towns are Secure?  (The Westerner)
Poe Introduces Borderlands Safety Act  (The Westerner)
Editorial: Don't Let Big Green Use Government to Mug Taxpayers (The Westerner)
Editorial: Secrecy Hides Taxpayer Dollars Used in Big Green Lawsuits (The Westerner)
The Green Regulation Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs?  (The Westerner)
New Mexico Forest Road Plan Blocked (The Westerner)
Editorial: Ever Vigilant (The Westerner)
04/03/11 Equine Logic - Wilderness Expansion - The Cast of Insatiable Appetite (The Westerner)
Libya Gets Headlines - Juarez Continues to Die (News NM)
'Gunwalker' Scandal Grows to Consume Highest Level (The Westerner)
04/02/11 Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says (Fox News)
04/01/11 Unclear: Wilderness Designations in Dona Ana County (News NM)
Cartels Threaten to Kill Texas Rangers, ICE Agents (The Westerner)
Quit Downplaying Cartel Threat (News NM)
Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says (The Westerner)
A Rampant War Just South of the Border (The Westerner)
03/31/11 Spilling Over?  (The Westerner)
Decision Looms Over U.S. Troops at Mexican Border (The Westerner)
Project Gunrunner: Obama's Stimulus-Funded Border Nightmare (The Westerner)
Critics: U.S. Lacks Overall Strategy at Mexico Border (The Westerner)
03/30/11 NM Delegation Pushes for New Conservation Area (The Westerner)
03/29/11 Rob Krentz's Daughter Speaks on His Shooting Death (The Westerner)
Douglass Ranchers Do Not Believe Krentz's Murder Will Be Solved (The Westerner)
County Lands in Feud With Forest Service (The Westerner)
03/28/11 Honor Rob Krentz by Strengthening Border Security Efforts (The Westerner)
New Developments on Robert Krentz's Murder (The Westerner)
The Murder of Rancher Robert Krentz: One Year Later (The Westerner)
Restore Our Border (The Westerner)
The Perilous Intersection of Mexico's Drug War & Pemex (The Westerner)
Forest Service Adopts Climate-Change 'Scorecard' (The Westerner)
03/27/11 The Red Globe Lesson - The Idea of Robust Horizons - Government Suppresses the Unexpected (The Westerner)
Border Agents Unwittingly Freed Suspects With Weapons From Sting (News NM)
03/26/11 McCain: Don't Pull Guard OFF the Border (News NM)
03/25/11 McCain Unhappy With Border Security KOLD-TV (The Westerner)
McCain: Border Security Better -  Needs More Improvement (The Westerner)
03/24/11 Utah Groups Launch Challenge to Salazar's 'Wild Lands' Policy (The Westerner)
'Wild Lands' Designation Will Limit Accessibility (The Westerner)
Bishop Commends Utah Counties for Challenging Legality of DOI's Wild Lands Policy
DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border (The Westerner)
Gas Pipeline Company Blasted for its Role in Purchasing Idaho Grazing Leases (Idaho Reporter)
03/23/11 DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border (News NM)
Slaying of Border Rancher Still a Mystery 1 Year Later (The Westerner)
Obama Grabs More Land With Conservation Corps (The Westerner)
Pearce Talks Forestry Bill - and Lizards Too (The Westerner)
03/22/11 Forest Service, Ranchers Come to an Agreement (The Westerner)
Spread of Cattle Fever Tick Concern as Border Violence Continues (The Westerner)
03/21/11 U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Resigns Following WikiLeaks Cable (Fox News)
In Colorado, Leaders  Seek Common Ground on Wild Lands (The Westerner)
Salazar Renews Debate Over Wild Lands (The Westerner)
03/20/11 Land and People - The Value Promise - Meritorious Possession (The Westerner)
03/19/11 American Killed in Mexican Border city While Visiting Family (Fox News)
03/17/11 Mexican Drug Cartel Kills Local Man, Looks for Money (The Westerner)
US Flies Drones in Mexican Drug War (The Westerner)
Groups Ask BLM to Reconsider Wyoming Drilling Project - Secretarial Wild Lands Order Invoked (The Westerner)
National Guard Troops to Leave Border in June (The Westerner)
BLM Touts its Revenue Generation for Nation (The Westerner)
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Asks Feds for Off-road Vehicle Restrictions Near Canyonlands (The Westerner)
Forest Service Errs in Igniting Toxins (The Westerner)
Chico Man Acquitted in Connection with National Forest Flier Flap (The Westerner)
03/16/11 Mexican Female Police Chief Seeks Asylum in US (News NM)
03/15/11 Furloughs for USFS, BLM, if no Budget Deal (The Westerner)
03/14/11 Juarez Safe Corridors Aren't (News NM)
Wildlands Designation Raises Concern About Land's Future (Montana Billings Gazette)
Roads and Lands Travel Management and Wish Lists (The Westerner)
Border Ranchers Fear Threats From Drug Cartels - Video (The Westerner)
Local Lawmaker Bashes Feds Over Road Closures (The Westerner)
Judge Halts Another Forest Service Clearing Project (The Westerner)
Online Report Details Changes in Forests, Non-Federal Lands (The Westerner)
03/13/11 American Professor Kidnapped in Mexican Border City (Fox News)
03/11/11 Pearce Delivers Letter of Protest to Forest Service Chief (The Westerner)
03/10/11 Feds Caught 663 Illegals Suspected of Terrorist Ties (News NM)
Heavy Cost if Montana Nullifies The Endangered Species Act (The Westerner)
Editorial: Utah Strikes Back (The Westerner)
03/09/11 A Day in the Life of an Arizona Rancher: Fences, Illegal Aliens, and One Man's Watchtower (The Westerner)
A Day in the Life of an Arizona Rancher (News NM)
Shooting Reported Near Rio Grande in Catarina: Rancher Fears for Life (The Westerner)
Ex. Sen. Bennett to Help Wilderness Society (The Westerner)
Bishop Expresses Concern Over BLM and Forest Service Budgets During Subcommittee Hearing (The Westerner)
Science Sides With Agriculture as Global Population Booms (The Westerner)
03/08/11 The Land Trust Alternative: For Endangered Ranchers, It's a Future (The Westerner)
U.S. Forest Service Looks at Changes in the 21st Century (The Westerner)
BLM Pressed on Alleged Ethics Violations by Former Wyoming Manager (The Westerner)
Speakers at Keep Our Forests Open Rally Speak to Large Crowd (Grant County Beat)
03/06/11 National Forests: A Battle Over Mapping Roads and Trails (The Westerner)
Rivals of Gila Forest Plan Speak Out (The Westerner)
03/05/11 Pearce Decries Gila Trail Closures Plan at Silver City Rally (The Westerner)
Budget Dramatically Increases Spending for Government Land Acquisition (The Westerner)
Putting Law, Order on the Border (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Over 700 Pack Convention Center to Urge Forest Service to Keep Roads Open (The Westerner)
"Keep Our Forest Open" Rally Draws Over 700 (News NM)
03/04/11 Records Show Agents Fired Beanbags in Fatal Border Gunfight (Arizona Daily Star)
Border Agent Terry Was Forced to Use Beanbags (News NM)
Obama: No Arming of U.S. Agents in Mexico (Fox News)
Environmental Groups Ask Judge to Bar Vehicle Routes (The Westerner)
Some Are Misusing the Wilderness Act (The Westerner)
03/03/11 Video - Does BLM Have Statutory Authority to Prioritize 'Wild Lands' Over Other Multiple Uses? (The Westerner)
Administration Admits it Doesn't Have Statutory Authority to Prioritize Wild Lands Over Other Uses (Natural Resources Committee)
Texas Farmers Under Attack at the Border (The Westerner)
03/02/11 Efforts to Close Off Gila Forest Opposed (News NM)
House Republicans: Salazar's 'Wild Lands' Order is a 'War on the West' (The Westerner)
Western Governors Fume Over Obama Plan for Wilderness Areas (The Westerner)
Governor Warns Wild Lands Policy Could Cost Utah Billions (The Westerner)
Idaho Lawmakers Works to Prevent ATV Road (The Westerner)
Missourians Fight 'Ozarks National Heritage Area' Plan (The Westerner)
03/01/11 Op-Ed: New Mexicans Speak Out on Gila Road Closings (The Westerner)
State and Local Officials Decry Administration's 'Wild Lands' Order (Natural Resources Committee)
02/28/11 Pearce to Rally Against US Forest Service Plan (The Westerner)
County Measure Opposes Gila Road Plan (The Westerner)
02/27/11 Scandal: ATF's Project Gunrunner and the Death of BP Agent Brian Terry (The Westerner)
02/26/11 "Keep Our Forests Open" Rally Set (News NM)
02/24/11 Salazar Strikes Back at Critics of 'Wild Lands' Policy, Hopes for 'Common Ground' (The Westerner)
02/23/11 Congress to Hold Hearing on DOI's 'Wild Lands' Policy (The Westerner)
Census: Near-Record Level of US Counties Dying (The Westerner)
Agent Brian Terry, A Policy of Silence? (Fox News)
Gangs Kidnapped Over 11,000 Migrants in Mexico, Says Report (Fox News)
02/22/11 Montana Governor's Defiance of Feds Has Few Parallels (The Westerner)
Judge Rules Against BLM in Grazing Appeal in Nevada (The Westerner)
Obama's New Forest Rules: Read the Fine Print (The Westerner)
Canyon Again Off Limits at Chile Challenge (The Westerner)
UI Poll Find Idahoans Support Livestock Grazing on Public Lands (The Westerner)
02/21/11 CNN: Even by Juarez Standards, A Deadly 72 Hours (News NM)
02/19/11 Martinez Among 7 Governors Who Ask Salazar to Withdraw 'Wild Lands' Order (The Westerner)
4 Thrown to Deaths From Bridge in Southern Mexico (Fox News)
02/18/11 Mexico Could End Up Like Vietnam; Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Family: "It's like it never happened."  (M3 Report)
US Rep Says ICE Agents Were Ambushed by Zetas in Mexico (Fox News)
Bishop Calls for End to BLM Conservation System (The Westerner)
Forest Service Wheels Turn Slow  (The Westerner)
Daily Horrors Continue in Cuidad Juarez - 13 Shot (News NM)
02/17/11 Arizona Sheriff Scoffs at Suggestion to Tone Down Rhetoric (Fox News)
Security Advocates Call for Greater Offensive Against Mexico Cartels After Murder of ICE Agent (Fox News)
Mexican Gunmen Knew ICE Agents Were Law Enforcement Officers, Sources Say (Fox News)
Bishop Introduces Amendment to Defund National Landscape Conservation System
Lawmaker Seeks State Control of Federal Land (The Westerner)
New US Forest Service Book Calls for New Era of Parks and Wilderness Management (The Westerner)
Grazing Association, Forest Service At Odds (The Westerner)
02/16/11 1 US Immigration Agent Dead, 1 Injured in Mexico (News NM)
1 US Immigration Agent Killed, 1 Injured in Mexico (Fox News)
Lawless Town Just Across The Border (Fox News)
Stopping Illegals at the Border (Fox News)
Dona Ana County Soil & Water Conservation District Resolution Requesting Cooperating Status and Wild Lands Resolution Cover Letter
02/15/11 Bishop Lauds Proposal to Defund DOI Wild Lands Policy (The Westerner)
President's $12.2 Billion 2012 Budget for Interior Focuses on Spending Discipline, Strategic Investments and Vital Missions (The Westerner)
02/14/11 Pearce Addresses Threats to NM Freedoms (News NM)
More Mass Murders in Murder City (The Westerner)
Wilmeth's West - The Border Conflict Continues: Manipulation of a Predetermined Result (The Westerner)
Government Files Opening Brief in Hage v. US Appeal (The Westerner)
Napolitano Goes on Offense (News NM)
Asbill Wants Feds to Quit Seizing Cattle (The Westerner)
02/11/11 Mexican Drug Cartels Hold 12-year-old for Ransom - in New Mexico (The Westerner)
State Sovereignty at Issue in 'Wild Lands' Conflict, Proposed Bill (The Westerner)
Utah, Western Counties Mull Legal Assault on BLM Wilderness Policy (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill 8 in Violent North Mexico Border City (Fox News)
02/10/11 Pearce Says He Wants to Preserve Land in Dona Ana County (NM Politics)
Sheriff Babeu Makes Prediction of Future Gun Battles (KVOA Tucson)
02/09/11 As Drug Cartels Continue Stronghold, Female Mexican Police Chief Taken Near Christmas Still Missing (Fox News)
02/08/11 2 U.S. High School Students Fatally Shot in Mexico (Fox News)
U.S. Warns About Night Driving in Major Mexican City (Fox News)
Gov. Herbert: 'Up for the Fight' With Salazar on Wild Lands Issue  (The Westerner)
A Contemptuous Administration  (The Westerner)
Protesters March Against Forest Service  (The Westerner)
Judge Strikes Down US Forest Service Travel Plan  (The Westerner)
ATV-Riding Hunters Want Backcountry Trail Access  (The Westerner)
Meetings on Possible Forest Service Firearm Hunting Ban Set  (The Westerner)
Judge Reverses Mount Taylor Designation  (The Westerner)
Copper Mine Battle Heats Up in Arizona  (The Westerner)
02/04/11 Arizona Ranchers Not Happy With Janet Napolitano's Border Plan For Rural Areas - or Lack Thereof (The Westerner)
America's Third War: Fears Emerge That Mexican Drug Violence Could Spill Into U.S. (Fox News)
The Interior Department's Culture of Contempt (The Westerner)
Ranchers Rally Groups to Keep Access (The Westerner)
02/03/11 FBI Targets Drug Cartel in NM (News NM)
Arizona Ranchers Not Happy With Janet Napolitano's Border Plan For Rural Areas - or Lack Thereof (The Westerner)
America's Third War: Fears Emerge That Mexican Drug Violence Could Spill Into U.S. (Fox News)
02/02/11 Salazar Aide Defends 'Wildlands Rule' (The Westerner)
Pearce: New Mexicans Speak Out on Gila Road Closings (The Westerner)
Hatch: Stop Obama's War on the West (The Westerner)
Officials Gear up to Fight the Feds (The Westerner)
Wyoming Counties Join Foes of BLM Wildlands (The Westerner)
Editorial: Lands Bill (The Westerner)
Wild Lands Designation Threatens Access (The Westerner)
Eco-groups Sue Forest Service Over Motorized Routes (The Westerner)
Center Established to 'Balance Debate' on Environment (The Westerner)
02/01/11 Dozens of Federal Lawmakers Oppose New 'Wild Lands' Land-Use Policy (The Westerner)
Governor Denounces Decision on Alaska 'Wild Lands' (The Westerner)
Utah County Mobilizes Against 'Wild Lands' Policy (The Westerner)
State to Feds: No More National Monuments Without Asking Us First (The Westerner)
Cattle Baron Slain in Mexico (The Westerner)
Forest Service Vying for Water Rights (The Westerner)
Judge Tosses Challenge to Idaho Roadless Plan (The Westerner)
Judge: Redo Off-Roading Routes in Mojave Desert (The Westerner)
01/31/11 GOP Lawmakers Demand Repeal of Wilderness Policy (Congressional Western Caucus)
House Members to Conduct Border Study (News NM)
Top Republicans Craft Strategy to Fight EPA's Expanding Regulatory Reach (The Westerner)
Powell Raising Bar at NM Land Office (The Westerner)
Oregon Ranchers Fear Financial Hit From Court Ordered Loss of Grazing Territory (The Westerner)
01/30/11 Sovereignty - Precious or Sanctimonious? by Stephen L. Wilmeth (The Westerner)
01/29/11 Western Legislators Call on Salazar to Withdraw Secretarial Order on Wild Lands (Congressional Western Caucus)
01/28/11 Wilderness - Schools Suffer Under Obama's Land Grabs (The Westerner)
'We Will Take a Stand', Cattlemen, New Sheriff Vow to Renew Fight Against Forest Service (The Westerner)
U.S. Cattle Herd at Lowest Since 1958 - May Send Beef Prices to Record High (The Westerner)
Ranchers, Lawmakers Introduce Bill Calling on Feds to Tighten Border Security (The Westerner)
American Missionary Killed by Gunman in Mexico, Husband Says  (The Westerner)
01/27/11 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Says He's Staying (The Westerner)
Congressional Western Caucus Names New Leadership
Border Authorities Arrest Controversial Muslim Cleric (News NM)
01/26/11 Barriers Aren't Just for the Border Now (The Westerner)
Sen. Mike Crapo: Wild Lands Order Circumvents Public, Congress (The Westerner)
Federal Judge Upholds National Forest's Limits on Motorized Travel (The Westerner)
Lawsuit Claims BLM Approval of Wind Energy Project Violated Laws (The Westerner)
Sen. Feinstein Reintroduces Desert Protection Act (The Westerner)
01/25/11 BLM Charm Offensive Backfires, Critics Fume Over 'Wild Lands' Policy (The Westerner)
Utah Rep. Wimmer Proposes Bill to Challenge Federal 'Wild Lands' Plan  (The Westerner)
House Dems Defend Interior Wilderness Policy (The Westerner)
End Run Around the Consent of the Governed  (The Westerner)
Another Wilderness Battle for Idaho?  (The Westerner)
01/24/11 Regulation Without Representation - The Dynamic Reallocation of Western Lands by Stephen L. Wilmeth (The Westerner)
Washington's Obsession With Land Preservation Threatens Landowners, Ranchers (The Westerner)
01/21/11 U.S. Govt Supports Foreign Invasion (The Bottom Line)
Utah Legislature to Consider Bill to Challenge Fed Authority Over Public Land (The Westerner)
01/20/11 Govt Turns a Blind Eye to Drug, Alien Smuggling on Southern Border (News Max)
Wyoming Governor Mead Opposes 'Wild Lands' Order (The Westerner)
[BLM] Abbey's Visit Marked by Fireworks (Vernal Express)
Border Patrol Agents Ordered to Pick Up Trash [scroll to 01/17/11 and 01/18/11]  (Local 2544 National Border Patrol Council, Tucson)
01/19/11 Governor Urges Interior Secretary to Withdraw "Wild Lands" Order (The Westerner)
Order Stirs Debate Over BLM Inventories (The Westerner)
Tom Stickland to Step Down as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's Chief of Staff (The Westerner)
EPA Grants Itself More Powers, Revokes Permits (The Westerner)
Groups Applaud Ruling on Environmental Lawsuits (The Westerner)
Four Killed, Including Infant, in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Gunman Fires Across Border Toward U.S. Highway Workers (The Westerner)
Terror War We Ignore is Next Door (The Westerner)
Homeland Security Chief Cancels Costly Virtual Border Fence (The Westerner)
Obama Administration's New Proposed Gun Regulation for Border States Met With Bipartisan Dissent (The Westerner)
The Murderers of Mexico (The Westerner)
Gunmen in Mexico Shoot Across Border, Again (News NM)
U.S. Park Police Chief -- Fired for Whistle-Blowing in 2004 -- Is Reinstated (The Westerner)
Extreme Greens: Take a Hike!  Don't Mess With Green Mountain  (The Westerner)
Court: US Wrongly Put Water Tanks in Refuge (The Westerner)
New Group Improves Grazing Opportunities (The Westerner)
BLM Takes Border Fight to Web (KPHO)
LCAR Takes Stances On Impact Fees, Wilderness Act (Las Cruces Bulletin)
01/13/11 Gov. Herbert to Meet with BLM Leader (The Westerner)
Appeals Court Rules Against Wilderness Groups in Road Fight (The Westerner)
Rancher Told to Remove Cattle From Carrizo Plain Preserve (The Westerner)
Local Race Group Questions BLM's Newly Enforced Policy (The Westerner)
01/12/11 Secretary Salazar: Lost in the Wilderness (The Westerner)
01/11/11 New Rule Under Fire From NM Cattle Growers Association (Santa Fe New Mexican)
15 Headless Bodies in Acapulco is New Mexico Violence Record (The Westerner)
Man Found Dead on Acapulco Highway Brings Resort City's Toll to 31 Dead in 4 Days (Fox News)
01/10/11 Stratfor Global Intelligence Report - Mexican Drug Wars, Bloodiest Year to Date
New Plan Out for Gila Motorized Travel (The Westerner)
Agriculture's Incredible Shrinking Footprint (The Westerner)
01/08/11 NM Could Lose Border Guard Unit (News NM)
Spence: Atrocities at Shopping Centers (News NM)
Rep. Giffords in Critical Condition After being Shot in the Head at Public Event (The Westerner)
Atrocities in Tucson (News NM)
Slain Federal Judge John Roll Was at the Center of Arizona's Immigration Debate (The Westerner)
