Valle Vidal News Release
Valle Vidal Legislation

Taylor Grazing Act

Congressional Grazing Guidelines (Arizona Grazing Language from the Arizona Desert Wilderness Act of 1990)

Wilderness Act Summary
Wilderness Act

New Mexico Wilderness Study Report excerpts (BLM, September 1991) includes record of decision signed by Secretary Manuel Lujan, 8-19-91 and inventory reports and maps for each of the 6 Dona Ana County WSAs

National Conservation Area Enabling Legislation
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)
ACEC Description

El Malpais NCA legislation
San Juan Basin Wilderness legislation

Federal Transaction Facilitation Act Of 2000 (Baca Bill)

US Bill of Rights
Constitution of the State of New Mexico, Article II, Bill of Rights (first 5 sections)

State of New Mexico, Statues - Counties, Powers & Ordinances
State of New Mexico, Statues - Municipalities, Ordinances

State of New Mexico Oath of Office