Anyone who recognizes and values the contributions of those who created the strong agricultural industry in Dona Ana County and its cultural heritage, and who would like to help preserve it.

To Preserve, promote and protect the farming, ranching, and rural heritage of our western lands.

Steering Committee:
Jerry Schickedanz (Chairman) NMSU, Dean Emeritus, College of Agriculture and Home Economics; Range Management Specialist
Joe Delk (Coalition Committee Chairman) livestock nutrition consultant
Jodi Denning (Communications) retired computer consultant; rural property owner
Frank Dubois (Advisor) Secretary, NM Department of Agriculture, retired
Tom Cooper Rancher - Las Uvas Mts, Broad Canyon, and Robledo Mts
Sara Cox Hopkins Rancher - Organ Mts
Leigh Isaacks Lydick Rancher - San Andres Mts
Chip Johns Rancher - Potrillo Mts
Tom Mobley Rancher - Las Uvas Mts; retired banker and trust officer
Dudley Williams Rancher - Potrillo Mts and Aden Lava Flow
Steve Wilmeth Rancher - Dona Ana County; agricultural consultant

Associate Advisors:

Bebo Lee Rancher, and President, New Mexico Federal Lands Council
Caren Cowan Executive Director, New Mexico Cattle Growers Association
John Wortman Executive Vice President, New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau
Gene Wood National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
Bob & Carol Richardson Las Cruces TEA Party
Betty Russell Las Cruces TEA Party