01/07/11 Website Launched to Draw Attention to Border Trash (Fox News)
01/06/11 Utah Republican to Attack Interior Wilderness Policy with 'Whatever Mechanism' Possible (The Westerner)
Battle Lines Drawn Over New "Wild Lands" Rules (The Westerner)
Coalition Sues Forest Service Plan (The Westerner)
01/05/11 Concerns Arise as Group Eyes Special Designation (The Westerner)
01/04/11 Wilderness Policy Sparks Western Ire (The Westerner)
Wilderness Reinventory a Cruel Joke (The Westerner)
Rep. Bishop Targets Restrictions on Use of Federal Lands (The Westerner)
Enviros Throw Another Wrench Into Solar Energy From Desert (The Westerner)
Sheriff Paul Babeu Slams Napolitano's Afghan Trip (News NM)
Tow Californias: Coming to a State Near You (News NM)
It's Time for a New Direction in our Federal Forests (The Westerner)
Forest Service Restoration Plan Angers Irrigators (The Westerner)
Editorial - Watch for New Rules in 2011 (The Westerner)
01/03/11 Why Was Wilderness Policy Change Necessary?  (The Westerner)
How Green Became the Color of Money (The Westerner)
01/02/11 Arizona Resident Takes on Illegal Immigrants (Greta Van Susteren, Fox News)
Mexico Border City Has Record Drug Killings in '10 (Fox News)
12/31/10 Editorial: Murder on the Border (Washington Times)
12/30/10 More Rumors and Few Facts Regarding the Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (Tucson Citizen)
Hastings Announces Natural Resources Subcommittee Chairs (The Westerner)
12/29/10 Lone Police Officer in Mexican Border Town Remains Missing (Fox News)
New Details in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (New American)
12/28/10 Cover-up Begins in Border Agent Murder (News NM)
12/27/10 Ranching No Man's Land (The Cattleman)
Bean Bags for Janet Napolitano (San Francisco Examiner)
Rubber Bullets for Agent Terry (San Francisco Examiner)
We Need a Congressional Investigation Into the Killing of BP Agent Brian Terry (San Francisco Examiner)
BLM Spurned Chief Ranger's Recommendation to Close National Monument Near Mexican Border for Safety Reasons (The Westerner)
Wilderness Areas Face Criticism From Border Security Advocates (News NM)
Obama's Regulators Kowtow to Big Green, Imperil Economy (The Westerner)
GAO: Armed Smugglers and Marijuana Growers Threaten the Safety of Americans on Federal Lands (The Westerner)
12/25/10 Wilderness Areas Face Criticism From Border Security Advocates (LA Times)
12/24/10 Border 2010... A Year In Review (Tucson Citizen)
Did Border Agent Die in Vain?  (Fox News Video)
Napolitano Scolds Reporter for Airing Complaints of Dead Border Agent's Family (Fox News)
Hundreds Attend Funeral Service for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (Fox Detroit)
Time Runs Out on Wilderness Bill (The Westerner)
Comments on Timing of Announcements by Obama Administration (The Westerner)
BLM to Overturn Bush's 'No More Wilderness' Policy (The Westerner)
Obama Administration Restores Wilderness Rules Undone Under Bush (The Westerner)
Secretarial Order 3310 - Protecting Wilderness Characteristics (The Westerner)
12/23/10 GAO: Armed Smugglers and Marijuana Growers Threaten the Safety of Americans on Federal Lands (CNS News)
Plan to Open Gaping Hole on Border is Plugged, for Now (News NM)
12/22/10 Reid Abandons Plans to Pass Omnibus Lands Bill This Year (The Westerner)
AHC Seeks Input About Equestrian Access to Federal Land (The Westerner)
Wilderness Bill Out of Time (The Westerner)
Border Danger - Delivered by Our Elected Officials (News NM)
GOP Leaders Blast Reid's Public Lands, Water Omnibus (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
Public Lands Bill Stripped of Major Montana Provisions in U.S. Senate (The Westerner)
12/21/10 The Danger of Congress and the Omnibus Bill - Call From The Borderland (The Westerner)
Environmental Community Shifts Focus Away From Washington With 'Think Local' Strategies (The Westerner)
Move Made to Strip NM Environmental Improvement Board of its Ruling-Making Authority (The Westerner)
Very Green, But Not So Jolly (The Westerner)
12/20/10 The Bingaman-Boxer-Reid Land Grab (The Westerner)
Half of All Illegal Entries and Marijuana Smuggled Into U.S. in 2010 Came Through One Sector of AZ Border, Says Border Patrol (The Westerner)
ICE: D.C. Drug Plan Tied to Cartel (The Westerner)
Mexico Drug War Death Toll Climbs to 30,196 Since 2006, Government Says (The Westerner)
Mexican Border City Hits 3,000 Dead in Drug War (The Westerner)
Rubber Bullets for Agent Terry?  (The Westerner)
Captured Illegal Alien in BP Agent Murder Has U.S. Rap Sheet; Been Deported Twice (The Westerner)
As Many as 200 Inmates Escape From Border Prison  (The Westerner)
Law Enforcement Indicate Jailbreak Was to Swell Cartel Ranks  (The Westerner)
Juarez - Mexican Anti-Crime Crusader's Family Business Torched   (The Westerner)
100 Assault Rifles Are Passed Out to Border Deputies   (The Westerner)
Bandits in Cop Cars; But Napolitano Isn't Listening, Arizona Sheriff Says  (The Westerner)
Mexican Drone Crashes in Backyard of El Paso Home   (The Westerner)
Average Poverty Rate is Twice as High for U.S. Counties Bordering Mexico as for Rest of U.S.   (The Westerner)
12/19/10 With Border in Chaos, Napolitano Proclaims "Environmental Justice" a Priority (News NM)
12/18/10 Reid Files Water, Lands, Wildlife Omnibus in Eleventh-hour Push for Environmental Victory (The Westerner)
12/17/10 More Than 30,000 Killed in Mexico's Drug Violence (Fox News)
Companies Shun Mexico as Violence Spirals (Fox News)
Wilderness Issue Generates Diversity of Public Opinion (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Wilderness Issue Maps (Las Cruces Bulletin)
12/16/10 Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona (Fox News)
Border Patrol Agent Killed in Arizona (News NM)
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers Press Release (NAFBPO)
Douglas Residents React to Agents Murder (KGUN 9)
California SWAT Team Trains for Spillover Violence (The Westerner)
Manhunt Underway for Suspected Bandit in Border Agent's Killing (Fox News)
Border Patrol Agent Shot and Killed Near Rio Rico (KVOA.com)
Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona (Fox News)
Officials Hunt Remaining Suspect in Arizona Border Agent Killing (Fox News)
Manhunt on for Fifth Suspect in BP Agent's Killing; Victim Shot in Confrontation with Border Bandits (Nogales International)
Border Patrol Agent Killed in Southern Arizona (Associated Press Video)
Document: Mexico Can't Control Border (The Westerner)
Cartels are as Big a Threat in U.S. as Terrorism (The Westerner)
5 Bodies Found in Graves at Acension Ranch (LC Sun News)
Juarez Murders Hit 3,000 for Year (LC Sun News)
US, Mexico Commission Meets on Border Violence (LC Sun News)
Gunbattle Kills 11 in Western Mexico Town (The Westerner)
A New Problem for Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexico Supplies the Drugs.  We Supply the Users (The Westerner)
The Dems' Lame-Duck Land Grab (The Westerner)
Malkin: Lame Duck Land Grab (News NM)
Pinal County Sheriff's Office News Release
Authorities Release New Info in American's Shooting Death on U.S. Border Lake (Fox News)
12/15/10 Border Patrol Agent Shot (KVOA Tucson)
Mexican Border City Hits 3,000 Dead in Drug War (Fox News)
The Worst Spot on the Border (Fox News - Oliver North)
Arizona Drug Tunnel Opened to Metered Parking Space (Fox News)
Montana Wilderness Added to Senate Appropriations Bill (The Westerner)
12/14/10 Hispanos Unidos - Change Course
Cartels are as Big a Threat in U.S. as Terrorism (News NM)
12/13/10 Like It or Not: Mexico is America's Next Afghanistan
12/12/10 Law and Order on the Border (American Farm Bureau)
Mexico is America's Next Afghanistan (News NM)
Border Battle Re-ignited with Federal Wilderness Law (Natural Resource Report)
Elderly Rancher Versus Mexican Cartel (Fox News)
Border Areas Awash With Crime, Arizona Speaker Says (Capital Press)
America's Third War: Tracing Cocaine's Path to U.S. Streets (Fox News)
12/11/10 Will Bingaman Jam SB1689 Down New Mexico's Throat?  (News NM)
Democrats Push for Passage of Giant Omnibus Land Bill (New American)
BLM Issues 79% Fewer US West Energy Leases Than Five Years Ago (The Westerner)
Lame-Duck Lands bill Threatens Border Security (National Review Online)
Border Areas Awash With Crime, Arizona Speaker Says (Capital Press)
Ranchers Still Concerned About Wilderness in Dona Ana County (NMSU Merge)
12/08/10 Wilderness Big Green Payoff (News NM)
Juarez Extortionists and Killers Target Kindergarten (News NM)
Big Green Tries for Big Payoff with Lame Duck Bonanza - Bingaman's Omnibus Bill (The Westerner)
Commentary: Mexico's Season in Hell (News NM)
Forest Service Ponders Closing Some Forest to Hunters, Snowmobilers (The Westerner)
High Noon at Not-OK Corral (The Westerner)
Time to Revisit ANWR (News NM)
Chamber, Realtors & Homebuilders Ask Bingaman to Remove S.1689 From Omnibus Bill (The Westerner)
The Facts Concerning Border Security Are Stubborn (News NM)
The BACA - Government and Environmental Collusion (The Westerner)
Big Green Tries for Big Payoff With Lame Duck Bonanza (The Washington Examiner)
Dems Aim for 100+ Bills in 1 Swoop (Politico)
12/03/10 Hastings Blasts Lame Duck Attempt to Push Through Massive Omnibus Package (The Westerner)
Hastings Blasts Lame Duck Democrats' Attempt to Push Through Massive Omnibus Package (Rep. NRC)
Environmentalists Want to Close Thousands of Miles of Trails (The Westerner)
12/02/10 Alejandro Garza and His Border War (The Westerner)
Colleagues Enlist Reid's Help With Last-Ditch Push for Massive Water, Lands, Wildlife Package (The Westerner)
Inhofe Vows to Block Natural Resources Omnibus (The Westerner)
America's Third War: Intense Violence on the Border in Deserted Towns (Fox News)
Beef, Wilderness, Environmentalism and the Need for a New Land Designation (Western Livestock Journal)
12/01/10 Sen. Bingaman Making Mistake with Dangerous Wilderness Bill (LC Sun News)
Female Police Chief Killed, 18 Bodies Found Near Texas Border (News NM)
Schools in Ciudad Juarez Targeted by Extortionists (Fox News)
The Third Front - Mexican Drug Violence Washes Into America's Border States (Oliver North - Fox News)
Newly Discovered Mass Grave in Mexico (Fox News)
What is up with President Obama and President Calderon?  (GretaWire)
America's Third War: Going Underground (Fox News)
Mexican Drug Cartels: A History of Brutality (Fox News)
America's Third War: Mapping the Cartels (Fox News)
America's Third War: Texas Strikes Back (Fox News)
Another Blogger Looks at Bingaman's Wilderness Bill (The Westerner)
Steve Wilmeth Interview with Joe Dreyfuss, KJLL am 1330 Tucson, AZ
11/30/10 Lame Duck Congress to Vote on Omnibus Bill (Western Livestock Journal)
Livestock Industry Opposes Lame Duck Omnibus Public Lands Bill (The Westerner)
Omnibus Wilderness Bill Likely (New West)
11/29/10 Start With Areas of Agreement (Las Cruces Sun News)
S.1689 or the Federal Government as an Incompetent, Criminal Facilitating Bully
Protecting the Environment Versus Protecting the Nation (Tucson Citizen)
Thousands of Ranches Abandoned in Northern Mexico Due to Violence (The Westerner)
11/28/10 Sen. Bingaman's Big Mistake (News NM)
Juarez School Teachers Threatened (News NM)
11/27/10 Smugglers Ignore Wilderness Label (Albuquerque Journal)
Wilderness Bill May be Drawn Into Omnibus Effort (Las Cruces Sun News)
Smugglers' Paradise - Perhaps Janet Napolitano Should Visit the Peck Canyon Corridor Outside of Nogales - With an Armed Escort (Tucson Weekly)
Innocence Lost (The Westerner)
Smugglers' Paradise (The Westerner)
11/26/10 Sen. Bingaman is Making a Big Mistake With His Dangerous Wilderness Bill (Washington Examiner)
11/25/10 Bingaman Hopes to Pass Public Lands Bill (The Westerner)
11/24/10 Bingaman Hopes to Pass Public Lands Bill  (NM Politics)
Where is President Obama's 'Yes, We Can' On The Border?  (CIS)
Broken Neighbor, Broken Border (The Westerner)
Mexico's War on America's Border (The Westerner)
Mexico Bleeds Over the Border (The Westerner)
Cornyn: U.S. Cannot Ignore Escalating Violence in Mexico (The Westerner)
Ciudad Juarez Officer Seeks U.S. Asylum (The Westerner)
Mexico: Migrants Should Form Convoys for Safety (The Westerner)
Story of Brave Elderly Rancher Who Killed Several Drug Hitmen Amazes Mexico (The Westerner)
Strife-Torn Town in Juarez Valley has Just One Officer Left (The Westerner)
America's Third War: Uncovering Border Tunnels (Fox News)
11/23/10 Another Obama Stealth Land Grab (News NM)
More Down the Throat Cramming from Jeff Bingaman (News NM)
Mexico: High Profile Killings Continue (M3 Report)
11/21/10 Enviros Rule U.S. Border Policy - The Truth Emerges: Environmentalism Trumps National Security (The Westerner)
Expanding Cracks in the Border (Front Page Mag)
Residents Abandon Mexican Border Town as Drug Cartels Go To War (Fox News)
America's Third War: Mapping the Drug Cartels (Fox News)
Mexico Charges US-Born Drug Suspect 'La Barbie' (Fox News)
Outlook Dim for Lame-Duck Omnibus Lands Package (NY Times)
Public Lands: Outlook Dim for Lame-Duck Omnibus Lands Package (Congressional Western Caucus)
11/18/10 Obama Administration Plans to Pull Back National Guard from Much of the Border (The Westerner)
Obama: National Guard Withdrawal in February (News NM)
Federal Land Grab Looking Grim for Bingaman (News NM)
Border Patrol Shooting Under Investigation (KVOA)
11/17/10 Increase Military's Role Along Our Southern Border? (Fox News)
America's Third War: National Guard's New Mission (Fox News)
America's Third War: Texas Strikes Back (Fox News)
11/16/10 Secretary Salazar Establishes New Directorate for National Landscape Conservation System (US DOI)
11/15/10 Bingaman to Attempt Omnibus Public Lands Bill (The Westerner)
A Million Acres in Flint Hills Will be New Wildlife Refuge (The Westerner)
Big Green Imposes Its Agenda - With or Without Congress (The Westerner)
USDA Puts Fox in Charge of Guarding the Hen House (The Westerner)
Wilmeth Column - On The Border: One-sided Agency Cooperation (News NM)
11/14/10 On The Border: One-sided Agency Cooperation - Agency Cooperation Where?  (The Westerner)
11/12/10 More Wilderness (The Westerner)
11/11/10 Terrorists Have Cross US/Mexican Border, Welcome Mat for Another 9/11 (WSB-TV, Atlanta)
Interior Extorts $$ In Interagency Border Battle (The Westerner)
11/08/10 Official: 18 People Killed in Juarez Sunday (News NM)
11/07/10 Arizona Facing Two-Front Fight for Border Control (CBN News)
Drug Lord's Death Could Empower Rival Zetas Gang (Fox News)
Mexico: 18 in Grave Are Missing Acapulco Travelers (Fox News)
Drug Cartels Disrupt Basic Services in Mexico (Fox News)
11/06/10 DC: Routine Wilderness Bill Sparks Immigration Outcry (American Independent)
Greens Desperate to Avoid Blame for Dem Losses (The Westerner)
Republicans on House Natural Resources Committee Planning Big Changes for Public Lands (The Westerner)
UTEP Students Slain - Murders Continue in Juarez (News NM)
Official: Student Killed in Mexico Was U.S. Citizen (Fox News)
Mexican Police Search for More Bodies in Acapulco (Fox News)
11/05/10 Fifth American Killed in Mexican Border City in Past Week (Fox News)
Mexican Authorities Recover 19 Bodies in Mass Grave (Fox News)
20 Tons of Pot Smuggled in Border Tunnel Seized (Fox News)
Hellacious Acres: Time to Freeze Uncle Sam's Real-Estate Portfolio (The Westerner)
11/03/10 2010 US-Citizen Killings in Juarez Outpace 2009 (The Westerner)
Channel 2 Uncovers Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border (The Westerner)
Arizona Beheading Raises Fears of Drug Violence (The Westerner)
Bureau of Land Management Covers Its Tracks (The Westerner)
Four Americans Killed in Separate Attacks in Border City (The Westerner)
Americans Under Fire in Mexico: Numbers Mount in Border Towns (The Westerner)
Suspect Held in Murder of U.S. Consulate Employee in Mexico (The Westerner)
10/30/10 Arizona Beheading Raises Fears of Drug Violence (Fox News)
1,200 Children Killed by Cartel violence in Mexico Since 2006 (CNS News)
Routine Wilderness Bill Sparks Immigration Outcry (Washington Independent)
10/28/10 More Than One Thousand Rounds Fired at Police (News NM)
Off Duty Officers Murdered on Americas Bridge (News NM)
10/27/10 The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico's Drug Wars (Startfor Global Intelligence)
Cradling Minnows and Kicking Family Values Part 1 (News NM)
Cradling Minnows and Kicking Family Values Part II (News NM)
A Gift to Drug Cartels (News NM)
Forestry Takes Spotlight at UN Biodiversity Talks (The Westerner)
Sheep Ranchers Look Into 'Targeted Grazing' (The Westerner)
Arizona Replaces Controversial Signs Warning Residents of Illegal Drug Activity (The Westerner)
10/26/10 BLM Director Wants to Reopen Inquiry (The Westerner)
National Monument Land Swap Draws Protest (The Westerner)
2 Agencies Crack Down on Smugglers (The Westerner)
10/25/10 A Gift to the Drug Cartels: Will New Mexico Become the Next Arizona (The Westerner)
Mexico's 'War Next Door' Linked Directly to U.S. - Cartels Established in 270 American Cities (The Westerner)
Mexico's Narco-War Claims Victims North of the Border (The Westerner)
Wife of Man Missing on Border Lake Wants Obama to Take on Mexican Cartels (The Westerner)
Police Convoy Attacked, 3 Bystanders Dead (News NM)
Mexico: 13 Dead in Massacre at Ciudad Juarez Party (Fox News)
Witness: Attack at Mexico Rehab Center Kills 13 (KVOA)
13 Dead and 20 Wounded in Juarez (News NM)
Mexico: 14 Dead in Massacre at Ciudad Juarez Party (The Westerner)
A Gift to the Drug Cartels: Will New Mexico Become the New Arizona? (War to Mobilize Democracy)
10/23/10 Expert Says Change to Federal Land Designation in New Mexico 'A Gift to the Drug Cartels' (The US Report)
Will New Mexico Become the Next Arizona? (NewsMax)
National Guard Soldier One of Two Murdered in Juarez (News NM)
10/22/10 Texas National Guardsman Murdered in Mexico, U.S. Officials Say (Fox News)
Homeland Security Department Blamed for Border Fence Project Delays, Budget Problems (Fox News)
Corporations, Conservation, and the Green Movement (The Westerner)
New Mexico: Wolves, Wilderness, Drilling and Latinos (The Westerner)
Utah: A Sagebrush Rebel Headed for D.C. (The Westerner)
Lawsuit Puts Federal Livestock Grazing in Doubt (The Westerner)
Texas National Guardsman Slain in Mexico (The Westerner)
Gunbattles Erupt in Mexican Cities Across Texas Border, Stirring Panic (The Westerner)
10/21/10 A Gift to the Drug Cartels: Will New Mexico Become the New Arizona?  (CIS)
Local Texas National Guardsman Shot, Killed in Juarez (KVIA.com)
Young Woman Found Decapitated in Murder City (News NM)
Gunbattles Stir Panic in 2 Mexican Border Cities (LC Sun News)
10/20/10 DHS Alerted AZ Sheriffs That Mexican Drug Cartel Was Sending Assassins Into Arizona Valley, Then Did No More Than Set Up Signs To Warn Travelers Away (CNS News)
U.S. Government Does Not Have 'Effective Control' of 1,081 Miles of the U.S.-Mexico Border, DHS Says (The Westerner)
Threat Grows as Mexican Cartels Move to Beef Up U.S. Presence (The Westerner)
Rep. Ted Poe: Mexican Law Enforcement 'Corrupt or Incompetent', Unlikely to Solve Jet Ski Shooting (The Westerner)
Wilderness Bill - Another Disastrous Land Grab (News NM)
Public Speaks Out Against BLM Road Closure Plan (The Westerner)
BLM Gets C+ From Wilderness Society on NLCS Management (The Westerner)
10/19/10 EPA's "environmental justice" Tour Comes to California (The Westerner)
Nine More Dead in Juarez Violence (News NM)
10/18/10 Mexican Assassins Headed to Arizona, U.S. Warned (Fox News)
DHS Issued Memo Admitting Mexican Narco Assassins Operate in Arizona (The Westerner)
Mexican Hit Men Stalk U.S.  (Washington Times)
BLM Declares Their Land "Non-Public Forums" (The Westerner)
Homeland Security: Turf War Memo Was 'False Alarm' (The Westerner)
Gunmen Kill Local Official, Son in Ciudad Juarez (The Westerner)
Mexico Drug Violence Leaves 16 More Dead (The Westerner)
Mexico Halts Search for Missing American's Body (The Westerner)
Human Trafficking Begins to Eclipse Drug Trade in Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Hit Men Stalk U.S. (News NM)
10/15/10 Mexican Pirate Attack on U.S. Tourist May Have Been Case of Mistaken Identity (Fox News)
Investigator's Decapitation 'Message to White House' (World Net Daily)
Beheadings, Hangings Plague Tijuana Amid Festival (Long Beach Press-Telegram)
Group Urges Help for US Residents in Juarez (LC Sun News)
Conservationists Ramp Up Clean-up At Border (SignOn San Diego)
The Guy Idaho Ranchers Love to Hate (The Westerner)
10/14/10 U.S. in Slumber as Mexico Drug War Rages (News NM)
10/12/10 Gene Guyant: Wilderness: Another View From Along The Border  (Las Cruces Sun News)
Mexican Police Official Investigating Border Lake Shooting Found Dead, Missing Head (Fox News)
Mexican Investigator in Falcon Lake Case Beheaded, Officials Say (The Westerner)
Severed Head Turns Up in Case of Missing Jet Skier - Victim is Mexican Investigator  (MSNBC)
1 Arrested After Man Found Decapitated in Chandler (ABC 15)
Calderon's Plight - Epidemic of Corruption and Violence (News NM)
Monterrey, Mexico Now Off Limits to Children of U.S. Government Employees (The Westerner)
10/10/10 GAO Report Reveals Shocking Details on U.S. Border Policies (Rob Bishop)
Tweedledee & Tweedledum Feud as America is Invaded (Washington Examiner)
Environmental Laws Delay Border Security Efforts (Salt Lake Tribune)
Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows (Fox News)
Two Dead, 20 Wounded in Fights at Prisons  (The Westerner)
'Green' Red Tape Said to Hinder Border Patrol (The Westerner)
The Economics of Drug Violence (The Westerner)
ICE & Border Patrol Officers Vote "No-Confidence" in Current Leadership (The Westerner)
Mexico: 48 Americans Slain in First 6 Months of 2010 (The Westerner)
Mayor-Elect Shot as Hits on Mexico Politicos Climb (The Westerner)
Juarez Violence Leaves Thousands of Children Orphaned, Traumatized (The Westerner)
Fear Grips Americans on Lake at Mexican Border (The Westerner)
Feds Feud While Land is Overrun (The Westerner)
Details of Calderon Visit to Murder City a Well-Kept Secret (News NM)
Dangers Near Border "Beyond Logic" (News NM)
10/08/10 Texas College Student Shot and Killed in Mexico (Fox News)
Hellacious Acres (National Review Online)
Government Appeals Hage Case (The Westerner)
10/07/10 Texas College Student Killed In Mexico (WFAA Dallas)
10/06/10 Fiscal 2010 Sets Record for AZ Border Deaths (AZ Daily Star)
A Shift in Messaging for Border Patrol Stirs Border Debate (San Diego Examiner)
Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows (Fox News)
Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows (The Westerner)
Pirate Lake: Mexican Bandits Terrorizing American Boaters on the Border (Fox News)
Wife, Mom Calling on Obama to Intervene in Search for Body of 'Victim' in Alleged Mexican Pirate Attack (The Westerner)
Interior Dept. Approves First Solar Projects on Federal Lands (The Westerner)
Ranchers Not Just Crying Wolf (News NM)
10/05/10 Money, Wilderness Key Issues in County Commission District 3 Race (LC Sun News)
Farmington: $11.4 Million in Stimulus Money for New BLM Office (The Westerner)
Washington Wants Even More Acres to Mismanage (The Westerner)
10/04/10 News New Mexico - Still Waiting [on Wilderness advocacy "facts"]  (News NM)
Mexico Roiled by Grenades, Bombings in Bloody Weekend (47 deaths)  (The Westerner)
Number of Officers Killed in Mexico Border City Tops 100 as Drug War Drags On (The Westerner)
Investigation of Mexican Pirates Killing of American Tourist Intensifies (The Westerner)
Double Murder Raises Questions of 'Spillover' Violence From Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug War Crimes go Live on the Internet (The Westerner)
U.S. Worsens Mexican Violence by Returning Criminal Aliens to Border Cities, Mayors Say (The Westerner)
Smugglers of Drugs Burrow on Border (The Westerner)
CBP: Mexican Troops Crossed Into U.S. Territory (The Westerner)
Suspected Smugglers Leave Behind Homemade Tire Spikes (The Westerner)
10/02/10 Wilderness Expansion and (Unlawful) Beneficiary Use  (The Westerner)
Wilderness' Economic Revolution - Catron County (The Westerner)
Free to Speak, Retired Border Patrol Agents Do (News NM)
Border Patrol Veterans Speak Out (WorldNetDaily)
10/01/10 The Importance of Intelligence (FBI "On The Southwest Border" series)
09/30/10 How Environmentalists Do It When Congress Fails Them  (The Westerner)
Authorities: Cartels Working in Dona Ana County (Las Cruces Sun News)
09/29/10 Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 3: A Day in the Life of a Drug Smuggler (Center for Immigration Studies)
Border Patrol Base Should be Closer to Border (The Westerner)
Grazing Takes a Hit With Protection of Public Lands (The Westerner)
09/28/10 Group Protests Border Patrol Substation Site, Opposition Wants Area Father South (The Westerner)
Mexico Asks U.S. to Stop Deporting Serious Criminals (Corruption Chronicles)
Pinal Sheriff Gives Account of Deputy's Gunbattle in Desert (AZ Central)
Oregon Sheriff Warns Public Land Off Limits to Citizens (The TownCrier)
Napolitano to McCain: Yes, Mexican Cartels Pose Terror Threat to U.S. (The Westerner)
How $5 Million and Wendy Van Asselt Helped Create the NLCS (The Westerner)
No Monument Plan for State - Yet (The Westerner)
BLM Buys Last Piece of Devil's Canyon Ranch in Wyoming (The Westerner)
What Are Species Worth?  Putting a Price on Biodiversity (The Westerner)
09/27/10 Garrett and Zimmerman Differ on Wilderness Bill (News NM)
New Gas Pipeline Fires up Western Ranchers, Counties (NM Federal Lands Council)
09/26/10 Vigilante Justice in Mexico (News NM)
2009 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (DHS)
Mini-Documentary on Drug Cartel Travel Methods (Center for Immigration Studies)
09/24/10 Migrants Experience Deadly Year Crossing Arizona Border (The Westerner)
Juarez Editorial Ignites a Beleaguered Mexico (LC Sun News)
Wilderness: Bad Medicine (Las Cruces Bulletin)
09/23/10 Heavily-armed Agents Raid Texas Ranch With Cartel Links (The Westerner)
Over 200,000 People Leave Mexican Border City Due to Violence; 20,000 Homes Abandoned (The Westerner)
Wife Explains Life, Emotions Since Border Killing (The Westerner)
09/22/10 On The Southwest Border - Understanding the Gang Threat (FBI)
Teague/Pearce Debate Gets Contentious (NMPolitics.net)
Teague, Pearce Face Off in Radio Debate (Las Cruces Sun News)
Krentz Widow Speaks Out (The Westerner)
Rural Chihuahua Town's Residents Beat to Death 2 Alleged Kidnappers (Las Cruces Sun News)
No Miranda Warnings Here (News NM)
Life and Death on the Streets of Juarez (News NM)
Wilderness on the Border - Outdoor Fun (News NM)
09/21/10 Wilderness: Expansion and (Lawful) Beneficiary Use (The Westerner)
"Wilderness" Bill Support Appears to be Withering (News NM)
Juarez Newspaper Pleas With Drug Cartels (The Westerner)
Mexico Govt Rejects Call for Truce in Drug War (The Westerner)
Arizona Lawmaker Questions Border Patrol Strategy (The Westerner)
Cross-Border Tensions are Seen at Governors' Conference (The Westerner)
Judge Orders Agency to Release Idaho Ranchers' Addresses (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)
Monterrey Residents Finding an Escape in Houston - Mexico's War With Drug Cartels Sends Business People to the Area (Houston Chronicle)
Arizona Immigration Debate Puts Sheriff Babeu in Spotlight (AZ Republic)
AZ Sheriff Asks for More Federal Help Against Drug Smuggling (Fox News)
09/20/10 Teague Mum on Wilderness Proposal During Visit (NewsNM)
Three Juarez Women Murdered (News NM)
16th of September Muted by Raging Violence (News NM)
Las Cruces BLM Office Has Issued Border Safety Warnings to Visitors (News NM)
Las Cruces BLM Office Has Issued Border Safety Warnings  to Visitors (The Westerner)
Travel Site Discourages Visits to Wilderness Areas (The Westerner)
Six Law Enforcement Officers Found Dead in Mexico (News NM)
Prediction: Mexico's Violence to Continue (News NM)
Massacre In Juarez Early Friday Morning (News NM)
Photography Intern Latest Juarez Murder Victim (News NM)
Four More Murders in Juarez (News NM)
Recent Violence Forces Juarez to Cancel Diez y Seiz Celebration (The Westerner)
Neighbors Fearful of Violence in the Desert (The Westerner)
Pinal County Sheriff, Residents Plead for Anti-Smuggling Help (The Westerner)
Mexican Police Neutralize Car Bomb in Border City (The Westerner)
Juarez Violence Changing Lives: UTEP Students Affected (The Westerner)
LA Times: The Killings Don't Stop in Cuidad Juarez (The Westerner)
Front and Center Sheriff Does Not Take Role Lightly (The Westerner)
All Terrain Vehicles Used in Big Border Drug Bust (News NM)
Border Patrol Agents Come Under Fire (News NM)
167 Females Murdered in Juarez This Year (News NM)
Our View: Radiacals Try to Stop Firefighting Planes (The Westerner)
Displaced Community Tries to Reclaim Land (The Westerner)
No Plan for Monument, BLM Chief Tells Crows (The Westerner)
An Interview With BLM Director Abbey (The Westerner)
Ranchers React to Ruling on Grazing Permits (The Westerner)
Wyoming Delegation Protest Interior Memo (The Westerner)
Ranchers Voice Concern Over Bombing Range Expansion (The Westerner)
Montana Coalition Formed to Oppose National Monument (The Westerner)
Tucson-based Advocacy Group Makes Industry of Suing on Behalf of Wildlife (The Westerner)
09/12/10 US Citizen, Kidnapped by Drug Gang, Found Dead in Ciudad Juarez (My Fox Atlanta)
Mexican Police Find Car Bomb in Border City of Juarez; No One Hurt in Controlled Detonation (Fox News)
CBP Confirms Two Mexican Helicopter Incursions in Starr County (Valley Central News)
09/11/10 Update - Make it 25 Killed in Juarez, Not 24 (News NM)
25 People Killed in Mexican Border City, 85 Escape From Border Prison (Fox News)
Escalating Drug Violence on the Border (Fox News Video)
Juarez Deaths Rising (M3 Report)
ICE Arrests 19 in Southeastern NM, Including 7 Criminal Aliens (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
09/10/10 News NM Interview - Jerry Schickedanz, Dr. Chris Allison (News NM)
A Border Manifesto #5 (Federal Observer)
Border Problems Putting the United States at Risk (The Westerner)
Another 24 People Murdered in Juarez - Yesterday (News NM)
Inserted Into the Drug War (Fox News)
Third Mexican Mayor in a Month Killed by Suspected Drug Hitmen (Fox News)
Online with Terry Jeffrey With Sheriff Larry Dever (CNS News)
Some Say the "Wild" in Wilderness Will be Lost if Broad Cellular Service Reaches the BWCA (The Westerner)
Illegal Alien Impacts Wildlife, Hunters (Daily Miner)
U.S. Not 'Sovereign' Over Federal Lands, Utah GOP Senate Candidate Says (The Westerner)
Alaska GOP Candidate Pledges to 'Take Power' -- And Land -- From Federal Government (The Westerner)
OHV Clash: Monument River Fence Draws Heated Debate (The Westerner)
Forest Service Chief Mum on Why He Imposed Gag Order (The Westerner)
Obama - Federal Zoning for Oceans, Rivers, Bays, Estuaries (The Westerner)
Founders on Property Rights, Markets and Money (The Westerner)
09/09/10 Third Mexican Mayor in a Month Killed by Suspected Drug Hitmen (Fox News)
Calderon - Latest Mayor Killing 'Cowardly' (News NM)
Clinton: Mexican Drug Cartels Like 'Insurgency' (Fox News)
Report: Attacks on Mexican Media 'National Crisis' (Las Cruces Sun News)
On The Southwest Border - Going After the Major Players (FBI)
Brewer Pledges to Keep Fighting the Feds to Secure AZ Border (Hannity)
Arizona Border Patrol Engaged in a Shoot Out on Sunday - Also Man Shot and Set on Fire (Examiner)
Man Shot, Set on Fire in Avra Valley, Ironwood National Forest (KGUN 9 Tucson)
First Investigators of Migrants Massacre in Mexico Found Dead (M&C News)
McCain Rips Into Feds Over Border (The Westerner)
Mexican Army Mistakenly Mills Innocent Civilians (M3 Report)
Enviros Getting Paid to Go Away - and the Taxpayer and Consumer Get to Pay Again (The Westerner)
09/08/10 Las Cruces BLM Office - Borderland Safeguards (LC BLM Office)
Mysterious People with Rough Hands (RANGE Magazine)
How Enviros Obstruct the Border Patrol (The Westerner)
Grijalva's Green Gambit (American Spectator)
Mexican Drug Wars Fester Along US Border (The Westerner)
Battle Zone on the Border (The Westerner)
Arizona Signs Along I-8 Warn of Human, Drug Smuggling Violence (The Westerner)
Illegal Immigration in Remote Arizona (Fox News)
Mexican Crime, American Guns (ABC News)
Human Smuggling - Deadly Lure of U.S. (News NM)
Border Patrol Agents in Shootout Near Nogales (AZ Daily Star)
Deadly Lure of the US Leaves Trail of Tears Across Two Continents (Guardian UK)
Crime Trackers: Unsolved June Murders (KVOA Tucson)
In Search of the Bradshaw Ranch (The Westerner)
09/07/10 NM Senators Support Illegal Immigration Super Highway (The Westerner)
Suspects in Mexico Migrant Massacre Found Dead (News NM)
Fear Grips Social Fabric of Ciudad Juarez (News NM)
4 Dead Monday - All Women (News NM)
09/06/10 19 Dead Over Weekend in Juarez (News NM)
McCain: Obama is Ignoring Border Violence Threat to U.S. (Fox News)
09/05/10 Wilderness' Economic Revolution - Catron County (The Westerner)
Mexico Drug War: The New Killing Fields (News NM)
Update:Make It 30 Dead Instead of 25 Dead (News NM)
Mexico: Soldiers Kill 25 in Gunbattle Near Border (News NM)
Environment "Improvement" Board - Holding a Hearing (News NM)
09/04/10 Drug Couriers Using Disguises to Move Along Border (Washington Post)
Mexico: Soldiers Kill 30 in 2 Shootouts (AZ Central)
Mexico: Soldiers Kill 25 in Gunbattle Near Border (The Westerner)
O-Reilly - Death in Mexico (News NM)
09/03/10 Juarez Murder Rate on the Rise (M3 Report)
Clash Between Soldiers, Gunmen in Northern Mexico Leaves 25 Suspected Cartel Members Dead (Fox News)
Mexico: Soldiers Kill 25 in Gunbattle Near Border (Las Cruces Sun News)
CBP Confirms Two Mexican Helicopter Incursions in Starr County (Valley Central News)
Mexican Navy Helicopter Reportedly Flying Over Hidalgo County (The Brownsville Herald)
Myrick: Hezbollah Car Bombs on Our Border (Washington Times)
AZ Ranchers Dispute Drop in Illegal Immigration (The Westerner)
Arizona Now Has 'Whopping 30' National Guard Troops and 15 Billboard Signs Warning Citizens About Drug Cartels Operating on Public Lands (CNS News)
The Ethics of Wildcrafting (The Westerner)
Tree Hugger Terrorizes Discovery Channel (Human Events)
Four More Explosives Detonated at Home Tied to Discovery Channel Gunman (Fox News)
Gunman's Environmental Grudges Well Known before Discovery Channel Hostage Standoff (Fox News)
Gunman Likely Viewed Himself as Environmentalist Martyr, Former FBI Profiler Says (Fox News)
Discovery Channel Gunman Prosecuted Here for Alien Smuggling (Sign On San Diego)
Appeals Court Upholds Block of BLM Grazing Rules (The Westerner)
Eco-Author Baffled by a Violent Fan (The Westerner)
Two Court Victories for Western Watersheds Project (NM Federal Lands Coucil)
09/02/10 Sheriff: Mexican Cartels Control Parts of Arizona (NewsMax)
Thomasson: Drug Cartels Run Wild in Mexico (Scrippsnews)
Sixteen Migrants Kidnapped Held for Ransom (News NM)
Crossings Into the U.S. on the Decline (News NM)
Border Bandaid (News NM)
Boy Among 3 Killed in Juarez Shootings (LC Sun News)
Retired Border Security Agents Join ICE and Border Agents in No Confidence Vote of Obama Administration (Gateway Pundit)
Former Border Patrol Chiefs Join in No Confidence of Upper Management (National Policy Institute)
Nevada Department of Agriculture Brings Criminal Charges Against BLM Employees (The Westerner)
Sheriff Unger Abdicates Law Enforcement Duties to BLM; Armed Bureaucrats Bulldoze Wilson's Ranch (The Westerner)
Judge Says Seizure of ND Rancher's Cattle Improper (The Westerner)
09/01/10 Juarez Violence Persists: August Deadliest Month With 322 Killed (Las Cruces Sun News)
At Least 8 Killed in Cancun Bar Attack (Fox News)
Pressure Mounts for DHS as 'No Confidence' Votes Continue and Border Violence Grows (San Diego County Examiner)
Mexican Drug Couriers in Police Uniforms - Coming Here Soon?  (Family Security Matters)
Wealthy Mexicans Buying Homes in Southern Arizona (Fox Phoenix)
AZ Border Gets 1st 33 of its 532 Guardsmen (AZ Daily Star)
Men With Suspected Cartel Ties Arrested (Las Cruces Sun News)
Signs on Arizona Interstate Hwy. Warn of Smuggler Dangers (The Westerner)
Helicopters to Remove $1M Worth of Pot Plans from Forest Service Land Wednesday (The Westerner)
08/31/10 Former Border Patrol Officers - NO CONFIDENCE (News NM)
FBI On the Southwest Border - A Drug Buy in El Paso (FBI)
A Few More Murders In Juarez (News NM)
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers Vote of No Confidence (NAFBPO)
Mayor of Violent Mexican Border State Assassinated (Fox News)
Illegal Immigration's Negative Impact on Hunting (Western Hunter Magazine)
Mayor Killed in Mexican Border State (The Westerner)
Car Bomb Explodes Outside Northern Mexican TV Station (The Westerner)
3,200 Mexican Police Officers Fired in Anti-Corruption Drive (The Westerner)
Border Deaths in Arizona May Break Record (The Westerner)
Ranchers Disappointed With Troop Deployment (The Westerner)
Sheriff Babeu: It's 'An Outrage' Obama Stopped Building Border Fence (The Westerner)
Drug Cartels Run Wild in Mexico (The Westerner)
Juarez Cancels Independence Day Celebration Over Drug Violence (The Westerner)
Juarez Drug War: El Paso Does Feel Effects (The Westerner)
El Paso Declares Independence From Mexico (The Westerner)
Border Patrol to Sheriff's Office: Agent was Shot at From Mexico (The Westerner)
Suspected Drug Lord Captured in Mexico State (LA Times)
08/30/10 Former Border Patrol Chiefs Join in No Confidence of Upper Management (Borderfire Report)
Bombs Explode as Mexico Mourns Massacred Migrants (AOL News)
2nd Mayor in Tamaulipas is Assassinated (News NM)
Mayor at Violent Mexican Border State Assassinated (Fox News)
M3 Report for 8/27/10 - Juarez: 91 Law Enforcement Agents Murdered So Far This Year (M3 Report)
Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #4 (Federal Observer)
Terrorist Describing Crossing the Border with Anthrax (Video)
War in Mexico Causes 16th of September Celebration to be CANCELLED in Juarez (News NM)
Mexico Promises Increased Security in Border City After Explosions (Fox News)
Joe Millers Wants Alaska to Control and Develop Federal Lands, Including Denali National Park (Alaska Dispatch)
Management and a Forest of Poor Incentives (The Westerner)
08/29/10 Shame on the Sun-News & the Hispano Chamber (The Westerner)
War in Mexico: The Need for Law Enforcement Flexibility (News NM)
A Patriot Border Report, Note The Real Number of Illegals (Arizona Sentinel)
Justice Dept. Out of Control, Say Growing Number of Americans (News With Views)
Mexico Launches Federal Probe of Migrant Massacre (Fox News)
'Violence Will Intensify', Calderon Warns (AZ Daily Star)
Families of Massacred Migrants Couldn't Pay Ransom (Google News)
08/28/10 Border Wars TV Show Begins Second Season August 29 (Government Security News)
A Letter From An Arizona Rancher (Federal Observer)
Ashurst: A Border Manifesto (Federal Observer)
Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #2 (Federal Observer)
Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #3 (Federal Observer)
Insanity: Wilderness Designation in Dona Ana County (News NM)
War Continues - Two Car Bombs Go Off in Tamaulipas (News NM)
Arizona Senators Respond to DHS/DOJ Report on Operation Streamline (LexisNexis News)
Mexican Mass Killings Investigator Missing as Violence Targets Police, Media  (Fox News)
Lead Investigator in Mexico Massacre is Missing (CNN World)
Mexico, Bloody Mexico (Eurasia Review)
M3 Report 8/27/10
Mexican TV Network Says Car Explodes in Front of Office in Capital of Violent Drug State (Fox News)
How Many Deaths Before Obama Takes Border Security Seriously?  (Townhall.com) 
Border Patrol to Sheriff's Office: Agent Was Shot At From Mexico (Nogales International)
Tension Over Obama Policies Within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Washington Post)
Guard Troops to Deploy to Arizona Border on Monday (Las Cruces Sun News)
2 Cars Explode in Mexico Where 72 Bodies Found (Las Cruces Sun News)
08/27/10 Life on the Border: Arizona Rancher Ed Ashurst (News NM)
Mexican Drug War Escalates (CBS YouTube Video)
Mexico Massacre Claims 72 Lives (ITN News YouTube Video)
Drug Cartel Believed Responsible for Mexico Massacre (Fox News Video)
Gruesome Discovery in Northern Mexico (Fox News Video)
Flashback: Special Series in Mexico (Greta Van Susteren, 08/27/10)
Aw, Wilderness!  (The Westerner)
War in Mexico - Atrocities Continue (News NM)
Mexico Offers 'Drug Deal and People Trafficking Holidays'  (Daily Mail - UK)
Escalating Drug Violence on the Border (Fox News video)
Mexican Military Finds 72 Bodies Near Border (Wall Street Journal)
Mexico Starts Identifying 72 Killed Near Border (Fox News)
Phoenix Bars a Recruiting Ground for Drug Cartels (Fox Phoenix)
Massacre of Migrants in Mexico an 'Outrage' (Arizona Republic)
Human Trafficking Second Only to Drugs in Mexico (CNN)
400 Mexican Municipalities Do Not Have Police (News NM)
Report: Wilderness Areas Good for Economy (Las Cruces Sun News)
Crapo Announces First Owyhee Land Acquisitions (The Westerner)
08/26/10 Joe Delk, Dona Ana Soil & Water Conservation District and Steve Wilmeth, Rancher
The Difficulty of Securing the Border (Tucson Citizen)
Drug Cartel Suspected in Massacre of 72 Migrants (The Westerner)
Stepped-up Efforts by U.S., Mexico Fail to Stem Flow of Drug Money South (Washington Post)
Survivor of Mexico Slaughter Details Immigrants' Final Moments (Houston Chronicle)
Grenade Attack Near Brownsville Bridge Has Authorities on High Alert (The Westerner)
Sheriff Questions BP Line Patrol Strategy (The Westerner)
Mexico: Bleeding to Death in the War on Drugs (The Westerner)
Consulate Warning of Zeta Kidnappings (The Westerner)
Cartels' Cash Flows Across Border (The Westerner)
Smugglers' Tunnel is Secure, Not Yet Filled (The Westerner)
08/25/10 UN, OAS Investigators Call Mexico Most Dangerous Country in Americas for Journalists (Fox News)
Baby Shot Dead, Man and Boy Beheaded in Mexican Border City (MyFox Phoenix)
Police: U.S. Teen Randomly Kidnapped, Found in Reynosa (The Westerner)
Mexico Violence Crosses the Border?  (Greta van Susteren - Fox News Video)
2 Bodies Hung From Bridge on Road to Acapulco (USA Today)
83 Police Killed in Mexican Border City This Year (The Westerner)
Border Violence Threatens College Campus (Fox News Video)
Another Tunnel Discovery in Nogales (The Westerner)
Stray Bullets From Across Border Worry El Paso (The Westerner)
Bullet Strikes UTEP; Natalicio: Campus Not Target (El Paso Times)
Border Deaths in Arizona May Break Record (LA Times)
Company Regrets Ruby Pipeline Conservation Deal (The Westerner)
08/24/10 Border Sheriffs: Security Impossible Without More Federal Help (National Defense Magazine)
M3 Foreign News Report (Mexican & Central American News Sources)
Leaders React to Errant Shot: 'There is Nothing We Can Do About It'  (News NM)
Border Violence Hits Close to Home (News NM)
With Access, Border Patrol Does Its Job Well (News NM)
Cutler on ICE Hypocrisy (One Old Vet Blog)
My Thoughts About How Little Has Been Really Done to Secure Our Nation's Southern Border (Michael Cutler - former INS)
Every State is a Border State (Michael Cutler)
Local Sheriff Visits Arizona to Ride With Border Patrol (North Carolina Fox 8)
Mexico Gunbattle Spurs U.S. Warning (Wall Street Journal)
Border Deaths in Arizona May Break Record (LA Times)
Mexico Police Recover 7 Bodies From Mines (San Diego News)
Former BLM Manager Accepted Gifts (The Westerner)
U.S. Agriculture Paying Price for Inaction on Mexican Trucks (The Westerner)
Widow of Slain Rancher Reflects on Border Debate (The Westerner)
Police Eyeing Mexican Drug Violence After Stray Bullet Hits University of Texas Building (Fox News)
Another Tunnel Discovery in Nogales (San Diego News)
Mexico Soldier Says Slain US Man Fired At Army (Houston Chronicle)
08/23/10 War in Mexico - Decapitations in Cuernavaca (News NM)
Car in El Paso Hit? - Bullet From Juarez Shootout (News NM)
War Continues: 2 Workers Murdered Saturday (News NM)
Border War Spillover - Natalicio: Campus Not Target (News NM)
Drug Traffickers, Mexican Police Battle Within Yards of U.S. Border (The Westerner)
Bullet From Mexico Shootout May Have Struck Texas University Building (The Westerner)
2 Juarez Maquiladora Workers Shot to Death (The Westerner)
Neighbors Living Near Border React to Gunfire (The Westerner)
El Pasoans Remain on Edge After Juarez Gunfight (The Westerner)
$530K Found in Tire at El Paso Border Crossing (The Westerner)
U.S.-Mexico Border Security Conference Facts and Figures (The Westerner)
Battle for the Border (The Westerner)
Headless, Mutilated Bodies From Mexico Bridge (The Westerner)
4 Decapitated Bodies Hung From Bridge in Mexican City Besieged by Drug Gang Infighting (Fox News)
Shooting In Juarez Spills Into El Paso  (NewsChannel 9)
Wilderness Anyone? - Shootout On Border Briefly Closes Streets in El Paso  (News NM)
A Monumental Threat (The Westerner)
Montana Meeting Shows Monument Opposition Mounting (The Westerner)
BLM Raids Dalton Wilson's Ranch After Judge Sandoval's Acquittal (The Westerner)
08/22/10 Juarez Police in Gun Battle Near Border, Paisano Near Porfirio Diaz Closed Off (El Paso Times)
Paisano Open Again After Juarez Shooting Near Border (El Paso Times)
Gunmen, Mexican Police Battle in Cuidad Juarez; 1 Killed as El Paso Shuts Border Highway (Fox News)
Drug Traffickers, Mexican Police Battle Within Yards of U.S. Border (CNN)
1 Dead in Mexico Shootout on Border With El Paso (AP)
Shooting in Juarez Spills Into El Paso (News 9)
08/21/10 Battle for the Border (Wall Street Journal)
Letter Outlining Conversations With The Border Patrol From Ed Ashurst, Apache, AZ
ICE Chief Morton to Field: See No Illegal Aliens (News NM)
Mexico Leads the World in Assaults and Kidnappings  (M3 Report)
Situation in Monterrey Seen as Defining Moment in Mexico's Struggle Against Organized Crime (M3 Report)
War in Mexico Rages in All Border States (News NM)
Border War - More U.S. Government Insanity (News NM)
Kidnapped Small Town Mexican Mayor Found Dead (YouTube Video)
Police Arrested in Northern Mexico Mayor's Killing  (The Westerner)
Drug Violence Dangerously Close to Border - Fox News (YouTube Video)
Border Security KFOX News (YouTube Video)
Sheriff's Challenge to Obama: Give Me Half an Hour, I'll Show You How to Secure Border  (CNS News)
Unguarded Border Bridges Could be Route Into U.S. (Yahoo News)
08/20/10 Gene Wood, Retired Border Patrol Sector Chief and Steve Wilmeth, Rancher  (News NM Radio Interview)
Drug Lords Love Wilderness Areas Along U.S. Border  (Clark Fork Chronicle)
ICE Chief Morton to Field: See No Illegal Aliens (Center for Immigration Studies)
Arizona Sheriff Invites Obama to Border Security Lesson (NewsMax)
Border - Violence & Vandalism  (YouTube Video  8/20/10)
Border - Government Incompetence (YouTube Video 8/20/10)
Border - Economic Loss and Environmental Damage (YouTube Video 8/20/10)
Mexican National Wanted After Shootout in Arizona City  (TriValley Central)
Unguarded Bridges Along Border Are Potential Illegal Route Into U.S. (Fox News)
Mexico's Richest City Plagued by Violence (Fox News)
Nearly a Third of Criminal Immigrants Deported From the U.S. on 'Dangerous Drug' Crimes (Fox News)
22 States Look to Mimic Arizona (News NM)
Land Swap Triggers Colorado Dust-Up (The Westerner)
08/19/10 Cochise Sheriff: Border Patrol Has Pulled Back from Parts of Border (CNS News)
Federal Lands - Crime, Violence and Environmental Damage on the Border (The Westerner)
Dangers on the U.S. Border (YouTube Video)
Some Sites on Border Called 'Too Dangerous'  (The Westerner)
NM Delegation to D.C. - In Denial About Border War (News NM)
In Mexico, Journalists Are Becoming an Endangered Species (Fox News)
One Cop Dead, 6 Wounded in Separate Incidents in Mexico  (The Westerner)
Juarez Kidnapping Takes Toll on Both Sides of Border (The Westerner)
Body of Abducted Mexican Mayor Found Bound, Dumped by Roadside  (Fox News)
Body of Kidnapped Mayor Dumped in Northern Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Mayor Found Dead 3 Days After Kidnapping (KVOA Tucson)
Mexican Drug Gang Hires Pretty Hitwomen (Fox News)
Ranchers Report Smuggler Scouts on the Border Area Hilltops (Tucson Citizen)
Mexico's Richest City Plagued by Violence (Fox News)
Border Wars - National Geographic Channel
BLM Chief to Discuss Future Plans in Malta  (Great Falls Tribune)
08/18/10 Agents Retreating From the Border?  (Fox News Video)
Slain Rancher Honored in Son's Donations  (The Westerner)
Border War Continues Unabated  (News NM)
Alleged Juarez Trafficker Extradited to U.S.; 51 Die in Juarez  (El Paso Times)
08/17/10 Bill Mattiace: Protect Our Two Symbols, Now (Las Cruces Sun News)
Rep. Bishop Discusses Secret DOI Documents on Fox News (Fox News Video)
Don't Travel in America - It's Too Dangerous  (YouTube Video)
Arizona Rancher Faces Border Issues Alone (The Westerner)
Danger Stalks The Line: Arizonans Are Living and Dying Under the Gun (The Westerner)
Ranchers Report Smuggler Scouts on the Border Area Hilltops (The Westerner)
How Obama is Locking Up Our Land How Obama is Locking Up Our Land, Continued (Michelle Malkin)
The Democrats' War on the West (Michelle Malkin)
FBI - Forging Ties in Tijuana (FBI - On The Southwest Border series)
Border Patrol Sees Spike in Suicides (Las Cruces Sun News)
51 People Killed in Juarez Over Weekend (The Westerner)
Obama Border Czar Alan Bersin: Thirty Years to Secure Border Between Mexico and US  (The Westerner)
08/16/10 The Arizona Smuggling Corridors (NM Stockman)
The Border: A Dirty War (The Big Peace)
Suicides Set off Alarm Bells at Border Patrol, Which Adopts New Prevention Measures (Fox News)
Wilderness Bill - Bring Violence Closer to Home? (News NM
Report: Chihuahua Has Highest Number of Mexico Drug War Murders (Las Cruces Sun News)
Governor: Violence Paralyzes Mexico Border Areas (Las Cruces Sun News)
Police Dispatch: Cartel Members May Seek Rivals in El Paso (El Paso Times)
Bulletin Warned of Drug Violence in El Paso (News NM)
Interior Dept. Documents Detail Obama Admin Plotting to Seize Western Lands Without Congressional Approval (Washington Examiner)
Tea Partiers Rally on Arizona Border With Mexico (Fox News)
1,200 National Guard Troops Being Deployed to Border Will Not Be Used to Stop and Detail Illegal Aliens (CNSNews)
08/15/10 Weekend Update: In 2 Days, 13 More Dead in Juarez, 10 More in Chihuahua, 23 Total (News NM)
Activist 'Green' Lawyers Billing U.S. Millions in Fraudulent Attorney Fees (The Westerner)
El Paso Corporation Bows to Environmentist 'Protection Racket' (The Cowboy Libertarian blog)
NM Driver's License Policy a Magnet (News NM)
3 States That Offer Licenses to Illegal Immigrants See Surge in Applications (Fox News)
Bishop Obtains Missing Pages of Leaked DOI Monument Document (Video)
Fox News Covers Bishop and Video of Ciminals Entering U.S. via Public Lands (Fox News)
08/14/10 INSANITY - Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness (News NM)
Border Security Operations Center, Texas Rangers, Nuevo Lardeo Cartel Battle Tactics Analysis (Warning - GRAPHIC)
Mexican Violence Spills Into America (Hannity Fox News Video)
Transnational Gangs Terrorizing American Cities (Hannity Fox News Video)
ICE Congressional Testimony, Alonzo Pena, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations
No Confidence Votes Plague ICE and Border Patrol (For The Record)
Violence Will Continue on Border (News NM)
Widow of Slain Rancher Struggles in the Heart of Immigration Debate (Catholic News Service)
Facts Lost in Wilderness Discussions Part 1, Part 2  (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Inspectors Require Escorts Along Border - County Deputies Accompany NMDA Officials on Inspections (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Former Chief Favors Wilderness (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate for S.1689
08/13/10 News New Mexico Interviews Tom Cooper, past Chairman of PFPOWH (News NM)
FBI On The Southwest Border - When Violence Hits Too Close To Home
Gaming the Border: A Report from Cochise County, Arizona (CIS Video)
Narco-Blogger Beats Mexico Drug War News Blackout (Las Cruces Sun News)
Arizona Border Town Home to New Illegal Immigration Tactics (The Westerner)
Ranchers, Feds Debate Proposal (Rio Grande Sun)
Blog del Narco Blazes a Trail, Showing What Others Can't or Won't (unfreemedia.org)
Narco-blogger Beats Mexico Drug War News Blackout (Las Cruces Sun News)
Activist 'Green' Lawyers Billing U.S. Millions in Fraudulent Attorney Fees (Pajamas Media)
08/12/10 Bishop Uncovers Additional DOI Documents, Secret Strategizing (Congressional Western Caucus)
Interior Releases More of Leaked List of Potential National Monuments (The Westerner)
Wilderness Support (Las Cruces Sun News)
ICE Agents Vote 'No Confidence' in Leaders, Say Amnesty Coming (Newsmax)
Ag Secretary Vilsack: We Need an 'All-Lands Approach' to Managing Forests Threatened by Housing (The Westerner)
Our View: Connections Lost With Forest Service (The Westerner)
It's Time to Rewrite the Rules for Endangered Animals (The Westerner)
08/11/10 Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act (KRWGnews)
Wilderness Ad Campaign Stirs Lively Debate (The Westerner)
BLM Arizona Reports of Impacts Caused by Undocumented Aliens in Southeast Arizona
Invasion of the Invasive Species! - Local Biodiversity is Increasing (The Westerner)
Mexican President Open to Change in Drug Strategy (Las Cruces Sun News)
08/10/10 Decapitated Bodies Found South of Palomas (Las Cruces Sun News)
Mexican Journalists Seek More Protection (El Paso Times)
Mexico to Investigate Federal Officers (El Paso Times)
08/09/10 Abbreviated summary of S.1689
PFPOWH S.1689 Fact Sheet
Mendocino Public Land at Center of Pot War (The Westerner)
08/07/10 Lack of Leadership at ICE? (Fox News)
ICE Director Under Fire From Own Agents (Fox News)
More on the Cartel Attack on a Border Ranch (Tucson Citizen)
Mexico Confirms Car Had Explosive Device Aboard; 9 Headless Bodies Found (The Westerner)
At Least 14 Dead in Clash at Mexican Border Prison (Las Cruces Sun News)
08/06/10 LCAR Opposes Wilderness Act (Las Cruces Bulletin)
FBI ON THE SOUTHWEST BORDER: Corruption, Drugs, Gangs and More (The Westerner)
Mexico Drug Cartels Use Gory Videos to Spread Fear (The Westerner)
The Violent New Face of Border Smuggling (The Westerner)
Death Toll for Mexico Drug Wars Much Higher Than Previously Reported (Las Cruces Sun News)
Ex-USBP Official: Balance Reached on Wilderness (Las Cruces Sun News)
BLM Document Reveals Big Change in Federal Land Management (The Westerner)
BLM Treasured Landscapes Discussion Paper
El Paso Corp. Catches Hell Over Deal With Enviros (The Westerner)
El Paso, Public Lands Council Work on Deal (The Westerner)
A Widow's Plea - Sue Krentz (The Westerner)
U.S. Warns Terrorists May Enter the Country From Mexico as Drug War Rages (The Westerner)
People From Countries Tied to Terrorism Stopped in the El Paso Sector (News Channel 9 El Paso)
The Five Most Crime-Ridden U.S. Judicial Districts Are All on the Mexican Border (The Westerner)
Body Armour, Helmets Advised for Northern Mexico Reporters (The Westerner)
Car Bomb Rocks Government Offices in Tamaulipas, Mexico (The Westerner)
Mexican Cardinals Endorse Idea of Debating Legalization of Drugs (The Westerner)
Charred Human Remains Found on NM Ranch (Las Cruces Sun News)
08/05/10 Potrillo Mountains Ranching: A Woman's View of the Wilderness (Las Cruces Sun News)
Wilderness Bill Puts Teague in a Tough Spot (NM Politics.net)
GAO - Alien Smuggling - DHS Could Better Address Alien Smuggling Along the Southwest Border - GAO Report, July 22, 2010
Mexico: Cartels Move Beyond Drugs, Seek Domination (Las Cruces Sun News)
A Tale of Three Counties (The Westerner)
Mexican Bandits Hold 'River Pilots' for Ransom (The Westerner)
08/04/10 FBI - On The Southwest Border - Corruption, Drugs, Gangs and More
28,000 Killed in Drug Violence Since 2006 (Las Cruces Sun News)
Mexico Prez: Cartels Show No 'Limits or Scruples' (Las Cruces Sun News)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Vote of No Confidence in ICE Director and Assistant Director
Sinaloan Drug Cartel Poses Most Danger to Arizona (KVOA)
So. Arizona Sheriff Wants High-Powered Weapons (KVOA)
Simpson Kills Buyout for Grazing Permits (Idaho Mountain Express)
Box Elder Fights for Grazing Permits (The Westerner)
08/03/10 NewsChannel 5 Investigation: The Valley's War Zone  (The Westerner)
FBI Highlights Similarities Between al Queda, Cartels (The Westerner)
Juarez Grenade Attack Caught on Tape (The Westerner)
Bomb Thrown at U.S.-Mexico Border Bridge (The Westerner)
Timing of National Guard's Deployment to Southwest Border Stirs Confusion, Anger (The Westerner)
Affluent Sonorans Pack for AZ Amid Drug War (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head (Fox News)
U.S. Consulate Office in Juarez Closed (News NM)
07/30/10 Decapitated Heads Found on Ice in Juarez (The Westerner)
Securing America's Border (Fox News Video)
Chilling Effect: Violence Silences Mexican Media (The Westerner)
Some Mexican Drug Traffickers 'Specialize' in Smuggling Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Into the U.S. (The Westerner)
Illegal Immigrants Leave Tons of Trash in Arizona Desert, Devastating Environment (Daily Caller)
U.S. Consulate in Mexican Border City of Ciudad Juarez Temporarily Closes for Security Review (Fox News)
U.S. Closes Consulate in Juarez (The Westerner)
More Murders in Juarez (News NM)
Illegal Immigrants May Have Infiltrated Military Intelligence Post, Arizona Sheriff Warns (Fox News)
Monuments Could be Blocked in Senate Bill (The Westerner)
Suspects Still at Large After Forest Service Worker Shot at Near Foresthill (The Westerner)
07/29/10 Joshua Rhett Miller, Fox News, Makes Huge Mistake on Border Security (The Westerner)
As Deaths Soar in the Desert, a Morgue Grows Crowded (The Westerner)
Border Security Concerns Have Deputies Escorting Livestock Inspectors (The Westerner)
07/28/10 Murdered Arizona Border Resident's Widow: "We Can't Let This Happen to Another Rancher" - (Fox News)
The Cartel Corridor (Fox News Video)
Map of Cartel Related Slayings in Mexico, May-June, 2010
Wilderness Zone in NM Won't Be Lost to Smugglers, Advocates Say (Fox News)
Armed Escorts Join Border Ag Inspectors (KRQE-TV/The Westerner)
Ranchers Looking for More Help on Border (KVOA Tucson)
Enforcing Smuggling in Southern Arizona (PoliceMag.com)
Ranchers Oppose Natural Gas Pipeline Deal (The Westerner)
Forest Service Proposes to Close Over Half of Santa Fe National Forest Roads (The Westerner)
Range War Pits Paddlers Against Property Owners on North County Rivers (The Westerner)
Patrolling the Route of Smugglers (The Westerner)
Prison Chief Allegedly Sent Inmates to Conduct Mexico Birthday Party Massacre (The Westerner)
17 Slain in Mexico (The Westerner)
Concerns in Juarez Climb as Bombing Threat Grows (The Westerner)
Forest Service to Cut Sheep Grazing by 70% (The Westerner)
07/27/10 Texas Border City on Lockdown (Fox News Video)
Mexican Police Investigate Possible New Drug Gang After Group Claims Credit for 6 Killings (Fox News)
07/26/10 And Then, There Were 10, But Still No Champion by Stephen L. Wilmeth (The Westerner)
Let's Secure Border Before Approval of Wilderness Bill (Las Cruces Sun News)
Arrests Shed Light on Border Kidnappings (The Westerner)
Ranchers Looking for More Help on Border (KVOA Tucson)
Arizona Authorities Comb Campground for Missing Toddler (Fox News)
Concerns in Juarez Climb as Bombing Threat Grows (News NM)
New Mini-Documentary Shows Continuing Impact of Illegal Immigration in Arizona Border Regions (Personal Liberty Digest)
07/25/10 The Harsh Realities Along the Mexican Border (Warning - extremely graphic)
51 Dead Found at Suspected Drug-Gang Dumping Ground in Northern Mexico (Fox News)
51 Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Mexico (NY Times)
Pearce Calls Wilderness Bill Fatally Flawed
Life on the Border - The Ranchers (Tucson Citizen)
Battles Paralyze Mexican City Across From Texas (The Westerner)
07/24/10 NM Reps Heinrich & Lujan Vote Against Hunters, Handicapped Community (The Westerner)
Goddard to Congress: Do More to Combat Smugglers (AZ Central)
Arizona Sheriffs Weigh in on Obama's Border Security Plan (Fox News Phoenix)
More Than $24,000 Donated to Arizona Sheriff Legal Defense Fund (Fox News)
Mexican Law Enforcement Official Among 43 Charged with Aiding Drug Traffickers (Fox News)
Prosecutors Say at Least 38 Dead Found at Suspected Drug-gang Dumping Ground in North Mexico (Fox News)
07/23/10 Rancher Wilderness Views Remain Unheeded - Border Security Issues Still a Significant Problem (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Senate Panel Approves Bill (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Battles Paralyze Mexican Border City; Government Warns Citizens to Stay Home on Facebook (Fox News)
Jerry G. Schickedanz: Manage Wilderness, Not Lock It Up (Silver City Sun News)
Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings in Place (The Westerner)
8 Suspects Killed in Clash With Mexican Soldiers (The Westerner)
Undocumented Immigrants Increasingly Filling Arizona Prisons (The Westerner)
Arizona Sheriffs Weigh in on Obama's Border Security Plan (Fox News)
Immigrant Deaths in Arizona Desert Soaring in July (Fox News)
Deaths of Illegal Immigrants in Arizona Desert Soaring in July Amid Unrelenting Heat (Fox News)
07/22/10 Wife Still Reeling From Loss of Rancher Husband (Fox Phoenix)
Wilderness Bill Moves Out of Senate Committee (LC Sun News)
Las Cruces Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Wilderness Act Clears Energy Committee (KRWG)
Senate Committee OKs Wilderness Bill (NM Politics)
07/21/10 Report: Hezbollah on US-Mexico Border (Newsmax)
Rancher Loses Grazing Appeal (Silver Pinyon Journal)
Lawsuit Paints Bull's-eye on Fossil Creek Grazing (The Westerner)
6 Drug Busts Near Nogales Over Weekend (KVOA Tucson)
Pima County Officials Surprised at Slash of Border Security Funds (KVOA Tucson)
Senate Committee to Hear Wilderness Bill (Las Cruces Sun News)
07/20/10 A Rancher's Personal Border Battle (The Westerner)  - Fox 10 Phoenix Video
Fox News Covers Bishop and Video of Criminals Entering U.S. via Public Lands (Bret Baier Special Report)
U.S. Sends Help to Mexico After Series of Deadly Attacks (Fox News)
Armed Escorts to Accompany New Mexico Livestock Inspectors (Fox News)
Drug Cartels Smuggling Illegals Create Security Risk, Officials Say (Washington Examiner)
Chamber Groups Differ on Land Use (Las Cruces Sun-News)
Drug Violence Kills 19 in Mexico (The Westerner)
Gun Battles in Mexican Border City Leave at Least 12 Dead (The Westerner)
Border Patrol Catches Convicted Sex Offender in California Desert (The Westerner)
Convicted Sex Offender is Arrested Crossing Border Near Deming (The Westerner)
Drug Cartels Escalate War Using Car Bomb (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Cartels' Newest Weapon: Cold War-era Grenades Made in U.S. (The Westerner)
Increased Use of UAVs in Border Protection Hobbled by Shortage of UAV Pilots (The Westerner)
Immigrant Deaths in Arizona Desert Soaring in July (The Westerner)
Churches (Must) Pay Cartels to Operate (The Westerner)
Politicians, Border Residents Say National Guard Just a Start (The Westerner)
Border Security Must be Viewed With an Eye on Terrorists (The Westerner)
Slain Officer Call Lured Police to Site, Mayor Says (The Westerner)
Jerry Schickedanz: Manage Wilderness, Not Lock It Up (Silver City Sun-News)
07/16/10 Wilderness Bill Still Raises Concerns (Las Cruces Sun News)
Rep. Bishop Speaks At National Press Club (The Westerner)
Congressman Bishop Discusses Border Security and Federal Lands at National Press Club (YouTube Video)
Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens (Video)
Human Head Found in Arizona Fuels Political Debate
Endangered Animal Complicating Border Patrol Efforts (Fox News Video)
Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Coyotes, Bears, and Trails (Video)
3 Killed in Drug Gang Attack on Police in Juarez  (The Westerner)
Mexican Drug Violence (Fox News Video)
07/15/10 Congressional Western Caucus - Western Caucus Examines Administration's War on Western Jobs
Endangered Animal Horning In on Arizona Border Security  (Fox News)
Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce Board Reaffirms its Stance on Wilderness Bill (The Westerner)
About Those Decapitations in the Arizona Desert (Washington Examiner)
Corrupt BLM Official Sentenced to Three Years in Federal Prison (The Westerner)
Timberline Lodge Proposed Lift-Assisted Mountain Biking But Faces Opposition (The Westerner)
07/14/10 The Arizona Smuggling Corridors  (The Westerner)
07/13/10 Wilderness Compromises Border Security (NM Politics)
Wilderness Truth - Thomas Cronin, National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (Sun News)
07/12/10 Local (Douglass) Ranchers Concerns About Border Crime (KOLD News 13 video)
Ranchers Speak Out at Border Town Hall (KVOA TV Video)
Ranchers Calling for More Agents (The Westerner)
Sunday Shootout in Juarez Leaves Three Cartel Gunmen Dead (The Westerner)
Border Patrol Officers Fire on SUV at Zaragoza Bridge (The Westerner)
Good Fences, Good Neighbors (The Westerner)
07/11/10 Are Heads Missing in Arizona?  (The Westerner - warning... GRAPHIC)
Memo to Milbank: You're a Head Behind the Facts on Arizona Border Decapitations  (Washington Examiner)
Memo Reveals Refuge Officers' Struggle to Secure Lands Along Southwest Border  (The Westerner)
07/10/10 Memo Reveals Refuge Officers' Struggle to Secure Lands Along Southwest Border  (Fox News)
Border Violence Spills Over to Farms & Ranches (News New Mexico)
Pinal County is Ground Zero for Smuggling VIDEO (Sean Hannity)
Fire Fighting Along the Border Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (Part 3 has the most information related to illegal immigration impacts)
07/09/10 Border-crosser Shot in Back Near Rio Rico
Fish & Wildlife Service Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge - Borderland Challenges report from 2006
Fish & Wildlife Service Memo on Border Law Enforcement on Refuge System Lands in the Southwest
Bingaman on Immigration and Wilderness (Las Cruces Bulletin)
Border Violence Spills Onto Mexican Ranches, Farms
Kyl & McCain - Government is Failing Border Residents
Cattle Can Be a Conservation Tool
07/08/10 Bill Would Limit Presidents Monument Efforts
Environmental Law's Greatest Tragedy
Give Most Federal Lands to Montana DNRC
New Mexico Seeks Feds' Help on Off-Road Vehicles
07/07/10 Indian Reservations Becoming Drug Pipelines?
Second Wave of Independent Border-Watchers Target Arizona (Fox News)
Fox News Surveys Arizona-Mexico Border
El Paso Sector Interactive Border Map
Monument Plan Will Hurt Landscape, Local Economy  (The Westerner)
DeGette May Adjust Wilderness Proposal in Carbondale Area  (The Westerner)
Sen. Bingaman's Wilderness Bill Makes the Border Safer (News New Mexico)
Designing the Perfect Drug Smuggling Corridor (News New Mexico)
07/06/10 Arizona's Closed Federal Parkland is a No-Man's Land
Arizona Sheriff Gets Death Threats Over New Law (Fox News)
More Than Immigration at Stake on Border
Drug Gangs Terrorize Residents in Small Mexican Villages on Arizona's Doorstep
12 People Killed During Elections in Juarez
Drug War Casts Shadow Over Mexico Elections
Officials Make Arrests in US Consulate Deaths
Mexican Authorities: Federal Agents Could Have Fired Bullets That Struck City Hall
Shootout At El Paso City Hall
Arizona Dems Contest Obama's Assertions on Border Security
Wells Fargo, Wachovia Involved in Numerous Mexican Drug Laundering Schemes
07/05/10 Arizona's Closed Federal Parkland is a No-Man's Land
Arizona Sheriff Gets Death Threats Over New Law (Fox News)
More Than Immigration at Stake on Border
Drug Gangs Terrorize Residents in Small Mexican Villages on Arizona's Doorstep
12 People Killed During Elections in Juarez
Drug War Casts Shadow Over Mexico Elections
Officials Make Arrests in US Consulate Deaths
Mexican Authorities: Federal Agents Could Have Fired Bullets That Struck City Hall
Shootout At El Paso City Hall
Arizona Dems Contest Obama's Assertions on Border Security
Wells Fargo, Wachovia Involved in Numerous Mexican Drug Laundering Schemes
07/03/10 Arizona's Closed Federal Parkland is a No-Man's Land (Fox News)
Drug Cartels Threaten to Kill a U.S. Border Patrol Agent Over Independence Day Weekend
Gov. Brewer: If The President Won't Enforce the Law, Arizona Will (Greta Van Susteren)
Gov. Brewer Interview - Part 1, Part 2
Fox News Poll: Secure the Border First
Mexico: Gang Leader Says U.S. Consulate Infiltrated
Mexican Drug Cartels Issue Threat to Arizona Cops
US-Mexican Border Security Continues to Deteriorate, Officials Say (Washington Examiner)
Drug Cartels Smuggling Illegals Create Security Risk, Officials Say  (Washington Examiner)
07/02/10 Southern Border Could Get Much Worse
Wilderness Will Obstruct Securing US Border
21 Killed in Shootout Near US Border
21 Killed in Shootout Between Drug, Migrant Trafficking Gangs Near AZ Border  (Fox News)
Mexico Offers Armored Cars, Security Details for Candidates After Candidate Killed
Update: Raul Sabori Among 30 Dead, 40 Wounded? (BorderReporter)
21 Due in Gun Battle Near US Border
Prosecutor Shot Dead in Mexican Border City
Five Mexican Governors Have Received Death Threats
Ballistics Tests Run: Workers at City Hall Unfazed by Shots That Hit Building
Gunfire from Juarez Usually  Heard, Not Seen
'Cross-Border Gunfire' Raises Texas Security Fears
Official Says 'Gamble' on 'Virtual' Fence Didn't Pay Off
Republicans Blast Obama's Immigration Speech
07/01/10 Feds Say Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Are Down, But Problems Still Remain
New Threat on Mexican Border
Brewer: 'Disturbing' That Feds Spend More on Mexico Than Border Guard
Battle for Arizona - Meet the Man Who Would be Arizona Governor
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers - letter to Congressmen, Senators
Johnson Wants to Meet With Upset Ranchers
06/30/10 Fewer Troops Coming to NM Border Than in Previous Deployment
The Arizona-Mexico Border: An Update
Gunfire From Mexico Pelts El Paso City Hall, Enters Office
Mexico: Where Bullets Are Intimidating the Ballot
Inside the Tunnel: Boys Used in Drug-Smuggling Route
Obama Not Running For The Border  (video)
No Serious Attempt to Security the Border (Fox News video)
With the Debate Over Arizona's Illegal Immigration Raging On, Why Isn't Obama Running to the Border - Greta Van Susteren
Brewer Slams Administration Over Smuggler Warning Signs in AZ Desert
Letter from Governor Brewer to President Barack Obama Regarding Border Security
Border Facts - Governor Jan Brewer
Eighty Mile Swath of Arizona Surrendered to Cartels
Border War Continues - Sheriff Paul Babeu on Fox Business
06/29/10 Albuquerque Journal - More Wilderness = More Crime
Governors Criticize Obama's Border Security Plan
Mexican Governor Candidate Killed by Gunmen, Calderon Says Assassination Tied to Drug Gang Violence
Killing Escalates Mexico Drug War
524 Guard Soldiers Headed to Arizona-Mexico Border
Decision on Guard Troops Criticized - 72 for NM
Narco Tunnel Found in El Paso: Drug Route Runs 130 Feet Under Rio Grande
Fox News - The Southern Front interactive border map
A Sound Question About Wilderness Designations
Why Wasn't Schultz Pass Thinned?
06/28/10 New PFPOWH Video: The Inaequacy of a 5 Mile Buffer for Border Security
Don't Shackle Border With Wilderness Bill
It's Your Land...
Congresswoman Raises Red Flag on Hezbollah-Cartel Nexus on U.S. Border
Mexican Cops Retreat as Violence Rages On
Mexico Mayham: Drug Violence Claims 20
Dem Lawmakers Feel the Heat on Border Security
Five Gunmen Killed Near Border in Cuidad Mier Battle
Armed Assailants Fire Shots at Televisa Offices in Northern Mexico
Famed Mexican Singer Gunned Down in Border State
AZ Gov Jan Brewer's Smart New Border Ad
06/27/10 Sun News - Wilderness Bill Must Allow For Border Security
06/26/10 Congresswoman Raises Red Flag on Hezbollah-Cartel Nexus on U.S. Border
Video - The Inadequacy of a 5 Mile Buffer for Border Security
Hannity - Rancher Catches Illegals on Video
ABC Nightline: Broken Border: Ft. Hancock, TX: Feds Abandon Americans to Mexican Violence
Jan Brewer - Warning Signs Are Not Enough
06/25/10 The Inadequacy of a 5 Mile Buffer for Border Security
Border City Police in the Crosshairs (Greta Van Susteren)
Blogs for Borders USA
06/24/10 Border War Continues (Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County, AZ)
Mexican Drug Lords on American Soil
The Killing Fields
U.S. Predator Drones to Surveil Mexican Border
 Mexican Gangs Maintain Permanent Lookout Bases in Hills of Arizona
 Napolitano Highlights Steps to Secure Border
 US To Deploy Drones to Shore Up Border With Mexico
 Reduced Overtime Stymies Border Patrol
06/23/10 Rob Bishop Talks With Fox News' Harris Faulkner About Border Security
Mexican Gangs Maintain Permanent Lookout Bases in Hills of Arizona
Drug Cartels Threaten U.S. City Police Department
Obama Requests $600 Million for Border Security
War Over The Border: White House Says Kyl is Lying About Security; AZ Senator Stands His Ground
Obama Tells Kyl: I Won't Secure Border B/C Republicans Will Have No Reason to Support "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"
Arinzona's Senators Tour Border, Hold Town Hall
Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings In Place
Mexican Drug Cartel Warns Police Officers in Arizona Border Town to 'Look the Other Way'
BLM Southern Arizona Project to Mitigate Environmental Damages Resulting from Illegal Immigration
06/22/10 Video - Headlines on Federal Lands and our UNSECURE BORDER
Video - Rape Tree Followup - A Look At The Numbers
Border Patrol Charged Millions for Habitat Damage, Republicans Say Enough 'Extortion'
Drug Cartel Activity Threatens Texas Water Supplies, Lawmaker Says
District Court Says Forest Service Exceeded Incidental Take of Salmonids, Also Finds That Grazing Permittees Must be Heard During Consultation Process
06/21/10 Congressman Rob Bishop Speaking on Border Concerns on Federal Lands - DO NOT MISS THIS
Transcript of Bishop's Speech
Violence Prompts Strong Warning at Arizona Monument
Mayor of Mexican Border Town Assassinated
11 Killed in Shootout Between Mexican Soldiers and Suspected Drug Traffickers
U.S.-Mexican Border Security Continues to Deteriorate, Officials Say
Border Patrol Navigating Reams of Regulation to Secure Federal Land
Rep. Bishop Speaks on Border Security Concerns on Federal Lands
Costly Efforts to Secure Border Not Paying Off
$1.25 Million to Save Rodents in Crime-Infested Border State
Many U.S. Parks, Monuments, Wildlife Refuges & Public Lands Are Too Dangerous For U.S. Public To Use
Two More Americans Found Dead in the Arizona Desert
06/20/10 Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings In Place
Drug Cartel Issues Threat to Off-Duty Nogales Police Officers
Why Felipe Calderon Hates Arizona's Anti-illegal Immigration Law
06/19/10 Congressman Rob Bishop Speaking on Border Concerns on Federal Lands - DO NOT MISS THIS
Border Patrol Navigating Reams of Regulations to Secure Federal Land
Fox News Highlights Major Loophole in Securing Our Southern Border
HR 5016 - Securing Our Border on Federal Lands.  A bill introduced: "To prohibit the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture from taking action on public lands which impede border security on such lands, and for other purposes."
View the Republicans Natural Resources Committee Overview of Securing our Border on Federal Lands
Drug Cartel Violence Along Open Southern Border Endangers Drinking Water Supplies
06/18/10 'First Line of Defense' - Southern NM Rancher Between Border Battles  Page 1   Page 2
Section of Arizona Wildlife Refuge Closed Since 2006 Due to Safety Concerns
US Parkland Bordering Mexico, Shut Since 2006, Remains Off-Limits As Violence Escalates
Lawmaker Warns Parks Takeover by Mexican Cartels, Illegals 'Intensifying'
Security Worries Overshadow U.S.-Mexico Park Plan
Slain Arizona Rancher Told Family Illegal Alien Needed Help
06/17/10 Smuggling Violence Prompts Stronger Warning to Visitors at National Monument South of Phoenix
Federal Regs on Environment May Be Hindering Border Security, Lawmakers Say
Uptick In Violence Forces Closing of Parkland Along Mexico Border to Americans
Escalating Violence Prompts Change in USDA's Border Inspections
Recon Balloon That Could Aid Border Patrols Is Put In a Holding Pattern
Murdered Arizona Rancher Shot Multiple Times, Autopsy Finds
Mexico's Bloodshed Worsens as Hundreds Die in Last 7 Days
06/16/10 Fox News - U.S. Closes Park Land Along Mexico Border to Americans
Portion of US Wildlife Refuge Closed Due to Violent Border Activity
Pinal County Sheriff: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Control Parts of Arizona
Pinal County Sheriff Asks Obama for Troops
U.S. Government Giving Parts of Arizona Back to Mexico
Borderland Beat - Pinal County Sheriff: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Control Parts of Arizona
BorderFire Report - US Gov Giving Parts of Arizona Back to Mexico
Cartels Smuggle U.S. Drug Money Back to Mexico in Cash, Study Finds
06/15/10 Videos On What Is Really Happening On Our Border With Mexico
06/14/10 Unlike Bingaman, Simpson Seeks and Gets Consensus on Wilderness Bill
Hickenlooper Sides With Ranchers on Pinion Canyon
Candidates to Present Views on Pinion Canyon Expansion
06/12/10 Criminal Activity Continues to Rise on Federal Lands
House Republican Warnings Ignored as Arizona Sheriff Deputy Shot by Drug Smugglers on Federal Wilderness Lands
New Updated Version of How The West Was Lost documentary
Pinal County Deaths Tied to Mexican Drug Wars
Murder In Smuggling Corridor
06/11/10 Video:  Border Wilderness - Too Dangerous For The Public
Video:  Wilderness Threatens Border Security
Lawsuit Targets Harmful Public-lands Livestock Subsidy
06/10/10 Cowboy Down: Rob Krentz's Family Talk About the Life and Death of the Murdered Arizona Rancher
Rancher Krentz Was Shot Multiple Times
Wilderness Proposal Meant to Ease Concerns
06/08/10 Donald Ham - Wilderness - Border Patrol Should Provide a Rebuttal
2 Bodies Found in Pinal County Desert (Wilderness)
Mexico Mass Grave in Abandoned Mine Has 55 Bodies
6 Bodies Found in Cave, 3 With Hearts Cut Out
2 Found Shot Dead Near Illegal Border Crossing in Arizona
FBI Investigates Shooting of 2 by Border Agents
Forest Service Issues New Wilderness Filming Rules
From Guns to Butter in Juarez
06/07/10 The Western Watersheds Project's Assault on Family Ranchers
Stats Don't Reflect Border Fear
Border Ranchers React To White House Meeting
Rancher Has Close-Up View of Immigration Debate
06/03/10 The Battle for Arizona
06/02/10 Video: The Price Of Admission - Wilderness Rape Trees
Border Security to Include Livestock Inspectors
Border Security Implications of Proposed Wilderness
Wilderness Misinformation
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Arizona Endangered Species from Cattle Grazing
5/31/10 Sheriff Deputies to Accompany Livestock Scale Inspectors
Illegal Immigrants Gravitate Toward Arizona Border
Armed Mexican Pirates Terrorize Texas Lake
05/30/10 Americans Fleeing Border Invasion
ESA - It's Not About Saving Species - It's About Spending Taxpayer Money and Making Some Groups Wealthy
05/28/10 Obama's Border Security Plan Falls Short, Ranchers Say
Face of Fear at the Border
Southern Arizona Rancher Testifies Before Congress
Rehberg Wants to Unlock Gates, Allow Border Control Vehicles in Non-motorized Areas
Protecting Endangered Species Interfering with Border Security
Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border
Signs Point to Administration Plan to Lock Up 13M Acres of Federal Land
05/27/10 Friends of Murdered Rancher React to More Troops on the Border
Mexico Tells US How to Use Troops - US Says Troops Won't Be USed to Stop Illegal Immigration
NM Guard to be Part of Border Effort
05/26/10 Obama to Send 1,200 Guard Troops to Mexico Border
Bishop: More Border Troops Won't Work if They're Blocked
Senate GOP: Border Troops Could Lead to Immigration Compromise
05/25/10 DOI Safe Borders Initiative
05/24/10 County Passes Ordinance Opposing Designation of Otero Mesa as a National Monument
Phil Krentz: "I Just Don't Know What's Around The Next Bend"
Foreign Terrorists Bread U.S. Border
Trash On The Border
05/23/10 Foreign 'terrorists' Breach U.S. Border - Illegals Coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen
Homeland Security Alert: Terror Suspect May Be Headed to Texas Through Mexico
Brewer Says Stimulus Will Be Used On The Border
Northern Mexico Shootout Kill 2 Police, 7 Gunmen
4 Decapitated Bodies Found in Northern Mexico
U.S. Applauds Record Extraditions From Mexico, But Drug War Violence Continues
Mexican Students Enrolling in U.S. Schools to Escape Violence
Why is it So Hard to Flee Mexico's Drug War?
05/21/10 Sheriff Dever Believes Suspect Will Be Identified in Krentz Murder
Officers Say Drug, Immigrant Smuggling Surging at NM Border
Representative Bishop on Wilderness and the Border

Govt met with Environmentalists on Land Protection
05/20/10 Video - "Trash On The Border"
Congressman Rob Bishop - "Federal Policies Enable Border Violence"
Illegal Traffickers Destroy The Wilderness
05/18/10 WSBTV Channel 2, Altanta, GA - "Investigation of U.S. Border Security"
Part 1 http://www.wsbtv.com/video/23438021/index.html
Part 2 http://www.wsbtv.com/video/23438712/index.html
OTM (Other Than Mexican) reports - Page 1, Page 2
05/17/10 Radios Meant for Ranchers Are Still In Storage
Mexico Shaken by Abduction and Feared Murder of Top Politician
Small Mobile Units Emerge as Potent Border-Watch Tool
Lawmakers Expect Revised Border Violence Plan from Calderon Visit
Combat Operations in the Border Zone
05/15/10 Death on the Border, But Washington Refuses to Act
Drug Violence Hits Mexican Candidates - Gangs Kidnap, Kill to Control Elections
Former Mexican Governor Said to Help Get Drugs to U.S.
Former Mexican Presidential Candidate Goes Missing
At Least 18 Killed in Northern Mexico
A Forceful Call for Change From El Paso
O'odham Police Bust Coke-Smuggling Ring
More Horses Needed to Secure the Border
Homeland Security: Drones to Help Track U.S. Border in Summer
Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security
U.S. Embassy Confirms Arizona Man Found Dead in Northern Mexico; 3 Detained in Case
05/12/10 NY Times - Side by Side, but Divided Over Immigration
Albuquerque Examiner - 5 Reasons to Carry Guns in our National Parks
El Paso Times - Border Violence: Wounded Men Cross Rio Grande, Sent to El Paso Hospital
GOP-ers Bristle at Feds' Land Plan
05/09/10 Udall Questions Officials About Increased Border Violence, and I Question Udall
Pelosi: It's Cheaper to Treat Teens for Drug Use Than Interdict Drugs At Border
Twelve Killed in Juarez Since Friday Afternoon
Gunmen Kill 1 At Wedding In Juarez, Kidnap 3, Including Groom
Police Chief, 5 Others Slain In Border State
US Extends Travel Warning For Mexico
Texas Senators Stress Need to Stop Mexican Violence From Spreading to U.S.
Border Violence Affecting Trade, Congressmen Say
05/06/10 Democrats thwart Rep. Rob Bishop's move to obtain 'national monument' documents
05/05/10 Warnings Ignored as Arizona Sheriff Deputy Shot  by Drug Smugglers on Federal Wilderness Lands
Border Patrol Agent Union Strongly Supports Bill to Improve Border Security on Public Lands
Border Policies Continue to Jeopardize National Security
KSVP Interview With Erik Ness, New Mexico Farm Bureau on Border Issues
05/04/10 Latest Violence Spasm Claims 25 Lives Near Mexico-US Border
New Report On Rancher's Killer Irks Cochise Sheriff
Update From Chochise County, AZ
Mexico's Illegals Laws Tougher Than Arizona's
Obama's Border Breakdown
Hearings Revive Border Violence Debate As Troops Requested
Armed Narco-Terrorists Caught On Tape Where Arizona Deputy Shot On Friday
A Border-Area Home Invasion Has Forced Residents To Take Action
05/03/10 Grijalva Declines To Answer, Walks Away When Asked If He's Committed To Sealing Border Against Drug Traffic (05/03/10)
Senator Sylvia Allen Responds to SB1070
05/02/10 Deputy Shot; Illegal Immigrants Suspected
17 Caught in Search for Ariz. Deputy's Attackers
Drug Violence Kills 14 in Mexico Border State
Women - Victims of Silence And Invisibility Along U.S., Mexican Borders
Mexico's Crime Syndicates Increasingly Target Authorities In Drug War's New Phase
Border States Deal With More Illegal Immigrant Crime Than Most, Data Suggests
Mexico: The Real War Next Door
How Arizona Became Center of Immigration Debate
04/29/10 Why is Ken Salazar Hiding Memo on New Monuments, Wilderness Areas?
The Krentz Bonfire
Justice Department: Three Border Patrol Agents Assaulted Per Day; Someone Kidnapped Every 35 Hours in Phoenix
Border "Secure as Ever", DHS Chief Says
04/28/10 Earth Day Predictions from 1970 - a very interesting read!
Wildland Fire Leadership Council
Death of a Rancher
Giffords Town Hall Focuses on Border
Aerial Drone Will Fly on Texas Border Soon, Napolitano Says
04/27/10 Praising Arizona (In Border Battle)
Hidden Gems Wilderness Unsafe
Lawsuit to Be Launched to Protect Endagered Species in Arizona and New Mexico National Forests
04/26/10 Police Ambushed in Juarez; 8 People Killed
Gunmen Kill 4, Wound Top Security Official in Michoacan
Arrests in Killings of Consulate Worker, 2 Others
Ciudad Juarez: War Against Los Zetas, Along the Gulf and Into America
"Murder City: Cuidad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields" by Charles Bowden
Sen. Cornyn Says Feds Have Failed, Offers Support for Local Law Enforcement
U.S. Training Mexican Feds
Violence Temporarily Closes Camargo Bridge
Suspected Drug Runner, Worker Square Off With Guns
04/25/10 Sen. Cornyn Says Feds Have Failed, Offers Support for Local Law Enforcement
04/24/10 John Hummer: Significant Consequences of Proposed Border Wilderness
04/23/10 Burglary Suspect May Have Info in Krentz Killing
Arizona Gov. Calls for More Border Protection
Cattle Ranchers are Some of the World's Real Environmentalists
04/22/10 Wilderness on the Border 4/22/10 - 9 Articles on Border Violence
Why Ranchers Fear for Their Safety, and What Lawmakers Want
Arizona Sheriff Says Cops Are Being Killed by Illegal Aliens; Joins Call for U.S. Troops at Border
Napolitano Cites Actions Since Death of Robert Krentz
04/19/10 State Must Organize to Fight Cross-Border Crime
Securing the Border is the First Priority
04/18/10 The Wilderness Border and its Implications on American Security
04/17/10 Las Cruces Sun News - Border Security Proposals Worthy of Investigation
04/15/10 Let Border Patrol in Wilderness Areas, Bishop Says
Fox News - GOP Reps Offer Bill to Ban Interior Dept From Hindering Border Agents
Arizona Ranchers Urge Crackdown on Border Violence
Wilderness on the Border 4/15/10 - 6 Articles on Border Violence
04/13/10 There Won't Be Another Guy Like Robert Krentz
Arizona Ranchers Caught Up in Mexican Drug Violence
A Bordertown Drug-Murder Mystery
Southern Arizona Ranchers Demand Action
Rancher's Death Prompts Challenge to Cell Phone Companies
Two Earlier Video Reports on Border Death

New Nature Conservancy Atlas Aims to Show the State of the World's Ecosystems
04/12/10 Wilderness On The Border - 9 Articles on Mexican Border Violence
Our Lawless Mexican Border - Wall Street Journal
Las Cruces Sun News - "Let's Beef Up Border to Prevent More Violence"
Schiff Calls for Review of U.S. Forest Service's Nighttime Flying Policy

Landowners Win Lawsuit Seeking Colorado's Appraiser Files
04/09/10 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Stormwater Authority Sought - Task Force recommends a regional approach to watershed issues" and Part 2
04/08/10 Krentz Services/Memorial/Reward
LC Sun News - "Fears of Repeat of 2006 Flooding Spur Talk of Control Authority"
Off-roaders in Search of Trails
Judge Hears Grazing Arguments
04/06/10 Mexico Drug Gangs Turn Weapons on Army
2 Children Killed in Mexico Border State Shootout
Mexican Cartels Cannot be Defeated, Drug Lord Says
2nd Mexican Helicopter Sighted in U.S. Airspace
A Growing Border Crisis is Opportunity for Terrorists
Armed Men Storm Mexico Border Prison to Free 13 Inmates
Mexican Army Sending Four Helicopters to Border
Fleeing Violence, More Mexicans Seek U.S. Asylum
04/05/10 Ranchers Alarmed by Killing Near Border - NY Times
Border Fence Under Renewed Fire After Rancher Killing
04/04/10 Krentz family statement
Feds Have Fiddled Too Long as Border Security Failed
Why the Silence From Janet Napolitano About Putting Troops on the Border
Arizona  AG: Rancher's Slaying the Work of Cartels
Rancher Robert Krentz Didn't Deserve to Die on His Own Land in the USA
Border Security Debate Intensifies in Arizona
Mexican Border Town on High Alert as Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten to Start Killing Children
Journals of Texas Students Reveal Horrors Across the Border
Border Security: What is the Appropriate Response?
Border Drug War: Violence Wears on Valley of Juarez Residents
04/03/10 Death and Dishonor in Cochise County
04/02/10 The Krentz Tragedy - Murder on the Border
Giffords Holds Ranchers' Meeting
Luna Co. Sheriff Calls Meeting on Border Security
Border Patrol Agent Urges Calm as Fears in Texas Town Rise
GOP Lawmaker Calls for Hearing Into Border Security After Rancher's Murder
Mexicans Facing Drug War Violence Could Seek Political Asylum in U.S.
Mexico Asks More U.S. Cooperation on Border Violence
Janet Napolitano Lied
White House Responds to Guard Deployment Call

Las Cruces Bulletin - "Arizona Death Heightens Concerns in Border Area"
04/01/10 New Mexico Boosts Law Enforcement On Border
Violent Mexican Gangs Pose Risk to Americans 
States Boost Border Security as Pleas to Washington Go Unmet 
Richardson Orders National Guard to Patrol Mexican Border
Rancher Warns of Growing Border Danger 
Border Lawmakers: Humanitarian Aid Just the Start in Fighting Drug Violence 
Slain Arizona Rancher Mourned by Friends, Neighbors 
Rancher's Killing Draws Citizens, Officials 
Rancher's Murder Prompts Town Hall In Apache 
Robert N. Krentz, Jr. - June 3, 1951 - March 27, 2010 
03/31/10 Fox News & Local TV Video Coverage of Krentz Murder  
Many Ranchers Will Be Cautious  
Reward Offered As Ranchers Arm Themselves in Wake of Murder
NM Rancher Concerned With Border Safety, Video Report
The Westerner - Politicians Respond, I Comment 
Las Cruces Sun News - "Bootheel Murder Spurs Call for Greater USBP Presence", "Governor Steps Up Security Along Border"
03/30/10 Cochise Ranch Area Outraged by Killing
Arizona Reacts to Murder of Douglass Rancher
Bootheel Murder Spurs Call for Greater USBP Presence
Border Patrol Officers Avert "Booby Traps" in NM, Seize Drugs
NM Delegation's Response
Krentz Family: Homeland Heros
03/30/10 Gov Approves Use of Eminent Domain to Take Federal Land
03/30/10 White House Outdoors Conference to Urge Conservation, Quell Rumors
03/30/10 Michelle Malkin - "The death of an Arizona rancher"
03/29/10 Fox News - "Arizona Rancher's Killing Sparks Calls to Beef Up Border Security", "Arizona Rancher Found Dead on Property"
03/29/10 The Westerner - Cochise County Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz is murdered on his borderlands ranch, presumably by a drug smuggler.  Our deepest condolences go out to his family.
03/28/10 The Westerner - "Wilderness on the Border 3/28/10 - 10 Articles on Border Violence"
03/20/10 Alamogordo Daily News - "Feds discuss county land - Gov. Richardson urges protection for Otero Mesa" - "Otero County Commissioner Ronny Rardin briefly commented on the governor's request. His view is that making Otero Mesa into a national park could affect Otero County residents' land use rights.  "You have government, like the federal government, coming down on county land without considering our land use," Rardin said."
03/18/10 "Wilderness on the Border 3/18/10 - 8 Articles on Border Violence"
03/18/10 "Salazar touts beefed-up border security; Bishop calls it a 'photo op'"
03/16/10 "100's of emergency 9-1-1 calls follow cartel shootout (watch and listen to two video reports)"
03/16/10 The Westerner - "Interior Sec., Ariz. congressman visit border"
03/16/10 The Westerner - "Salazar to tour dangerous border area"
03/13/10 Salt Lake Tribune - "Salazar to tour dangerous border area - Utah congressman calls on Interior boss to do more to help patrols." -  "Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will tour the U.S.-Mexico border Saturday at a national monument that has been deemed so dangerous more than half is closed to the public."
03/13/10 The Westerner - "Wilderness on the Border - 12 More Articles on Border Violence"
03/13/10 Natural Resources Committee - "As Secretary Salazar Visits Border, Dept of Interior Must Stop Obstructing Border Patrol"
03/13/10 Natural Resources Committee - "850,000 Acres & 34 Wilderness Area Designations = No Access, No Jobs, No Recreation for Coloradans"
03/13/10 Fox News - "Federal land grab on the way?"
03/11/10 Glenn Beck - "Land Grab By the Federal Government"
03/11/10 Salt Lake Tribune - "Senate approves bill to condemn federal land"
03/11/10 "MTS Standard" - "No plans for new national monuments in Montana"
03/11/10 Aspen Times - "Forest Service assesses effects of Wilderness on firefighting" - "Turning Basalt Mountain into Wilderness wouldn't prohibit firefighting there but it would eliminate opportunities to reduce dead trees and fuels that have built up for decades, the top official in the White River National Forest said Wednesday. ... Fire Chief Scott Thompson said that, with all due respect to the Forest Service, the written rules and the application of rules aren't always the same. Written rules that appear to provide flexibility can actually provide an extra hurdle."
03/11/10 The Nation - "The Wrong Kind of Green"
03/11/10 The Westerner - "New Green Curriculum Unveiled for USDA Forest Service Job Corps"
03/05/10 The Westerner - "Wilderness On The Border - 8 Articles on Border Violence"
03/04/10 Salt Lake Tribune - "Utah House mounts new federal lands challenge", and LA Times - "In Utah, a move to seize federal land"
03/04/10 Washington Times - Demint - "White House Land Grab - Proposal to seize land would favor animals over Americans"
03/02/10 Testimony from the Rio Grande Soaring Association
02/28/10 The Westerner - "Wilderness On The Border 2" - more articles and news on border/wilderness issues.
02/27/10 The Westerner - Wilderness On The Border - a collection of articles and news on border/wilderness issues.  "Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico", "Mexican Police Capture 18 Tons of Stolen Explosives Headed to U.S. Border", "Battle against Mexico's Drug Lords Could Threaten America", "Thousands of Mexicans Come to El Paso Fleeing Violence in Mexico", "270 Somalies Illegally Enter Across Mexican Border".
02/27/10 Save the Trails article "Enviro Litigation Gravy" - "Reports show Enviro Groups like the Wilderness Society, Forest Guardians and Center for Biological Diversity have been paid over $4 BILLION of your tax dollars to file lawsuits from 2003-2007."
02/25/10 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Wilderness Bill Debated - Opposing sides pack hearing on legislation"
02/24/10 Las Cruces TEA Party testimony submitted for S 1689 - Las Cruces TEA Party, Attachments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
02/23/10 Letter to the editor by Jerry Schickedanz "Wilderness for the Country Club"
02/23/10 "Judge rejects suit to block wilderness landings" - "The use of helicopters for any other purpose would be extremely difficult to justify under the Wilderness Act," Winmill wrote in his 12-page ruling."  "Given that this project is allowed to proceed, the next project will be extraordinarily difficult to justify," the judge wrote.
02/22/10 "Wilderness Bill Could Lead to Increased Drug and Human Trafficking Across Border"
02/19/10 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Wilderness bill gets local debate" Page 1, Page 2
Las Cruces Bulletin - "Wilderness opponents come to BIA-SNM" - "We can't have wilderness in the Potrillos, and we can't have wilderness on the border"
02/19/10 Billings Gazette - "Chorus of Protest - Critics of secret BLM meetings share diverse backgrounds, conflicting interests"
02/18/10 Fox News - "Obama Eyes Western Land for National Monuments, Angering Some"
02/18/10 NMSU Roundup - "TEA Party protests federal wilderness act"
02/18/10 Otero Residents Forum - "S 1689 Wilderness Opens Portal to Crime, Drugs and More Invasion"
02/18/10 Buffalo Bulletin - "Commissioners oppose Rock Creek Wilderness" - "“We consulted Forest Service officials, and officials at the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute on the effects of wilderness designation.”  Domek said that the study concluded that in instances of wilderness designation in areas similar to Rock Creek visitor usage actually declined after designation."
02/17/10 "Pearce comments Bingaman for holding overdue field hearings"
02/17/10 Doyle Pruitt - "Creation of an eco-terrorist" and "Understanding wilderness meaning needed"
02/15/10 The Westerner - "Hundreds attend congressional field hearing about wilderness areas"
Las Cruces Sun News
02/13/10 "Wilderness Bill Field Heaing in Las Cruces" by Steve Pearce  This page also contains a guest column written by Mr. Pearce for the Artesia Daily Press on the Wilderness issue.
02/13/10 The Westerner - "Internal DOI Document; Secret Plan to Create 14 National Monuments?  $Billions for Land Acquisition"
02/13/10 National Rifle Association - "Congressional Field Hearing to Consider Significant Wilderness Expansion"
02/13/10 Las Cruces Sun News - "Bingaman to host wilderness hearing"
02/13/10 Las Cruces Sun News - "Federal ruling saps some favor from Chile Challenge"
02/10/10 "Environmentalists to lose land linked to preserve" - "An environmental group stands to lose land linked to its signature Idaho wildlife preserve because federal land managers contend they've been misled over how the site would be managed."
02/08/10 Doyle Pruitt blog - "Wilderness Area Fabrications and Lies"
02/05/10 Washington Examiner - "Turf battle endangers national security and the environment"
01/17/10 "Las Cruces Deserves a Field Hearing on the Wilderness Bill" by Steve Pearce
01/06/10 National Geographic begins the new series "Border Wars" this Sunday, 7pm.
12/19/09 "Billions paid to Enviro Litigants" - "... eight environmental groups have filed at least 1596 federal court cases against the federal government.  Every one of the groups are tax exempt, non-profit organizations.  Every one of those groups receives attorney fees for suing the federal government from the federal government."
12/13/09 Las Cruces Sun News letter to the editor by Richard Johnson, former supervisor on the Gila National Forest, "Organs don't fit original concept of Wilderness"
12/13/09 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Chamber Supports Wilderness Areas" by David McCollum
12/11/09 Tuscon Weekly - "Threats and Degradation - A congressman uncovers two buried studies showing the impacts of illegal immigration, smuggling"
12/11/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Documents identify terrorism threat in border gaps"
12/02/09 LOCAL COMMUNITY REQUESTS FIELD HEARING ON S.1689:  Read the Letter  from local community leaders requesting a field hearing.
12/02/09 Las Cruces TEA Party "print & mail postcards" on S.1689.
11/24/09 Las Cruces Sun News - "Wilderness bill opponents map out alternative plan". 
11/20/09 Center for Immigration Studies - "Immigration and Crime - Assessing a Conflicted Issue"
11/19/09 Fox News - "Green organizations suing Uncle Sam" - Environmentalists using taxpayer dollars to sue the government.
11/18/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Bishop: Environmental rules impeding border security"
11/16/09 Washington Times - "Environmental laws put gaps in Mexico border security" - "The conflict between the environment and border security has raged for the past decade as better enforcement in urban areas has pushed the flow of illegal immigrants into Arizona and straight into some of the nation's most remote and fragile desert.  A major problem is wilderness - lands deemed so pristine that they should be maintained in that condition, free of man-made structures.  ... According to e-mails obtained by Mr. Bishop, Park Service officials at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and at the Denver office that oversees the park said they will not allow the Border Patrol to place electronic surveillance towers on parts of the park that are designated wilderness. ... In one 2008 e-mail, officials tell the Homeland Security Department to "pursue alternative tower locations." In another 2008 memo, the superintendent of Organ Pipe says Park Service officials could reject towers even beyond wilderness areas if they deem the effects would spill over into wilderness. Organ Pipe has 32 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border on its land, and 95 percent of the park is designated wilderness. Officials have shut down much of the western side of the giant park, saying the threat of encounters with illegal immigrants and drug smugglers makes that land not safe enough for visitors."
11/13/09 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Wilderness Alternatives Sought"
10/29/09 Washington Times - "In Immigration War, Environment is a Neglected Casualty"
10/16/09 Las Cruces Bulletin article by Jerry Schickedanz  - "Why lock up so much acreage in Dona Ana County? - Many parcels fail to meet the original wilderness criteria"
10/08/09 Press release from hearing testimony:  "Chairman of Land Use Group Testifies Before Congress" - "Jerry Schickedanz told Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), who chairs the full Committee, that his organization wants the committee to hold official field hearings in Dona Ana County where the issue impacts hundreds of thousands of people and the future of the county.  “Senator your legislation will have a major impact on over 200,000 citizens and 560 square miles of our county.  We strongly suggest that this committee hold a hearing where the land and the people exist so that all interests and issues can be fully aired and discussed by the folks most affected,” Schickedanz said. The former NMSU Dean of Agriculture also told the committee that his organization has “grave concerns” about the proposed legislation which he said would jeopardize security on the U.S./Mexico border."
10/07/09 Westerner - "IG Finds BLM Employees Had Improper Ties to Greens"
10/06/09 Las Cruces Sun News - "Hearing set for wilderness protection bill" - "Schickedanz said he plans to elaborate on concerns of his group, including that the opposition isn't made up of a handful of ranchers but includes 791 businesses and other groups from the community. He repeated a concern from the group that the legislation might hinder law enforcement access to any protected lands near the border.  Schickedanz said his group isn't opposed to protecting the Organ Mountains, but "we just feel there are other ways to protect the lands," such as through existing administrative procedures.  "You can provide some of the same protections, but not as severe as locking the lands up for access," he said."
10/04/09 Article for the Las Cruces Sun News by Dr. Jerry G. Schickedanz - "The true consequences of the Wilderness bill"
09/25/09 "Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S.-Mexico Border".  New Mexico is specifically described as a "ideal smuggling corridor" (see NM High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis and NM HIDTA Region Transportation Infrastructure)
09/22/09 "On The Border: Wilderness Causes Degraded Environmental Quality & Security"
09/19/09 Interesting commentary from Congressman Bishop (Utah) requesting information from DOI and DHS.
09/02/09 "Border Expert Explains Consequences of Illegal Immigration on the Environment" and related video from the Arizona border.
08/05/09 New Mexico Stockman "The Border and a Modern Cowboy"
07/17/09 National Day of the American Cowboy honors W.W. Cox family
07/03/09 DuBois Wyoming destroyed
06/26/09 Las Cruces Bulletin Guest Column - "A close look reveals problems with wilderness proposals - Open spaced best preserved by viability of ranches"
06/25/09 Wilderness & Border Security - An Amendment to Interior Appropriations
06/21/09 "NM Ranchrs worry that sick cows could cross to US", also on Fox News
06/20/09 New Mexico Stockman - "Implications of the Big Hatchet Mountain Wilderness Proposal"
06/16/09 "BLM completes major land swap with New Mexico"
06/12/09 "Colorado Landowners Tell Their Story"
06/09/09 Forest Service Cuts Grazing
06/09/09 Idaho Court Grazing Decision Adds to Economic Woes, Fails to See Whole Picture
05/21/09 East Oregonian: "Environmentalists threaten livestock industry in state"
05/21/09 Aspen Times: "In bowels of Conundrum, poop bags for backpackers"
05/21/09 New West: "Hikers, Mountain bikers and Wilderness, Afterthoughts"
05/20/09 RANGE Magazine - "The Potrillos - The border and a fight for heritage"
05/01/09 New West - "Hikers, Wilderness Groups Should Re-think Mountain Biking", and part 2 - "Branding Wilderness Lite"
04/28/09 New Mexico Stockman - "Range Management - The Tools, Rules and Benefits of Grazing" by Christopher D. Allison
04/14/09 From an April 9, 2009 press release from the BLM - "BLM Cautions Public Regarding Border Violence" - "The international border with Mexico is becoming of increasing concern to the U.S. Government due to an increase in dangerous illegal activities and an escalating trend in border violence."
04/08/09 Forbes - "Public Land Mismanagement - Environmental, fiscal and economic irresponsibility in the name of protection"
04/08/09 Fresno Bee - "Cows create homes for tadpole shrimp"
04/01/09 Investors Business Daily: "Lost in an Energy Wilderness" - As Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., points out: "We are not suffering from a lack of wilderness areas in the United States. According to the Census Bureau, we have 106 million acres of developed land and 107 million acres of (officially declared) wilderness land."  Note: The Census Bureau defines "developed land" as land with more than 10 residents per square MILE.
03/30/09 White Sands International Film Festival Announces Program for 2009 - "Also included in the program is “How the West Was Lost,” a documentary about the locking up of 300,000 acres of New Mexican land, written and directed by Las Crucesan Erik Ness."  More information on this event coming soon!
03/27/09 Idaho Statesman - "Unlikely partners savor victory, but work's not done to protect Owyhee Canyonlands"
03/27/09 NY Times - "Polluters, Beware: These Eco-Police Officers Are for Real"
03/26/09 The Westerner: "House Votes to Protect 2 Million Acres of Wilderness",
"For local cattle grazers, bill may bring painful transition",
"Two more cows found mutilated"
03/26/09 High Country News - "Western Repubs remain split as Omni wilderness deals pass"
03/26/09 Campaign for America's Wilderness - "Congress Passes Major Public Lands Bill"  This site has a map of the areas.
03/26/09 New West - "Crapo's Public Lands Bill Passes"
03/23/09 New Mexico Stockman - "The Case for Rangeland Preservation Areas" - "Rangeland Preservation Area is an alternative federal land use designation that allows productive utilization with appropriate limitations.  It prescribes the allowable uses at a local level, which may be modified from ecosystem to ecosystem.  It differs from Wilderness by recognizing the presence of human activities, past, present, and future, in a resourceful and positive manner." - Jerry G. Schickedanz, Ph.D., Range Science, University of Arizona, NMSU College of Agriculture, Dean Emeritus
03/23/09 Silver City Sun News - "Group pushes for more Western wilderness"
03/23/09 NM Federal Lands Council - "Group pushes for more Gila wilderness, grazing buyout"
03/10/09 NM Federal Lands Council - "NY Times: Extensive lands protection bill could thwart new energy development"
"Gray Wolf Will Lose Protection in Part of U.S."
03/10/09 Santa Fe New Mexican - "Valles Caldera: A turning point"
03/10/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Bighorn battle could doom sheep ranchers"
03/10/09 "Wyoming Groups Unveil "Thank a Rancher" Campaign"
03/03/09 NM Federal Lands Council - "Judge rules in southwest Idaho grazing case"
03/02/09 The Westerner - "Ranchers meet conservationists"
03/02/09 NM Federal Lands Council - "How do we manage to manage public lands?"
03/02/09 KansasCity.com - "Attempt to move Forest Service could spark turf war"
02/28/09 Las Cruces Bulletin - "Governmental Affairs Initiative works for members"
02/25/09 The Westerner - "The long road of contention: Forest Service gets an earful from county residents over Travel Management Plan"
02/24/09 The Westerner - "Salazar to implement $3 billion interior economic recovery plan"
"Forest Service, Elko County at odds over roads"
"Wilderness bill seeks to protect portion of San Gabriel Mountains"
"Glenwood Canyon eyed for protection; water users wary"
02/24/09 USA Today - "Mexican drug gangs wage war"
02/23/09 Westerner - "Rancher ruling adds to border debate"
02/23/09 NM Federal Land Council - "Nationalizing the cars and bikes of rock collectors - Pending Omnibus land bill's forfeiture provision has broad reach"
02/19/09 Los Angeles Times - "Border drug war is too close for comfort"
02/19/09 The Westerner: "Environmental provisions of stimulus bill", "Forestry's share of stimulus bill will go to jobs, fire prevention", "Stimulus Bill Promises Environmental, Public Lands Jobs", "Army removes Pinion Canyon manager", "Grazing bill seeks to cap value of state leases", "Ranchers in Colorado's Pinon Canyon fight a massive Army land grab", "Rancher cleared of violating rights of illegal immigrants"
02/19/09 Good Neighbor Law - "Stop! Read this before you get tangled in conservation easements"
02/17/09 Washington Times article - "Wildlife areas on border let in outlaws" - "Numerous Border Patrol agents interviewed by The Washington Times said drug smugglers and human traffickers are using ecologically diverse sanctuaries to evade law enforcement officials, whose access is limited in some areas to foot patrols and horseback.  Zack Taylor, a retired agent and supervisor who spent 26 years patrolling the Texas and Arizona border, said the creation of federally protected wilderness areas threatens to keep "the agency in a reactionary mode rather than proactively tackling the increasing dangers on the border."
02/16/09 Grand Junction Sentinel - ""Conservation Areas lauded to protect lands"
02/16/09 The Westerner - "122 Jurisdiction Questions Submitted to DOJ & DOI"
02/13/09 The Westerner - "Bill would designate 23M acres of wilderness"
"Nature Conservancy buys Idaho ranch"
"Green Enough?"
"Lawsuit Inc. strikes again"
"Clean Water Act and Nonpoint Source Pollution: Implications for Agriculture"
02/10/09 New Mexico Stockman - "An Alternative to Wilderness Designation"
02/10/09 The Westerner - "Environmental Protection, in Name Only"
"The Klamath Basin: The Tricky Business of Water Rights in the West"
"Conservation group plans to sue feds over Nevada water project"
02/09/09 The Westerner - "Oregon ranchers sue Forest Service in dispute over grazing"
"Forest Land Area from 1630 to 2002" - "The total forestland acreage has remained stable since 1900."
"Alliance with feds proposed" -
"A plan to coordinate natural-resource planning between Flathead County and the U.S. Forest Service and ultimately make forest management more efficient was unveiled this week by the county's Natural Resource Committee. ... A process for federal and local government coordination is outlined in numerous federal laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Water Act, the committee noted. The letter to Barbouletos would formally "invoke" that under-utilized coordination process in those laws..."
02/08/09 The Westerner - "Catron County, Wolves & APWE" - "Americans for Preservation of the Western Environment (APWE). “Our object is two fold - educate the public in New Mexico about what the wolf program is doing to their state, and start a fund to help anyone who has legal problems related to the wolf program,” he said. “We have presentations we take to schools, civic groups, business organizations and sporting clubs. We haven’t been turned away yet.” Included in the presentations are the facts and figures that have been causing Wehrheim, his friends, and neighbors so much frustration. “The wolf program has cost the American taxpayer $303,000 per wolf."  See the Americans for Preservation of the Western Environment website for more information.
02/08/09 Heath Haussamen - "Land commissioner says Steinborn wants his job" - "Responding to lawmakers' reform bills, Lyons says 'anti-growth' agenda includes electing Steinborn as land commissioner in 2010"
02/07/09 The Westerner - "Environmental concerns roadblock to renewable energy"
02/06/09 The Westerner - "Pending GAO Study on Off-Highway Vehicles Fatally Flawed"
02/06/09 Conservation System Alliance - maps of the NLCS and a breakdown of local impacts.  Here is the information on New Mexico.
02/06/09 MSNBC - "Woman gets 22 years for eco-terror crime"
02/05/09 The Westerner - "National Landscape Conservation System"
02/05/09 USDA 2007 Census of Agriculture released.
02/05/09 Blue Ribbon Coalition - "Difficult Challenges Ahead"
02/04/09 Napa Valley Register - "Environmental costs have real impact"
02/04/09 Palm Beach Post - "Two get jail time for FPL protest" and "Picketers argue jail sentence for FPL protesters too harsh", TC Palm - "FPL power plant protesters sentenced Monday". - "Members of Everglades Earth First! and the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition said sentences handed down Monday by County Judge Laura Johnson to protesters Panagioti Tsolkas and Lynne Purvis were excessive. Tsolkas was given a 60-day jail sentence and Purvis was given 30."
02/03/09 The Westerner - "Ecoterrorists & the bugs of war", "Two Utah counties lose again in monument grazing fight" - "Two southern Utah counties have lost another round in their fight to reverse the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's decision to allow conservation groups to buy grazing allotments on the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.", "Trial begins for Douglas rancher, 16 undocumented immigrants"
02/02/09 The Westerner - "Judge rules bear-attack suit can proceed", "Two children should be limit, says green guru"
01/30/09 The Westerner - "Salazar to take preservation nationwide", "Salazar vows review of Interior scandals" and "County suing federal government to get road"
01/29/09 Boise Weekly - "Unlikely Allies - Owyhees Initiative unites warring factions"
01/27/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Kane County, BLM can't agree on road-maintenance solution - 'Mad as hell' - Commissioner says court took away right to maintain roads on bureau lands"
01/27/09 The Westerner - "Ag Secretary's News Conference", "Stimulus Policy and Western Politics", "DOD - The Largest Landlord in the World", and "Change Agenda for Animals"
01/27/09 "Silver City Paper to Tour Ranches"
01/27/09 Sacramento Bee - "Environmentalists push for massive north-state conservation area"
01/27/09 NPR - "Nature Conservancy Fights Planned Border Fence"
01/25/09 Capital Press - "Monumental end to grazing near Soda Mountain - Federal legislation sets stage for buyout of ranchers' permits"
01/25/09 Open Market - "Land Grab Bill: Senators Check Principles at the Door"
01/25/09 Choteau Acantha - "Coalition seeks more protection for Front"
01/25/09 Santa Fe New Mexican - "Conservation bill great, but cut out the pork"
01/25/09 Grand Junction Free Press - "Grand Junction area ranchers ruminate Dominguez, Escalante proposal"
01/25/09 CS Monitor - "Could cows heal the West? - By grazing them in a way that mimics the pattern of wild herbivores, advocates say, rangeland improves."
01/16/09 New York Times - "Interior Department Nominee Pledges Reform"
01/16/09 RGJ.com - "Through the back door..."
01/16/09 New Mexico Stockman - "Dona Ana County Wilderness - Proposal at adds with current ecological science"
01/16/09 Las Cruces Sun News - "Senate approves wilderness bill, 73-21"
01/16/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Bush administration funds wilderness purchase"
01/15/09 Las Vegas Review Journal - "Editorial: It will be nice for them to know... Pork-filled 'wilderess' bill gets Senate approval"
01/15/09 Millard County Chronicle Progress - "U.S. Senate moves to increase wilderness lands"
01/15/09 Idyllwild Town Crier - "Senate moves wilderness bill forward"
01/15/09 AP Texas News - "Settlement reached over critical habitat in NM"
01/14/09 Summit Daily News (CO) - "Colorado Senators propose land-protection bills"
01/14/09 Rocky Mountain News - "Environmental groups appeal to Obama for shift in land use"
01/14/09 Las Cruces Sun News - "Robledos national monument on track"
01/13/09 Summit Daily (CO) - "Colorado Senators propose land-protection bills"
01/13/09 NM Federal Lands Council - "Wilderness bill moves forward in the Senate"
01/13/09 Heath Haussamen - "A new delegation, a new chance for wilderness"
01/13/09 LC Sun News - "Wilderness bill moves forward in the Senate"
01/13/09 Idaho Statesman - "Crapo nears validation for his patience on the Owyhee collaborative process"
01/13/09 Philadelphia Inquirer - "Wilderness protection plan clears hurdles in Senate"
01/12/09 Las Cruces Sun News - "Partisan friction mars Senate wilderness bill", and "Wilderness bill moves forward in the Senate", Silver City Sun News - "Wilderness bill moves forward in the Senate"
01/12/09 Santa Fe New Mexican - "Partisan wrangling mars Senate wilderness bill"  Similar article at KOAT Albuquerque and KDBC El Paso.
01/12/09 Greely CO Tribune - "Controversy clouds wilderness bill"
01/09/09 The Westerner - "Lands Bill Update From Senator Coburn"
01/09/09 Arizona Daily Star - "Loaded, concealed guns become legal in national parks"
01/09/09 Colorado Independent - "Grijalva, Dombeck to push Obama administration for national roadless rule"
01/09/09 News Blaze - "Congress Moves to Protect American Wilderness"
01/08/09 "New Regulations Proposed for Valles Caldera"
01/08/09 "Congress Gets an Early Start to a Banner Year for Wilderness"
01/08/09 News Blaze - "Groups protest first road built in border Wilderness area"
01/06/09 Recordnet.com - "Grazing dustup brewing in Lode - Stanislaus National Forest set to renew several allotments"
01/06/09 Salt Lake Tribune - "Land-auction meddler has a new plan"
01/06/09 Rhinelander Daily News - "Man sentenced to jail for role in attack on Forest Service facility"
01/04/09 Alamogordo Daily News letter to the editor by Charles Dennett - "Isn't it time to discuss options other than wilderness areas?"
01/04/09 Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador - "A New President!  Now What?"
12/30/08 Washington Post - "Californians Shape Up as Force on Environmental Policy"
12/30/08 Summit Daily News - "Bidder said it was easy to rig government auction" - "Tim DeChristopher, 27, a University of Utah economics student and environmental activist, showed his driver’s license, picked up bidding paddle No. 70 and quietly seated himself in the bidding hall on Friday.  He snapped up 22,500 acres of parcels between Arches and Canyonlands national parks that he doesn’t plan to develop or even pay for. He also drove up prices on other bids by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Nobody else has infiltrated a government auction to cause so much turmoil, according to officials at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management."
12/30/08 Wyoming Tribune - "Environmentalists petition EPA over ozone concern"
12/29/08 Deseret News - "Oil drilling possible in wilderness study areas"
12/23/08 Las Cruces Sun News - "Election alters wilderness fight outlook"
12/22/08 Agusta Chronicle - "Foreign pot growers ruining U.S. parks - Armed illegals are killing wildlife and poisoning the environment"
12/22/08 New West - "What to Expect When Ken Salazar Takes the Interior"
12/18/08 See The Westerner for a collection of articles on the appointment of Senator Ken Salizar as the Secretary of Interior.
12/17/08 New Mexico Stockman article by Dr. Jerry G. Schickedanz, Dean Emeritus College of Agriculture and Home Economics, NMSU - "What are the True Costs of Wilderness?" - "Every proposal must be scrutinized for its true cost to the citizens.  The protection of lands is one thing, but associated risks to national security and public safety stemming from reduced ability to protect the border is another, even greater, concern."
12/17/08 "Wilderness Act Hijacked" by William Rice.
12/17/08 KTVZ.com - "FBI boosts reward for Central Oregon eco-terrorists"
12/16/08 AP - "Report: Endangered species decisions tainted" - "A high-ranking Interior Department official tainted nearly every decision made on the protection of endangered species over five years, a new inspector general report finds, concluding she exerted improper political interference on many more rulings than previously thought."  Click here for the full report.
12/13/08 The Case for Rangeland Preservation Areas - an overview of this new and innovative land use designation.
12/03/08 KTAR - "Ranchers using plan to help endangered species"
12/01/08 RANGE Magazine article "The Gila Wilderness and a Ranch Family History" - This article tells the story of how federal Wilderness designation affected the Peter McKindree Shelley ranching family and gives the reader a good understanding of the true impacts of federal Wilderness designation.
12/01/08 There are numerous articles of interest on The Westerner, so instead of linking to each article separately, here is a link directly to The Westerner.
12/01/08 Billings Gazette - "Wilderness creation opposed - Big Horn Basin counties submit comments on BLM plan" - "If grazing is reduced, "the highest value of these lands ... is to sell to developers and 'hobby' ranchers," they wrote. "With large ranches being subdivided into smaller tracts, many unintended consequences emerge. Our wildlife corridors and habitat are forever altered. We are witnessing urban sprawl creeping into these special places, and our landscapes and viewsheds are being chewed up by housing, roads and rural businesses at alarming rates."  Protecting ranches means protecting open spaces, the commissions stated.  "Ranchers and farmers can be great stewards of the land," they said. "The benefits of keeping working landscapes from being subdivided and developed should be considered in the (plan)."
12/01/08 United for a Sovereign America - "BP Local 2544: Raul Grijalva for Secretary of the Interior?" - "Putting Grijalva in charge of the Department of Interior would be a disaster for border security."
12/01/08 Reno Gazette Journal - "Two Cents Worth: Fighting for survival; Stakeholder 'reality' frustrations are understandable"
11/25/08 Idaho Statesman - "Property Rights Guru Fathered Unlikely Wilderness Bill"
11/25/08 Ag Week - "Technology reduces ag's environmental footprint"
11/25/08 Gallup Independent - "Final version of federal energy corridor plan released"
11/24/08 Arizona Republic - "Contention growing over public lands"
11/24/08 Grand Forks Herald - "Wolves, elk destroy farmers' animals, property"
11/24/08 Oregon Live - "Tree-sitters: Remote sits prove to be less effective"
11/24/08 "[US Forest Service] Arson Investigator Suspected of Setting Fires"
11/24/08 Great Falls Tribune - "Program created to help keep an eye on forest land"
11/23/08 New West - "Fees Keeping People Off Their Land" - "The wild proliferation of new and increased recreation fees has contributed to a similar if not steeper decline in the public use of public forests. With this aggressive, if not abusive, fee-charging policy, Forest Service bosses have done a stellar job of discouraging people from using their own land, the national forests."
11/23/08 Western Business Roundtable - "Roundtable-Led Effort Backs Senate Leadership Down on Lame Duck Consideration of Omnibus Lands Bill" - “Certainly, for Westerners, there are always very real trade-offs involved with any public lands designation. We believe such bills need to be considered individually so each can evaluated carefully,” said Weygandt. "Bulk packaging of legislation has a checkered record for Congress. It doesn't work well on Appropriations bills. It certainly doesn't work on land designations, where such designations can mean the difference between economic health and peril for Western communities. We hope the 111th Congress will do this the right way, letting each of these measures rise or fall on their individual merits."
11/22/08 NM Business Weekly - "Greens thwart oil/gas development in sensitive areas"
11/22/08 Seattle PI - "New environmental cast in D.C. signaled by election today of Waxman, Stevens' defeat"
11/21/08 Idaho Statesman - "Wilderness bills will have new allies, new foes next year" - "Sen. Mike Crapo's Owyhee Canyonlands plan to protect 500,000 acres of wilderness and help ranchers in Owyhee County was one of more than 100 provisions in a sweeping lands bill now delayed until January. And Rep. Mike Simpson's proposal to protect 319,000 acres in the Boulder and White Cloud mountains in Central Idaho never even got a start in the Democratic-controlled House. ... The leader of The American Land Rights Association, a private property coalition that opposed the comprehensive lands bill, said Monday he would support the Owyhees bill if it were to be reintroduced separately.  "But for now, it must not be supported as part of the omnibus package," said Charles Cushman, executive director of the group."
11/21/08 Washington Post - "Changes to Species Act Are Said to Be Near"
11/21/08 KOAT Albuquerque - "Young Boy Recovers From Mountain Lion Attack" - "Family hopes state Game Commission will take action"
11/21/08 ABC - "FBI Ups Reward for Alleged Eco-Terrorists"
11/20/08 Oregon News - "Reward doubled in federal eco-terror investigation" - "The FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives doubled their rewards this morning for information leading to the arrest of four fugitives for their roles in a string of arsons by the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front."
11/19/08 Oregon News - "National Forests See Fewer Visitors" - "Total forest visits dropped from 204.8 million in 2004 to 178.6million in 2007, a 13 percent decline."  One comment on this article stated: "Two things that have made me visit the national forests and parks less are: the seemingly unending volume of new rules, regulations and restrictions on what I can do and where I can do it; and, the fact that lots of the national forest trail head parking lots are now meth-head shopping centers where you are surprised if your vehicle is not broken into." and another commented "We don't go because our national forests in this state have a bad reputation for bad people....your car gets broken into if you go hiking/fishing,etc. We just don't feel safe anymore.".
11/19/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "EPA Proposes 'Cow Tax'"
11/19/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "Ranchers brace for change in Washington"
11/19/08 National Center for Public Policy Research - "New Poll Finds that Majority of African-Americans Oppose Public Lands Bill"
11/18/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "Owyhee Initiative Bill to be Presented in New Congress"
11/18/08 Washington Times - "Environmentalists' hysteria loses" - "Last Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court overturned a 9th U.S. Circuit injunction prohibiting certain Navy training exercises in the Pacific Ocean. The decision was a big win for the Navy and for America´s national security interests.  The court's ruling was an ever bigger victory for the role of common sense in the realm of environmental regulation."
11/17/08 Know the facts: Read the CRS (Congressional Research Service) Report for Congress on the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2008: Senate Amendment 5662 as Submitted on Spetember 26, 2008.
11/17/08 "Highlighs of Senator Reid's Omnibus Lands Grab and Energy Restrictions Act Scheduled for Debate Next Month" - "Reid's Emergency Session on Congress to Focus on His Priorities, Not American's"
11/17/08 "Dr. Coburn Says Upcoming Special Session of Congress Should Focus on Economic Crisis, not Trivial Lands Bill" - "Federal Land Grab Bill Laden with Earmarks and Anti-Energy Exploration Provisions"
11/15/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "Threat of filibuster endangers lands bill"
11/15/08 Seattle Times - "Plan for Columbia Gorge wilderness looks dead" - "A massive lands bill that would have created new wilderness areas in five Western states — including a wilderness designation in Oregon at the Columbia River Gorge — is likely dead for the year, a victim of a filibuster threat in the Senate, supporters said Friday."
11/14/08 New Mexico Stockman - "Border Wilderness in the Potrillo Mountains?"
11/13/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "Property Rights Group Asks Members to Fight Crapo's Owyhee Bill"
11/13/08 NM Federal Lands Council - "Dorgan says Forest Service to scrub grassbank plan"
11/12/08 Las Vegas Sun - "On Gold Butte, a tug of war between access, protection - Plan to give area strict federal protection would also shut many out, critics say"
11/12/08 Oregon's KTVZ - "Threatening note found at Sisters-area logging site" - "The U.S. Forest Service is investigating a threatening note scrawled in red marker on a road grader at a logging site west of Sisters - signed with a heart and the letters ELF, which might indicate ties to the eco-terror group, the Earth Liberation Front."
11/11/08 Pueblo Chieftan - "Landowners urge action on [conservation] eastment"
11/11/08 Environment & Energy Daily - "BLM employees, advocacy groups worked together on lands bill, docs show"
11/09/08 UK Guardian - "Police warn of growing threat from eco-terrorists" - "Officers from a specialist unit dedicated to tackling domestic terrorism are monitoring an eco-movement called Earth First! which has advocates who state that cutting the Earth's population by 80 per cent will ease pressure on other species.  ...  Earth First! says its mission is 'about direct action to halt the destruction of the Earth' and advocates 'civil disobedience and monkeywrenching', tactics that include sabotage and disruptive behaviour. The movement has links to US environmental extremists which have waged a campaign of violence in America, including the firebombing of a string of 4x4 car dealerships in California in 2003 and alleged arson attacks on other property."
11/03/08 Gallup Independent - "Rift widens among area tribes, private landowners" - "Private landowners and businesses here have a double threat from state and federal traditional cultural property regulations. They are trying to stop the temporary designation of Mount Taylor as a traditional cultural property from becoming permanent, which they say has already violated their rights and stopped them from using their land for any commercial purposes. If made permanent, they say the Grants area economy will be destroyed."
11/03/08 Southern Oregon Mail Tribune - "Omnibus land act includes wilderness designations"
11/03/08 Billings Gazette - "Missoula County appeals to get forest papers" - "The U.S. Forest Service has withheld information sought by Missoula County officials as they looked into road easement negotiations conducted privately between the federal agency and Plum Creek Timber Co., the county said in documents Friday."
11/03/08 "1.1 million Utah acres of public land closed to off-highway vehicles"
11/03/08 Press Enterprise - "SB County supervisor wants Marines to expand into wilderness areas, not off-roading site"
10/30/08 New Scientist special report "How our economy is killing the Earth".  Comments on The Westerner blog related to this article state "There are either environmentalists who mistakenly believe free markets and property rights are harmful to the environment, or there are socialists who are using the environmental movement to bring about the government they want."  In a similar vein, see the article "Earth on course for eco 'crunch' - The planet is headed for an ecological "credit crunch", according to a report issued by conservation groups."
10/30/08 CATO Institute article "Global Warming Fantasies Meet Financial Contraction" - "Whoever is elected president, global warming legislation is going to be passed in Washington next year.  Legislation proposed by both John McCain and Barack Obama will require that the cost of energy to become so high that people will avoid using it. The serious question is: why would we do this in the current economic environment?"
10/29/08 "Forest Service needs saving from itself"
10/28/08 "Reid's Deadly Land Grab"
10/28/08 "Omnibus Land Package: More Energy Off Limits"
10/27/08 Fox News Junk Science - "Greens Aim to Take Us Forward to the Past" - "If you need more evidence that the Greens intend to destroy our standard of living, you need not look further than the Oct. 18 issue of New Scientist magazine — the cover of which reads, “The Folly of Growth: How to stop the economy killing the planet.”  The issue features eight articles that New Scientist editors believe justify their editorial entitled, “Why economic growth is killing the planet and what we can do about it.” ... The editorial concludes that “the science tells us that if we are serious about saving the Earth,” economic growth must be limited."
10/25/08 WL Tribune - "Green spaces, grasslands, are casualties of the ranching industry's woes"
10/25/08 The American Thinker - "The Green Religion"
10/25/08 "A Solution to Overgrazing - The Quivera Coalition brings together cattle ranchers and environmentalists to help preserve Western grasslands"
10/24/08 "Government Betrays Landowners with Conservation Easements"
10/23/08 Rio Grande Foundation article "Elected Officials on the Payrolls of Environmental Groups" - "Deanna Archuleta is Vice Chair of the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners and Southwest Regional Manager for The Wilderness Society. State Representative Jeff Steinborn of Las Cruces is the Southern New Mexico Director for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance (NMWA). Las Cruces City Councilor Nathan Small is also on NMWA’s payroll as a “wilderness protection organizer.”  The mission of these groups is to influence public policy to preserve wilderness and other public lands."
10/23/08 "Public-lands affairs - Where the presidential candidates stand on public-lands issues"
10/23/08 Bismark Tribune - "Forest Service credibility at issue"
10/23/08 Mercury News - "Park bond stirs open space debate"
10/23/08 Mercury News - "Two horses shot dead in their corral in rural Livermore"
10/23/08 Las Cruces Sun News "WSMR remembers patriarch Robert C. Cox".  Read the speech delivered by Rob Cox at the dedication of the J.W. Cox Range Control Center from May of 2000.
10/23/08 Fox News "Hunters Discover Marijuana Farm Worth Millions in Utah Mountains"
10/21/08 Tulsa Today - "Dr. Coburn says land grab bill laden with earmarks and anti-energy" - Please read this informative article, and contact your Senators!  "U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released the following statement regarding the Senate Democrat Majority’s plan to devote a week or more of the Senate’s post-election special session debating a 1,082 page, $3 billion earmark-laden omnibus bill that expands federal land control over millions of acres of U.S. property, and restricts energy exploration over millions of acres of U.S. territory. “Congress’ approval ratings are at an all-time low because the American people understand that never before in our nation’s history have the priorities of the United States Congress been more at odds with the priorities of the American people.  The majority’s willingness to spend a week or more debating a lands bill loaded with frivolous projects and radical environmental provisions when we are facing our greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression is a case study in Congress’ misplaced priorities,” Dr. Coburn said. “While the Senate would prefer to pass this omnibus package after the election, the American people have a right to understand the Senate’s post-election agenda before they go to the polls,” Dr. Coburn said."  See also: "Highlights of Senator Reid's Omnibus Lands Grab and Energy Restrictions Act Scheduled for Debate Next Month"
10/21/08 Times-News - "Sen. Craig skeptical of grazing report" - "He said grazing could have decreased the extent of burning of riparian areas - often an eco-friendly interface between land and streams that provides wildlife habitat.  "Would grazing have helped that? Changed that scenario? More than likely it would've helped it some," Craig said, noting the lands take much longer than open space to recover. "If you use it responsibly, grazing is a substantial component in controlling the fuel loads in upland grazing lands that the state of Idaho is so well known for."
10/21/08 "Guilty Plea Entered in 2001 Eco-Terrorism Attempt at Michigan Technological"
10/21/08 Wall Street Journal - "U.S. Forest Service Turns to Cow Power"
10/17/08 News Canada - "Eco-terrorism feared in Alberta" - "The RCMP's national terrorism unit is investigating a second explosion along a sour gas pipeline in northern B.C., a "deliberate" act that has residents and workers in the region's growing oilpatch fearing more attacks."
10/16/08 The New Mexico Stockman ran a condensed version of this article in their October issue.  Here is the article in it's entirety: "The Gila Wilderness and a Ranch Family History"
10/16/08 Canada Free Press - "Eco-terror feared in pipeline blast" - "Eco-terrorism is feared as a possible motive after a bomb exploded on a natural gas pipeline owned by Calgary energy giant EnCana."
10/15/08 Silver City Sun News - "Forest Service needs your help fighting litter in the Gila" - "The Gila Wilderness is falling victim to illegal activity and the U.S. Forest Service needs the community's help to right the wrongs committed against it.  According to a prepared statement from the Forest Service, littering, illegal dumping, vandalism and irresponsible shooting are just a few of the abuses that the forest roads and wilderness takes from careless visitors."
10/15/08 Salt Lake Tribune - "Former BLM chief slams long-term plan"
10/13/08 "Anti-grazing activists take on BLM - Critics say grazing plan threatens some ecosystems"
10/13/08 Fox News - "Environmental Issues Take Back Seat in Economic Crisis"
10/13/08 AP - "3 BLM workers held at gunpoint at Nev. pot patch"
10/12/08 Fox News - "Officials: Mexican Pot Growers are Polluting American Wilderness" - "National forests and parks — long popular with Mexican marijuana-growing cartels — have become home to some of the most polluted pockets of wilderness in America because of the toxic chemicals needed to eke lucrative harvests from rocky mountainsides, federal officials said. ... "What's going on on public lands is a crisis at every level," said Forest Service agent Ron Pugh. "These are America's most precious resources, and they are being devastated by an unprecedented commercial enterprise conducted by armed foreign nationals. It is a huge mess." ... Scott Wanek, the western regional chief ranger for the National Park Service, said he believes the eradication efforts have touched only a small portion of the marijuana farms and that the environmental impact is much greater than anyone knows."
10/09/08 LC Sun News - "State Representative District 37: County Commissioner Challenges Freshman Rep"
10/08/08 Law.Com - "Supreme Court Argument Report: Environmental Groups Out on a Limb?"
10/08/08 "10th Circuit Dismisses NM Grassland Appeal as Moot" - "Nathan Newcomer, associate director of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, said Wednesday the important thing is that the leases will not go forward, giving the group time to push for the area to be wilderness.  "What this does for us is give us an opportunity to recommend enhanced protection for the Nutt Grasslands, which in our opinion would be wilderness designation," he said."
10/03/08 Las Vegas Review Journal - "Gold Butte land bill too limiting" - "In regard to hunting, fishing and trapping, the bill initially reads, "Nothing in this title affects the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada with respect to fish and wildlife, including hunting, fishing and trapping in the conservation area." This might be enough to make most believe their hunting, fishing or trapping activities won't be curtailed if this bill is passed.  Then a few pages later comes the weasel clause: "The Secretary of Interior may designate, by regulation, areas in which, and establish periods during which, for reasons of public safety, administration, or compliance with applicable laws, no hunting, fishing, or trapping will be permitted in wilderness areas designated or expanded by this title."  This is the same kind of language that has enabled land managers to bypass the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and arbitrarily close public lands to public access. The bill goes on to say, "Except in cases of an emergency, the secretary shall make such designations in consultation with the appropriate agency of the State of Nevada." That "emergency clause" is the loophole that enabled the local BLM manager to close all nonpaved roads on the outskirts of Las Vegas to vehicle travel."
10/03/08 Las Vegas Review Journal - "Gold Butte land bill too limiting" - "In regard to hunting, fishing and trapping, the bill initially reads, "Nothing in this title affects the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada with respect to fish and wildlife, including hunting, fishing and trapping in the conservation area." This might be enough to make most believe their hunting, fishing or trapping activities won't be curtailed if this bill is passed.  Then a few pages later comes the weasel clause: "The Secretary of Interior may designate, by regulation, areas in which, and establish periods during which, for reasons of public safety, administration, or compliance with applicable laws, no hunting, fishing, or trapping will be permitted in wilderness areas designated or expanded by this title."  This is the same kind of language that has enabled land managers to bypass the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and arbitrarily close public lands to public access. The bill goes on to say, "Except in cases of an emergency, the secretary shall make such designations in consultation with the appropriate agency of the State of Nevada." That "emergency clause" is the loophole that enabled the local BLM manager to close all nonpaved roads on the outskirts of Las Vegas to vehicle travel."